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Mary Padian from Storage Wars Texas on History Channel. Photo: History Channel, Extract/Fair Use.

Mary Padian from Storage Wars Texas on History Channel. Photo: History Channel, Extract/Fair Use.

I have to be honest. When I first started seeing commercials for the latest episodes of Storage Wars Texas, I was a bit concerned. Mary Padian seemed to be the primary focus and while I love her character, they were seriously portraying her as more than just a little bit crazy. Those not following the show, I think, would likely think she’s a lunatic. In reality, though, what they’re showing is her creativity and unique thought process – things I think will bring her huge success while allowing us to laugh a little bit at the same time.

If you’re like me, and are just learning about all-things-Mary, you may want to start following her on Facebook and Twitter as well as watching the show. She really seems like a down-to-earth, funny woman, and I highly respect her desire and drive in the business world. 

Not sure where to start?

Mary is fun and adventurous and I think it’ll be great to watch her (and Mr. Charles) continue to grow on Storage Wars Texas!

You can, of course, read more about Mary Padian and her net worth right here on How Rich, too! 


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  1. avatar Mark Barcklow says:

    I am Mark. Let me know if u get to San Antonio , TX.

  2. avatar Joe OSzmanski says:

    Hey Mary just got done watching an episode of storage wars where you had to go to the airport for an appraisal. If you are willing I would love to be your side kick. I love your corny little sayings. You are by far my favorite on the show so much beauty and personality.

  3. avatar William Abell says:

    i like the way u bid and pick out ur stuff from ur storage lockers and being nice about it on the show what other things do u like doing in ur spare time where r u from looking forward to seeing u again on the show ur sweet
    sweet .Mary thanks for being on the show. im Billy

  4. hi im derry i love when youre on the show,i even seen a lot of your pictures on line ,will love too meet you! your wonderful.

  5. You ‘re very hot and funny You don’t take no s***

  6. Mary is CRAZY and forgot to grow up , but fun…

  7. Hey Mary, I would really like to meet you . How about a date?

  8. Hey Mary..vinny from watching you on storage really make the show better..your funny and at the same time your serious about buying..send me message anytime

  9. From Scotland love u

  10. hey mary
    i didn’t believe you’re funny !!
    i interesting when i watching the storage wars , i life in toronto, i would like to meet you princess. send me message
    i don’t have any friend in texas , i want to become friend i wait from you answer …..colac2311@gmail

  11. avatar Gilbert Grainger says:

    Hi. Marry I just love your show you are the best. If you are ever in England I would love to get your autograph. If I was 40 years younger I would not hesitate to ask you for a date. Love you gil

  12. Hi greetings from Vienna


  13. Hello Mary I like the show I think your the best and if you come to mansfield England I’d take you out for a beer . Id like to cum to texas and me sum gud bbq & sun Keep up the good work.x

    • Your the best Mary , it sort of sucks being well known from TV , Playing music or being a actor . He can’t go anywhere with out getting mobbed by well meaning fans . Good luck & best wishes to you . Your friend Wylee

  14. Cutie patootie hey girl hit me up

  15. You guys are creepy. Get real.

  16. I love your Texas accent would love to hang out with you

  17. Ciao,sono Italiano ,ho 43 anni ,vorrei conoscerti sei molto simpatica ,attiva e attraente

  18. HI Mary we love You in Germany Paderborn State Nord Rhein Westfalen. Well done…

  19. Mary is one of the cutest girls I have ever seen. She is smarter than she comes off as. I would crawl through a field of cacti to meet her.

  20. Hey Mary I love watching you on storage wars.. I think your so sexy!
    You tick all the boxes!

    We love you here in the UK.
    Come visit, you will be most welcome.
    Maybe you will travel around finding for you shop.
    Or just have a great vacation!!

    Ps, careful who you travel with. Now Brexit, we control our own boarders. We only let in the hot women. Leave Jenny Grumbles in the US.. 😉

  21. Mary I LOVE YOU. You are a Mans Dream Woman

  22. From Australia.u rock .and soooo cute.hope u stay on the show .Rock on Mary.

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