How rich is Danny “The Count” Koker of Counting Cars?

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Name: Daniel Nicholas Koker II
Born: April 07, 1964
Occupation: Entrepreneur, mechanic, vehicle restoration artist

Danny Koker, Photo: (extract, fair use)

Danny Koker, Photo: (extract, fair use)

Danny “The Count” Koker from Counting Cars was born and raised in the Detroit area. His family comes from an automotive background. His love for cars started from the time he was a young boy. Most of his relatives worked for Ford. They helped him learn how to work on vehicles and motorcycles, both in terms of mechanics and restoration.

In the late 1980s, he moved to Las Vegas. This is where he opened his popular restoration shop called Count’s Customs. He has been on TV for many years in various reality TV shows. They include Pawn Stars and American Restoration. His own reality TV show is called Counting Cars and it is fairly new, with the first episode airing in August of 2012. It has been very successful and shows the process that The Count and his team go through in order to successfully restore various vehicles.

His own collection of vehicles is at 58, but he continues to add to them all the time. He also owns 78 motorcycles that he has customized over the years and loves so much that he won’t sell them. The vehicle he drives daily is a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood. According to Danny, his most prized vehicle is the 1972 Ford Roaster which is the original Mattel Hot Wheels car.

In addition to restoring vehicles, he is also quite the businessman. He is part owner of a TV station in the Las Vegas area that runs B rate movies. He is also part owner of a restaurant and tattoo shop with rock and roll front man of Motley Crue, Vince Neil. Today, Danny “The Count” Koker is worth $10 million. He donates a great deal of money to various charities, especially those that promote finding good homes for abandoned pets.

So how much is $10 million dollars really?

The Count has a sincere love of cars that look great and are fast. He is often in a push for time and well known for showing up late. With $10 million he can buy 10 of the McLaren F1 models that retail for $1 million each! This is the fastest car out there with a top speed of 240 miles per hour. It gets great reviews for its appearance and speed. But, you can be sure though that Koker will have some ideas for upgrades, modifications, and personalizations to this already unique and rare machine!




  • Love the show, cars are the best. No-one does it like the Count. His crew are the best, wish I had my first car; 55 Chevy for them to do.

  • I thank you personally count. For donating money and time to help find homes for abandoned animals… You are a true real guy that cares, I personally donate money monthly . To ASPCA I can,t do what you can do but I thank you for your part… The!!!

  • Danny, Love your show. Counting Cars is a blast! But most of all you have a good heart and a kind soul for helping the animals with your donations. I love animals and am always donating and trying to find homes for homeless pets. Thank you for being so kind to our furry friends. Love ya for that!

  • avatar Pertti Pensiliini

    Mclaren f1 is not the fastest car in the world…

  • avatar HEMANT KOHRE

    Danny is a cool guy his passion for classic car is too good.

  • First of all Danny my family and I love the show . But not only for the fantastic rides you produce but for your great spirit . You definitely have the gift not only to speak to the soul of your automobiles , which is absolutely amazing , but for the way you touch people and to make their dreams come true . The lady that was battling breast cancer , you fixing her and her husbands car and putting that special touch on the glove box door , brought tears to a grown man . The guy in the wheel chair that wanted to ride again , Again you and Shannon worked your magic and made that man and his wife so happy . Danny like I said , you and your team build amazing cars but the love that you show for people and their cars is just absolutly beautiful bro . The interaction you have with people is absolutly heart warming . Your a true gentalman and just pure class . I thank you so much , your truly a one of a kind guy . Take care of yourself and we will continue to enjoy watching the show .

  • The show is by far the best car show ever .

  • Love his show
    love his heart
    his passion for life is outrageous. ..

    • avatar Michelle Catharina

      Happy Birthday Hot Wheels!!! Danny you make things happen.
      Enjoy your day on April 07, 2015…

  • Danny, you are not only a Count, you are also a Saint for caring for homeless animals. You Rock in my book?!!

  • Dear Danny & Team,
    Namaste & greeting from INDIA..!!

