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How Rich is Victoria Caroline Beckham?

Name: Victoria Caroline Beckham
Born: 17th April 1974
Occupation: Designer, Businesswoman

Victoria Beckham. Photo: DarknessBlackheart
Victoria Beckham marking her territory by peeing up a pole. Photo: DarknessBlackheart.

Victoria of ‘Spice Girls’ fame has to her credit the achievement of having attained all time fame as an important member of this famed band of the late nineties. She was to shoot into fame yet again – this time around as a style icon with few parallels.

The world of design was to witness Victoria achieve acclaim and fame yet again. All this and more with the launch of her own brand of denim which was to revolutionize the fashion world.

A United Kingdom citizen, her personal worth is conservatively estimated at a staggering 49 million dollars and this continues to go upwards. Those seeking a more realistic estimate may well be amazed that the combined net worth of Victoria and her celebrity husband ace footballer, David Beckham, is 250 million dollars to say the least.

So how much is 250 million dollars really?

If the combined worth is in 250 million dollars range –the ability to spend is only a shade lower. The grapevine has it that Victoria Beckham has an inclination towards bags and purses –Barking from Hermes to be precise.

The purses starting from forty five hundred pounds have a ceiling price of eighty thousand pounds – replete with a 3 Carat on the lock. It continues to be common knowledge that this is one of the three Himalayan versions available in the world.

Thus while her seven inch heels continue to make news around style hubs, it is her range of designer Birkins which create a style statement globally. However, with a combined worth of 250 million dollars, there are miles to go!

A facelift over the weekend or a tryst with space – she could now go for space travel. Although Beckham may find his soccer skills hindered somewhat – gravity being what it is – she could enjoy a week of space tourism.

At a mere 20 million dollars – a week in space and alighting at the International space station she could have it all once every month for a year! – she would still have all of 10 million of combined worth to spare – Unless of course hubby Beckham would like to accompany, then the arithmetic could change somewhat.

Or for a more trivial splash-out, the Beckhams could buy 1,1 billion pounds (500 million kilograms) of sugar at the commodity exchange.  That is enough for about 13 billion cans of coke.  In the UK Coca Cola produces 2.58 billion cans per year (for all its brands, not just coke).

For a bit of class, the Beckhams might prefer to invest in art.  The most expensive work of art ever sold on an auction was Munch’s Scream at $ 110 million.  But Sotheby’s might think Victoria a bit nouveau riche if she walked in and asked for “two of those Munch’s.  To go”.

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