How rich is Les Gold?

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Name: Lester ‘Les’ Gold
Born: 1951
Occupation: Business owner, Star of reality show ‘Hardcore Pawn’

Les Gold from truTVs Hardcore Pawn.

Les Gold from truTVs Hardcore Pawn.

Les Gold was raised around the pawn shop business as a child.  Both his father and grandfather worked in the business and helped to shape how Les learned to conduct business.  His father had his own store and Les followed in his footsteps and opened his first shop, American Jewelry, in 1978.  He moved the shop in 1993 to where it still remains today and is the central location of the television show.  His business expanded and opened a second location in 2011.

Hardcore Pawn is a show about Les’ pawn shops and all of the family and employees that help to run it.  It began it’s run on truTV in August of 2010 and set a record for the channel as the most watched premiere for the station.  While it’s been compared to other reality shows with the same type of stores, Hardcore Pawn tends to focus on the family and employee dynamics.  As with any good reality show there are conflicts, heated arguments, and even what some would call backstabbing.  It also focuses on Les’ love for the unusual and unique, and his passion for driving a bargain like no other.

With Les’ years in the business and his crazy ability to drive a hard bargain, we estimate his net worth to be $1,500,000 ($941,191 GBP).

So how much is $1.5 million dollars really?

With all of the potential junk we suspect Les sees in a day, we can only assume he needs some good quality trash cans.  If he wanted to spruce up his place, he could buy 100 of the world’s most expensive trash cans.  Made of steel and pressed with a gold leaf outer layer, these cans made by artist Sylvie Fleury would be quite a hit at the place.

If that doesn’t appeal to Les’ business sense, he could buy some much more economical and practical trash cans on wheels.  With his money he’d be able to get 7,500 of them…

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  2. I think that Les Gold is a very smart man and I admire him for the way he is from old school. God Bless you and your family. Love the show Angela

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  6. avatar Ormond Forrest says:

    Hi Les. I live in Ireland, I watch your show every night, I wish the episodes were longer. I hope to come over to meet you and your family with my Daughter in the near future. We get a great laugh with some of the idiots that come into your fabulous store. All the best to you and your family from Ormond and my daughter Cher.

  7. avatar blackapino bolivar says:

    les is the shit he knows what his doin..

  8. avatar blackapino bolivar says:

    yea all day never had a problem with that…would you agree?

  9. Les gold and his family are absolute detroit trash

  10. avatar albert williams says:

    Ashley, with all the money you have, can you loose some weight and stop looking like a red sausage with deformed arms?. Seriously, i think you have an eating problem, unless the way you look is a standard in the USA.

    • avatar Judi Blueye says:

      It is, what? You got a problem with that?

    • avatar Judi Blueye says:

      It’s lose, by the way. Loose means the opposite of tight and rhymes with “juice”, whereas lose rhymes with “shoes”.

    • Yes Seth is a retard and I hate the way he speaks to his sister Ashley. He is not a gentleman. Foolish to speak badly to a family member in front of staff. I would get his skinny no ass suspended for a few weeks no pay!! Les should have acted more stridently against fuck ass Seth

  11. Ashley is a snobby bitch I hate her les is just a straight pimp and his son is a Retard!

  12. avatar Judi Blueye says:

    With all that cash you think he could afford a better looking hair style.

  13. I think Les is a Bad Father the let his Son Treat His sister, and Les Does Nothing to his Retated Son

  14. I am from the uk and love the show I watch every night but I cannot stand the way seth treats ashley he thinks he is so much better than her just because she left for a while to have a family. Then in tonights show les said something similar about her leaving well if she hadn’t then he wouldn’t have his grandchildren who he talks of so fondly.

  15. I’m in South Africa.I don’t like Seth because he is so disrespectful. I like the Show though..

  16. Question for pawn shop proprietor Lester Gold: Is it true that the original title for the show Hardcore Pawn was “Shysta’ Jews Ripping Off, Po’ Black Folks?”

  17. i’d like to know more about Les’s father

  18. Love the show you guys r good people go DETROIT

  19. avatar Frantrina Harris says:

    Hi Les my name is Trina love & watch your show every day I would love to meet you and get some ideas on running a successful business Les you are the shit

  20. avatar Billy Branden says:

    Les Gold has made his money off of the less fortunate poor people of Detroit city. The way he lowballs anyone who tries to sell their items to the store is quite pathetic. He knows these poor people need cash every month just to keep their electric on or feed their kids. Someone will bring in an item that’s worth $1000 and they ask $400 for it. Les’ classic line is “what will you really take for it?”. He will then offer them $50 for it. What a lowlife. Les’ son Seth is legally retarded and looks like he has down syndrome and anytime I hear Ashley’s annoying shrill of a voice I have to hit the mute button on my converter. This is one dysfunctional low life family.