    You guys a such a magic man. You know how to play with the cars and how can give a perfect look to vehicle.
    I really like & loves to your works, and in India all people loves you. I wish you a best of luck with lots of Luv, Joy from India.

    I really request you to please come India at least once. It would be our great pleasure to meet & hug you.
    I hopes you will not hurt to us and will come to Incredible India.

    Please make me a call or email, I really would like to meet with you.

    Best Wishes,
    Vicky Kumar

  • avatar steve corcoran

    A REAL reality show!! Danny and his crew are great!!! Need a maintenance man…..60 yrs old and bored with my life……work for free you provide living quarters……hehehe

  • Heh,man,anyone that digs zozo, for inspiration
    is cool,I was wondering if you dudes do conversions?
    Ive got an 11 edge i wanna convert into a harley edge.
    I ride a road king CVO,an would like to keep the edge,
    Iam not into been the status-quo, although they where
    a great band in their own right, My cvo has a 250watt
    system on board and zepplin roars out of it constantly.

    p.s. i play alot myself!!

  • danny u rock.i love u…ur show is osm.all indian love u so much…

  • Dear Danny,
    i am a big fan of yours and really its my dreamz to work with u guys, i m really mad about restoration and modification of old and claasy vehicle, so plz if i get a scope to be a part of your crew.
    eagerly waiting for your reply
    from india

  • Grt show danny..u have also opened our minds towards creativity by your unique ideas….thanks for that.i also want to start the work like this which will use my creativity too……thanks again..

  • Good Morning Danny,

    I live in Florida and have a 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS, all original. It has 68,000? miles, original floor mats, owners manual, etc. It was a women driver, non smoker and will not take much to get her up and running.

    I am 63 now, she has been my dream to restore her and enjoy her but now with my age and some health issues it will not be possible for me.

    I wanted to see if you might know anyone who into Monte Carlos that you might hook me up with in order for me to sell her and get a decent price for her.

    I even bought new tires a few years back and put her in our barn, there is not 30 miles on the new tires.

    My husband and I are both retired, he is on disability now so physically we can not do the necessary things to get her on the roads. She is a nice classic, someone could make her theirs for daily driving or a drag race car.

    Thanks for any and all help you might provide to help me sell my baby and use the funds for something we can enjoy these days like doing a short vacation.


    Vicki Manges

  • I have always thought that Danny Koker seemed like a sincerely nice man, now I’m convinced. Anyone that cares for animals like he does has a great heart! God bless you Danny.
    Real men love animals and are never afraid to show it!

  • I love you guys. Some day I will buy a’70 Super Bird Road Runner. It’s my dream. See ya Tink

  • avatar Gopalakrishnan

    Hi danny
    This is gopal here u r my great inspiration in hot rods and motorcycles
    And u r team spirit is the best may be someday I can meet u with love gopal
    Bye convey my regards to Shannon Kevin Roli

  • avatar pushpak Kautkar

    Sir danny ur life is based on cars and same with me. I want to be like u. cars cars cars and only cars. I to want a shop and team like u but the problem is from were should I start .plz help me out I need ur advice and suggestion. m waiting

  • hi Danny me and my husband love u a lot we appreciate u for ur dedicated work u HV gr8 personality u r very ambitious so keep carry on….

  • Danny do you have get married?

  • avatar Arthur saladino

    Danny,enjoy your show .You are the greatest humanitairan and gentleman for all times .
    Please keep up the good work .forever fan

  • does anyone know how to order a counting cars jacket

  • Hi Danny I am sherry I have a little problem I have a car that need a little help I had now chorus my car i was driving devil 2 door dark blue i got pictures this kid ran the stop sine he toilet it so i had a friend help me get a Nether car it a 1990 Chrysler 300M not the new ones older can you help sherry

  • hey danny my landlord has a 47 or 48 power wagon something or other I bet you could do wonders for it he has a ton of junk cars and trucks it would make my day if you could come and buy them from him …..

