How rich is Mary Padian (Storage Wars Texas)?

Name: Mary Padian
Born: 1981
Occupation: Reality TV star, Business owner

Mary Padian. Photo: History Channel, Extract/Fair Use.

Mary Padian from Storage Wars Texas on History Channel. Photo: History Channel, Extract/Fair Use.

Mary Padian grew up in Texas and went to college at the University of Texas at Austin (UTA).  She graduated with a photojournalism degree in 2003 and got a job as an intern at D magazine.  She then went to work for Architectural Digest in New York city as an Assistant Editor.  She began creating videos which she called Mary’s Finds!, the same name as her store.  The videos consisted of finding reasonably priced items for the home.  Missing Texas, she decided to return to her home and family and within less than a year she opened her shop.  A frequent customer of hers is Moe Prigoff who would take things to her shop that he had purchased in an auction from abandoned storage units.  She was first seen with Moe in her shop on the first season of Storage Wars: Texas.

Moe soon took Mary under his wing and invited her to go to storage auctions with him.  Beginning on the second season of Storage Wars: Texas, Mary was a new cast member, joining among others Victor Rjesnjansky.  She and Moe buy units together and then turn them into items for either his store or hers.  She has a keen eye for the potential in any item and often impresses Moe with her creativity.  Although at times she can seem to be a bit flighty, she is a solid business woman who is taking her shop to the next level.

From Mary’s years working in the magazine industry, having a business, and getting paid for her reality television gig, we estimate Mary Padian net worth at $600,000 (GBP 379,698).

So how much is $600 thousand dollars really?

Well, if Mary’s into anything new, we think it may be a car.  Mary could afford to buy 48 Smart ForTwo Pure cars.  These tiny little cars are great for travel and get about 40 mpg on the highway, so gas would be cheap as well.  But then again, Mary may need something a bit bigger to haul all of her new finds away in.

For only around $20,000 Mary could buy a Ford Ranger, a perfect fit for living in Texas.  Actually, Mary’s made enough money to buy 30 of them.  She could haul her finds from all over Texas with that many trucks.

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  4. Aloha My name is Brian Yonezaki
    How rich is Dannial coby Cushman
    off american pickers

    Aloha Dannial

  5. Mary is so cute, love her and Moe together. The new season has yet to have Moe hope he will be back.

  6. avatar nathan foddrell says:

    Miss mary I wanted to let u kno im a 34 year old guy and love your show., but I think I really really like you

  7. I would say marry is about 25 with a wonderful personality and looking for a guy who will look after her and support her business and her all the way through the times that she struggles

  8. Marry you so crazy lol,i dont really watch the show and not a wired fan in love with you and tryin to give you wedding vows Like these although I just caught your show and you made it worth watching.keep it gangsta with them goofy ass bidders girl… from H-town so halla…lol..

  9. yall some fuckin thirty ass dudes.

  10. Gotta say she’s done well.

  11. jonny F.
    Nice To See a That More Are Spelling The Name jonny Correctly. I Don’t Know Who The Fool Was in England That Was in Charge How Names Should Be Spelled. Why is it That jon & jonny were The Only Name To use a h. NOT Bonnie, Conni, Donny, Konnie, Lonny, Monty, Ronny, Sonny, Or Von. I Have Never Seen Any Of The Other Names Use An H. just saying
    Stay Kool!
    Your Friend
    jonny c.

  12. Hi Mary. Just a quick question for you. How did you get involved in buying storage lockers? Is there a “group” you have to join, as I am thinking of joining your possee up here in Canada keep up with your BABYGIRL shy additude.

  13. Hey Ray. Thanks for the compliment. First thing that you have to do is to move out of your mother’s basement. Cut the apron strings. You are a big boy, so get out in the real world.

    Of course there is more, but work on the first step.


  14. avatar Martin Green says:

    My wee kilted scottish brother thinks your voice is huskier than mine, not a chance and my g/f agrees with me

  15. hey just wanted to you are a cutie and i am glad you were pick up from texas storage wars and now on storage wars. i would like to know if your brother will be meeting you in LA. keep up the good work.

    an admirer

  16. hey how is it is a Blast to watch you are so upbeat kind of person always having fun . The cool part
    is that there is so much more to you . it would be cool to look at some of the things you make.

  17. Mary! I’m really liking how you handle all us here, and when you’re on tv too! Writing to you is giving me a brush with fame and I’m digging it! I know your mega busy but you now have fans like me and we need your attention! Please reply to larrynecessary at gmail ! I’m looking forward to… Ah shit… I’m in over my head here… I’m just a fan, saying hello! And all you wise ass bitches need to stfu about my message here! It’s between me and Mary! So F-off

  18. Hi Mary,
    Lol dude these people are funny. Just wanna say, your AAAWSOME! gurl keep being you. I love when your on storage wars.

  19. Mary, you make storage wars worth watching…I love the fact you said why don’t you guys just kick each others ass and get it over with. Stay strong I like your taste and style I own a steel fab shop in good old Niagara Falls, NY. I also love to create one of a kind items when there is down time.
    Stay strong and don’t fall into their game.
    Good Luck,
    Walter b.

  20. avatar Gordon Johnston says:

    Mary is beautiful and sexy, cute and I think she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen

  21. You are good on. Storage war

  22. Hey Mary. Sent you a text on Facebook but that’s beside the point. I don’t know if that’s your baby but she is cite

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