How rich is Rick Dale?

Rick Dale. Screenshot from History Channel. Extract (fair use).

Rick Dale. Screenshot from History Channel. Extract (fair use).

Name: Richard James Dale, aka Rick Dale
Born: 13 December 1958
Occupation: Reality TV star, Business owner, Metal artist and restorer

Rick Dale was first spotted onscreen in the popular show Pawn Stars based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  He’s the owner of Rick’s Restoration which is his store where he works as a professional antique restorer and metal artist.  He has restored items such as old soda pop machines, gas pumps, slot machines, chairs, coffee grinders, jet boards, golf carts, and everything in between.  His love of vintage items is apparent in the quality and commitment he puts into every piece he works on.

After appearing on several episodes of Pawn Stars, Rick was approached by the people at History Channel to do his own show.  He’s commented on what great timing it was as business had slowed down because of the economy.  The show, American Restoration (known outside of the U.S. as Kings of Restoration) debuted on October 25, 2010 and has had four successful seasons with millions of viewers.

There are eight regular members of the cast, including Rick’s son, younger brother, wife, and his step son.  As Rick has worked in the business for over 30 years, he has acquired an amazing skill set when it comes to taking old, rusty items and making them look new, and fetch a nice price for the item in the process.  According to Rick, he started restoration when he was only 9 years old, restoring an old bike he got from his father.  From Rick’s time in the business to his new reality show, we estimate Rick Dale to be worth $2,500,000 (GBP 1,582,078).

So how much is $2.65 million dollars really?

Rick spends a lot of his time trying to reign in the over the top personalities of his staff, including his own family.  After watching the show, we can’t imagine what it’s like to be around those people full time.  We’re quite sure that Rick needs a break from them as well, and because of that we’ve figured out he could buy 5,599 one way tickets from Las Vegas to Nassau, Bahamas.  One way.  One person.  A much needed break.

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  1. Rick you are awesome awesome. You deserve every dime.
    From your bio i learned how long it’s tak

  2. Rick your rich and awesome awesome. You reached, I bet, a well deserved plateau of riches. Good luck in the years to come. Don’t hire chumlee and you will be fine. Poor Rick Harrison. I would have fired the guy after his first hundred dollars of damage to the place. Show or no show.

  3. hello I ‘m from canada quebec province and I watch every show with your pasion beautiful

  4. avatar ric m. david says:

    you are the best rick!

  5. avatar Alok Nikam (INDIA) says:

    sir ur the best
    i want to restore my grandfathes antiq wall clock
    and my wish u do this
    and plz its my grand fathers last sing

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