  • Hello Danny… I retired in 2011 from Sikorsky Aircraft after 35 years. I am a Vietnam vet who used to Drag race at Dover Drag Strip in the late 60’s. I raced a 1969 GTX in the Super Stock H bracket. I have been watching your show since I retired and I am a big fan. You have without a doubt the Best reality show on TV. Danny…I am sure you have been told this but you have such a real honest and caring personality (e.g. helping the little critters. My wife and I have done the same.. saving 2 stray cats that were in need of medical help…Patches and Hobo are their names. I currently have a 1968 Chevy Nova that is close to pro street…358 ci with a 100 hp shot of Nitrous. I am an original Mopar man but I had to have this super nice Nova as my retirement gift to myself. I could only imagine what Count Kustoms could do to it. Well, I just wanted to let you and your crew know how totally awesome your creations are (2nd to none). (Keep on Keeping On) ED.

  • avatar Maggie Nicolas

    Thank you for helping the animals. It is what I would do if I had alot of money!!. I love the show. You are awesome. Good actor. Amusing. Real. Love you and your team.

  • I love the show, I think Danny is one of the coolest guys on earth, like the way he talks about cars,he’s passion for cool rides, got the best crew,he’s the opposite of guys like Jesse James and senior,keep up the good job Danny

  • What makes Counting Cars a great TV series in my opinion is Danny Koker personality and it rubs on the people that work with him in good spirits also. What a classy guy and his ability to get the cars done expeditiously.

  • avatar Billy Branden

    The count is quite possibly the coolest guy on planet earth. He reminds me of The Undertaker from WWF fame except Danny is much cooler. Danny is the most interesting man in the world! The Dos Equis guy can go to hell.

  • Danny, you have a great personality, and have a outstanding, natural presents on the show, When you couldn’t part with that roadster, because of your father, I know that feeling. I still have an old floor jack my father used, Its not worth anything, but to me it is part of him.

  • Dear Danny, thank you so much for your blessings of finding homes for our best friends( all animals). My daughter in law has a rescue named Fur Babies on Long Island, New York ! I am very proud if her for this kind act and now I know that you too are an Angel! Your cars are fantastic , and my husband loves the memories they recall! Love you

  • avatar Tina puryear

    Hey danny I think ur show and u r so awsome. I have a 1974 Cadillac convertable. It’s in great condition my dream car is a 58 60 impala. Would u b interested

  • Hey Danny,
    Eagerly waiting for the next session of count koustoms on history tv18 channel. I have never missed your shows used to watch the repeat telecast too.horny mike and roli are the best automobile artists I have ever seen.keep it up guys .
    Best wishes are with you.

  • The guy from Florida is just another cheese ball fishing to get a hand out with the health problems You write u have a car that needs restored and your sick and ur hoping someone will go ahhh. Let’s help them out and restore the car for them and put it on tv . WTF have you done on society to deserve a restoration??? Loser panhandler

  • Yes I am talking about you Vicki Manges from Florida. The state that has the most caun artists in the country. My poor sick hubby has a car do you know who can restore it? Your fishing for a handout. You want to get help with the car post it on Craigslist for 100. I will come get it out of your driveway for you and your sick hubby. How’s that for your sympathy crybaby story. Like someone owes your funky ass something . Monte Carlos suck anyway. Junk the thing

  • Idk why some of you are leaving messages on here like he actually is ever gonna read any of these comments lol let alone respond to the great show but come on people be real. Lady from florida u think hes gonna call around and try to find some one to buy that 1986 piece of junk car he doesnt know u from a stranger on the street . god u guys kill reading some pf this shit

  • I just LOVE Danny and his show ! His ENTHUSIASM and knowledge is such a privilege to enjoy and watch ! I really can’t say enough great things of what I’ve seen of Danny ! Really appreciate it ! Thanks for all the effort of what you do!

  • I just LOVE Danny and his show ! His ENTHUSIASM and knowledge is such a privilege to enjoy and watch ! I really can’t say enough great things of what I’ve seen of Danny ! Really appreciate it ! Thanks for all the effort of what you do!

