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How Rich is Kate Middleton?

Name: Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton
Born: 9th January 1982
Occupation: Queen Consort in Waiting

Kate Middleton at the Garter Procession, 2008.
Kate Middleton at the Garter Procession, 2008. Photo: Nick Warner.

Royalty personified is how Catherine Elizabeth ‘Kate’ Middleton could be best described. If Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is the ultimate choice for the king in the near future, it is but inevitable that Kate Middleton would be the Queen consort per se, for she is the wife of Prince William.

Estimating royalty is one of the most challenging or rather impossible of tasks to say the least. It is no surprise that the year 2012 was to witness her being selected as one of ‘The 100 most influential people of the world ‘by none other than the Time Magazine.

Kate Middleton is no commoner when it comes to net worth with or without Prince William’s net worth being ‘married’ to her pre marriage family worth. Those with a penchant for numbers would be amazed to know that the Kate Middleton family in itself carries a net worth of upwards of $ 50 Million and this comes from their Internet mail order business of creating ‘magic’ parties for children at their residence.

Her encounter with real estate investment is no mean feat either – the house given to her by her parents in Chelsea in it has a net worth of one million pounds and has no mortgage to it either!

Marriage changes fortunes for some and Kate Middleton is one of them considering that the engagement ring that she sports is close to ninety thousand pounds.

So how much is 50 million dollars really?

Now, it is said the Queen never handles money.  Oh, yes; only the nouveau riche would stoop that low.  However, Kate isn’t quite queen yet and may perhaps carry more in her bag than a lipstick and a single £5 note for church donations (the content to which the Queen limits herself, according to author Sally Bedell Smith).

So what could she carry in her bag?  Well, she could buy 207 468 879 eggs for her £ 50 million.  But very few designer bags are suited to hold nearly 210 million eggs.  Nor are they designed to hold the 15 million kilos of sausages or the 54 million kilos of bananas that she could buy for the same amount.  The reason may be that the Titanic only weighed 46 million kilos and thus a 54 million kilos banana bag might look rather out of place on formal state occasions.

So clearly the situation is complex – what does a royalty incarnate ‘buy’ – when she has it all (above banana bag excluded)?  What would Kate Middleton buy with the magnitude of fortunes and possessions she owns – being a style icon and amongst the best dressed and fashionable of all not difficult to conceive!

New York based Rebecca Taylor offers completely customized one-off outfits. Rebecca needs no introduction having dressed the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon. They are, we have been informed, priceless dresses.  Which seems suited for a woman who will sooner or later be relived of the tacky obligation to carry money around.

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  4. Beverly Goodlin

    Kate has more class in her little finger than Fergie or her daughters. Kate is beautiful and is the epitome of good taste and kindness. The Royal Family is so lucky to have her.
    Beverly Goodlin

  5. Beverly Goodlin if Kate Middleton was really kind as you say she should make an effort to give back the Kohinoor Diamond to India rather than it sit in the Tower of London. You fucking asshole.

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