How rich is Chumlee from Pawn Stars?

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Name: Austin “Chumlee” Russell
Born: 8 September 1982
Occupation: TV reality star, business owner

Chumlee from Pawn Starts. Photo: History (extract, fair use).

Chumlee from Pawn Starts. Photo: History (extract, fair use).

Chumlee was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and went to school with Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison.  The two childhood friends remained close and Chumlee began working at World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a pawn store Corey’s father Rick Harrison owned.  He started when he was 21 and he worked there for about five years before the History Channel began a reality show about the shop called Pawn Stars.  The show debuted in 2009 and was instantly popular, ranking only behind the reality show Jersey Shore.

Chumlee got his nickname from the father of one of his friends when he was about 12 years old.  The name came from the cartoon show Tennessee Tuxedo which had a walrus named Chumlee as a sidekick.  On the show, he is often portrayed as the dim one, who isn’t as competent as the others, but he does have his strengths in the area of pinball machines and anything to do with old video games.

Due to his popularity on the show, Chumlee started his own business designing T-shirts, selling novelty items, and arranging his own personal appearances.  Chumlee reportedly makes $25,000 per episode.  With that salary, added to the money he makes from his business, we estimate Chumlee to have a net worth of $675,000 (GBP 410,000).

So how much is $675 thousand dollars really?

It’s no secret Chumlee likes video games, especially the old ones.  With his money though, we think he should try some new ones and see how far they have actually come in the last 10 years.  For $675 thousand dollars, he could buy around 1,775 Nintendo Wii U Deluxe sets.  That would be a lot of play time.

But if you think Chumlee has a skate job and you’re a bit jealous of what he’s making, you might need to just put it in perspective.  The rare Legend of Zelda cartridge has sold for more money than any other video game at $55,000.  Even with Chumlee’s money he could only buy eleven of them.  Heck, just about everybody could own 11 video games, just not Legend of Zelda.

UPDATE as of 5/17/14: At the date this article was originally written, Chumlee only had a net worth of $675,000. We’re excited to announce that it looks like his net worth has since increased to a cool $5 million! We’re not even going to bother speculating about how many Nintendo games he could buy. Hopefully he’s moved on to something far more exciting by now!



  • Just to clarify a point here:

    The NES Legend of Zelda game that sold for $55,000 was a one of a kind prototype, so there is no way to buy 11 of them. A regular old Zelda Cartridge is worth in the neighborhood of $15.

    • It’s a figure of speach, you moron ! It’s like when someone says “He can buy the Eiffel Tower” and you say “He is so rich that he can buy five Eiffel Towers”…

  • If he’s born in 1984, how come they celebrated his 30th birthday on the show this last season? I can shenanigans.

  • Pawn Stars would be nowhere without Chumlee! He carries the show, love his personality.

  • I like pawn stars I call Chumlee- Chumers. I like the whole cast. You never know what will came in next.And that’s so true because their place is in Vegas.I can’t get over how many spin off shows came out of this one… I like the fact now a days We all can be Stars …

  • Very cool. I never knew where he got the name “Chumlee”. $25,000 per episode is crazy.

  • Chumlee is a definate asset to the show. The whole cast makes the show. Without one person it would not be the same. “old Man” is also one of my favorites. Grampa, father, son dynamics are great. We have really enjoyed watching Corey mature and step up to the plate. Wonderful show from many perspectives!
    Hesperia Family Fans

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  • Chumlee is a very suitable name for the doofus………

  • avatar george ruppenthal

    Chumlee must be twins, no one person could be so dumb. If had a real job he would have been fired long ago.

    • Are you considering that he is playing dumb just for the show, you moron ? Otherwise he would not earn that kind of money…

  • Chumlee is the best!!!

    Kindest regards from Poland.

  • people are starving in the US, and this putz is making $ 25,000 an episode.

    Give us a break………………….

  • One of the reasons Chu Lee is so well liked is he never loses his temper (on the show anyway). That is what makes him unique . Even though he is the shows scapegoat I bet he laughs all the way to the bank.

  • avatar Magical Genie

    Chumlee is a freakin IDIOT!! He makes Rick look like a fool quite often. Rick will be in a serious conversation trying to purchase a treasure then that WHALE walks up and says something so lame. He’s so immature, lazy, does nothing but what he wants too. I understand he and Corey have been friends for a long time but damn, do you take in all strays Corey?? If only you all could see how stupid he makes you look, makes me sick to even look at him. I love the show, love the ole’ man, Rick, and Corey that’s they ONLY reason I watch. Stop letting a fat, lazy, loser bum off you guys…. He gets paid to work there, gets paid per episode…. For what? To make you all look like a bunch of FOOLS, why isn’t it called his show or why isn’t he the boss?? Might as well be he does as he pleases and you all suck it up and take it. I suppose you all don’t mind looking like a bunch of dumb a** Fools! I’d fire his a** in a New York minute.

  • If I owned that pawn shop, I wouid THROW chumlee out the door in a second. He get;s his ugly face3 in every dam show. What a waste.

  • Chumlee is cool
    Don’t hate ..,,,, appreciate
    Chumlee is alright

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