  • “1972 Ford Roaster” WTF?

  • What’s different about Danny is that inside him you can really see his love for cars the line that dictates profit and doing what’s right is often crossed and ultimately he makes decisions with his heart. People like that for they relate to that and realize that although the financial side of something is important it’s not often the part that makes you have to do something. Danny also is the consummate salesmen watch him as he asks the customer what their vision of the project is for you will notice he doesn’t interject something until he has a clear idea what they really want. All employees are artists too they give you a clear inside look at how working with people that are passionate about their visions work with one another. The show is entertaining and yes one of my favorite “car shows”

  • Danny, I really like your show and as many have said already on here that “its the best car show there is”. Well I will say as a car enthusiast fo over 50 years that, It is the best car and bike show right now “BUT” if you want to stay on top then please for all of us good guys out here STOP involving the two idiots in the makeup of this show. We’ve all been poisoned by the stupidity of Orange county choppers and their fighting and bullshit. I only watch serious car lover shows and I don’t want to waste my time listening to brainless bullshit. If you value your watchewrs then stop this now before your show becomes another example crappy storylines and retarded behavior. You were doing great until two of the three stooges started mucking things up. You guys really had it goin on and now you are filling in with crap I won’t watch anymore. Comedy is ok once in a while but don’t make it the weekly topic!

  • I live in ill so you might not be look for something that far away i got 1963 tbird I got most of the part all the emblem new

  • I just have to tell you if I had a employee like horny mike I would fire him immediately. I now can’t even watch when he is on. He makes me not what to watch the show at all.

  • avatar vivek thakur

    I really see every show of ck work so hard with good personality and they loved animal

  • Great show.
    Roly is quite the card and boy does horny mike know how to airbrush. I know you like caddys so how about a 64 fleetwood. Mint

  • avatar tony pittman

    Hey Danny I love your show I’m a 48year old hard working father of three bout to be evicted out of my house you seem to have a good heart can u please help me and my family I live at 11330,hwy 43,north in rocky mount nc27801 please help

  • avatar Troy McDevitt Sr.

    Love the show. You beautify the world with your artistic style and put smiles on alot of faces. Thank you for the awesome tv show . And if you ever need another detailer to work with Roli, I’m your man.

  • i think your show is great execpt for your two baboon wifes you have thats always nagging at you i say get rid of them the show will be better.!!!!!!




    FROM , INDIA……….;)

  • avatar Michael L Hrangchal

    I want one

    • avatar Linda Pardo

      Love your show. We drive a 1954 Pontaic Starchief. Really sharp car. Trying to sell my 64 Corvair conv. Nip

  • avatar Craig rembold

    Looking forward to your show April 25th in Dubuque Ia.

  • Love your show ..My husband has a 1954 Pontaic Starcheif. Has a office & our house w/all kinds of trophies for his car. Trying to sell my 64 Corvair convertable. jeep your show going on for ever.

  • Not much to say that has not already been said. I love you Danny. No offense meant to your significant other…she probably understands by now tho. Ah yes, the men want to be like you and the women want to be with you.

  • Luv yr show-especially Rolly

  • Hi Danny. I AM NOT a car freak though I own a small French Renault.I was attracted to your show quite recently now it has become an obsession.The energy you put in the show is superb.I am a school teacher from India who own a scholarship to study in USA two years back.If I ever get a chance again to visit USA I will definitely visit your workshop studio.
    Unconditionally alluring.
    Babu Louis

  • Hi Danny

    U r such a dr. Of cars. . I love u. . In future I definaately purchange a old new car for me. And some time my family.

  • Hi Danny
    Love the show and the cars you create. The show has only started screening in the UK so didnt get to visit your shop when in Vegas last year which is a big disappointment!
    You dont get cats like your in Ireland lol
    Anyway just wanted to say that one of the main reasons for watching was your sincereity is a welcome addition to the world of reality television and you have just went way up in my estimation on reading of your help for animals.
    They cannot thank you but i can!

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