  21. les I love your show I wanted to go and see it all myself the beautiful jewellery everything but unfortunately I have been talking to my husband and I have gotten way to sick to even think about going that far so please keep going so I can enjoy my nights
    thanking you marlene

  22. Les is rich. Why even ask the stupid question. They would make a killing with the amount of people who watch the show and the tv rights etc. I watch it but don’t take it that serious. Seems quite scripted.

  23. I love the show,I think led is on sexy dude,but Seth is he gay ! As he is disrespectful to women especially Ashley,

  24. I love the show, I think les is one sexy dude,is Seth gay ! As he is disrespectful to women especially Ashley.

  25. les gold preys on poor people he is an ugly piece of shit. Ashley is an ugly fat spoiled pile of dung. Seth is following right in his ugly fathers footsteps. This is one ugly family.

  26. avatar Jason totoland says:

    I love everyone of you show mwah

  27. I think you all are really mean calling less son a retard he can be mean sometimes but I think you all are assholes

  28. I dispise Ashley. They all are disrespectful, rude and un professional and mosey as hell. And they are are rip offs. Frankly I would not visit their pawn shop. They are also bullies hiding behind huge black body guards they all are nerds. I am waiting for someone to actually punch all of them out. Yea,,,,,,what a good day that will be. Ashley is a bitch, Seth is a gay bitch, and Les is a son of a bitch

  29. i’d like to meet them without their bodyguards sometime…punks and nasty ass opportunists who rip off poor people and then pat themselves on the back when they give the correct amount for a woman who didn’t know she had a ruby….that’s what you should do! the worst, only by a little bit, is ashley, with her uncalled for remarks she makes to customers..i just wish one was fast enough to get a good slap at her…seth thinks he’s sharper than his father, not! the whole lot are dysfunctional.


  31. Les Gold is awesome. I love this guy. I love Hardcore Pawn. I like the majority of the characters on this show. I especially love when inferior pieces of shit get nothing for their items or they throw out inferior pieces of shit that demand too much money for the items they bring in. I love to see pieces of shit go home with nothing after they go on a tirade demanding an outlandish amount of money for their piece of shit items. That is entertainment at its finest.

  32. I love watching the show but making money of the oppressed people of Detroit leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  33. i love your show always watched it but cant find it on tv any more are you still on. ashley is great seth is great and les is also great hope you have much sucess in the future lloyd

  34. Big time ripoff.
    I don’t like this family.
    They are horrible …

  35. A show about a greedy bastard taking advantage of a bunch of crackheads . . .

    Entertainment sure ain’t what it used to be

  36. f’in bottom feeder’s ripping of poor crack-heads, they are true p.o.s. that need to go broke & then have les pawn off his bitch-ass kids !

  37. hello guyz am musa mballow from spain diz coments belongs to ashley i taught u ar a younger sista to seth while u ar d elder bt any way u ned to giv ur breda a respect cuz by anyhow he iz da leader wen ur dad iz nt dea ndo an da oly tink i hate in ur shop if so bodi cum an tl u guyz diz cost 100dollars u guyz use to tl dt individual person na iz 5 or 10dollars while u guyz ar lyinn stay blez mn ashley i lik to link wit u nk ndoke

  38. Les i love your show and others a like but i must say i get a little tired and eritated when it come to the rivery of your kids mouth and attitude they have not just towards you but customers as well omg! Ashley needs to be taught disaplin.and respect and manners really .she acts and talks so childish and acts like she’s a spolied guys really need to polish up your attitudes a bit and and your son seth always has to compete with ashley to get affection really teach them to grow the fuck up .and learn to run a respectable business.

  39. avatar Microwave Head says:

    Scum of the earth.


    The definition of.

    Don’t blame them though, for it is the most natural thing in the world to them – Nothing untoward at all.

    Henry Ford, God rest his soul – Henry Ford had them down to a tee.

  40. Ashley and Seth have no respect foe their father. I hope it’s just acting. No amount of money would get me to talk to my father like that. If it is true Les should disown them.

  41. The show sucks,the foolish pawnshop buy things so cheap, Detriot wise up

  42. Les gold= OK Seth gold = retard Ashley gold = stuck up retard
    Ashley by far most annoying and seths nothing without his dad, no friends no personality no life!

  43. i just think there a bunch of rip offs who think there hard because of the bodyguards

  44. avatar BrightEyes109 says:

    This show is awesome. Disappointed that there not on any longer. Yes, Seth is disrespectful to his sister and Ashley is a little nasty, but,that’s the show. Why is everybody calling Seth a retard? That’s so disgusting..That’s such a horrible word. Would anybody like it if someone called their kid a retard? Think about what you say before you say it. And unfortunately, the area in which there shop is in, is obviously, a low income community. You can’t help that.

  45. I luv da show bt i hate da way seth talk 2 his father. Disrespect

  46. I watch the show from Kenya…it’s amazing and Les is a good businessman..

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