How rich is Mike Wolfe from American Pickers?

Name: Mike Wolfe (from American Pickers)
Born: 6 November 1964
Occupation: Professional treasure hunter, business owner, reality TV star

Mike Wolfe from American Pickers.  Photo: History (extract, fair use).
Mike Wolfe from American Pickers. Photo: History (extract, fair use).

Mike Wolfe was born in Joliet, Illinois and was the second of three children.  He was raised by his single mother in Bettendorf, Iowa and began ‘picking’ at a very young age.  He would raid the neighbor’s trash cans in search of treasures like old thrown out bicycles.  As he got older he was also interested in bicycle racing and spent some time as a competitive racer.  He owned two bike stores and his love of bikes is still evident when he comes across one on his show, American Pickers.

The show is based on Mike and his childhood friend Frank Fritz traveling around the US and looking in old barns, garages, and buildings in search of treasures.  He has a keen eye for things others think is just old junk.  He takes his finds, cleans or refurbishes them, and then sells them in one of his two stores, called Antique Archaeology.  One is located in Iowa and the other in Tennessee.

American Pickers is the brainchild of Mike and it debuted on the History Channel in 2010.  The show’s first episode attracted over 3 million viewers and is still one of the most highly rated shows on the History Channel.  Mike has also recently started a lighting business, turning old fixtures into new one of a kind pieces.  He has also started an online site that gives children the information on how to spot treasures of their own.  In 2011 he released his first book entitled American Pickers Guide to Picking, and a second book is in the works.  He recently sold another television idea to CBS, a comedy based on an antiques shop.  From his salary on the show, his businesses, and the money he makes by picking, we estimate Mike to have a net worth of $3,100,000 (GBP 2,000,000).

So how much is $3.1 million dollars really?

Since we know Mike is a huge fan of bicycles, we thought maybe he could use his money to buy some bikes.  With the money he has, he could purchase a retro looking Huffy Cranbrook Bike.  Actually, he could purchase 31,778 of them.  That’s a lot of riding.

But if you’re finding yourself jealous of his money, just remember that even he could only purchase six of the Damien Hirst “Butterfly” Trek Madones.  At $500,000 a piece, he’d even have to get a part time job to pay the taxes on them.


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  6. mike is a greedy scumbag with limited knowledge on antiques and collectibles. why anyone would want to watch him cherrypick all the best antiques from peoples barns and garages is beyond me. its because of greedy people like him that you will pay 50 bucks for a vase that’s WORTH EXACTLY 50 BUCKS AT THE NEXT YARD SALE YOU ATTEND.

  7. don says Mike has, “limited knowledge on antiques and collectibles.” Then he accuses him of, “cherrypick(ing) all the best antiques from peoples barns and garages.”

    Well, which is it? If he has limited knowledge, how does he know which antiques are the most valuable amidst a huge barm full of dusty relics?

    Typical hater. “Oh, this guy has some success on TV, and even though I’ve never met him or had any business dealings with him, I’m going to go on the interwebs and anonymously bash him.”

    Classy, don, real classy.

    • Heidi Wegner

      Johan I totally agree!! Don, who are you to say those things? Your words scream JEALOUSY to me. Get over it, there are millions of people out there better than you….are you going to say nasty things about them all too? For you to go to this site and write about someone you dont even like also says you have no life. Sounds to me like you need to find a hobby. Learning to be a decent human being might be a good place to start.

    • Well said !!!johan

  8. Marty Funkhouser

    Mike and Frank are the bomb. Going around to white trash folks homes and taking their valuable assets for pennies on the dollar.

  9. Does Mike Wolfe own an antique 1932 English Wolf motorcycle?
    Has he ever been to the bicycle museum in New Bremen, Ohio?

  10. mike swafford

    I think that mike is one of a kind. He knows. What he wants and he goes out and he gets it. He is not hurting anyone, and he pays for what he wants. The world needs more people like mike, and i hope to meet him one day.

  11. La Donna Chase

    PLEASE stop saying “man” all the time. “Thanks man,” “Hey man.” You’re over 50 years old and not a kid anymore. This drives me nuts but I still love to see how Frank is going to negotiate CORRECTLY to buy something and Mike is going to give the person MORE than they’re asking! Love it! And Mike, the way you love all things “roached;” good grief “Man.”

  12. Mike & Frank who? Daniel’s the one I would like to meet!

  13. Mike I watch your program all the time I have some things of your interest u can call me at 518-847-7082 I’m in upstate n.y. I can also refer others to u OK thanks guys

  14. Kirby laprime St

    My name is kirby I would like to get in touch with mike Wolfe I have a 1967 b,s,a, motor cycle 650, he be interest he can get in touch witch me view e mail answer no. If he contackwitch me I will let u know

  15. heriberto martinez

    Hi Mike I have a Westminster clock that I would like to know if you’re interested please call me +1-***-***-**** [number removed by mod] 50 year old clock

  16. I am very late for commenting but better late than never. I think Mike and Frank are honest and they are upfront with the sellers they purchase from. Anyway, they are very friendly should you have the fortune to see them. They were in Maryland and they stopped at a small pizza place and they were so nice to the employees. They had conversations with the employees and even took several photos with them. Some sites tried to claim the show is fake but it’s not. They really do drive and camera crew follows them in a separate car. They are not fake and neither is the show. It is a show so naturally you can’t see everything in less than one hour. They are nice and so is the show.

  17. David gaffney

    Hey Mike my name’s Dave and I recently tried to contact and send an email to Danny D however it doesn’t surprise me that I haven’t heard anything back because I have tried several times to contact you all at the stores and via your email addresses are you gonna so important that you can’t even return someone’s call that just wants to share an interesting story about you and Danny D when you took that road trip across Route 66 I noticed that you and her head stoped at a place that my uncle and two of his college buddies owned I’ll give you a hint big blue wale I know how you like interesting stories and this is one I’d like to share with you guys unless I have to go get an act of Congress to talk to you all thanks

  18. 100% Correct about this

    No, @don is right. Mike is a phony. He goes on about how he loves this stuff, and it’s HISTORY (as in channel=his bosses/show’s gimmick) only to lowball the people and immediately sell their stuff for huge profit. He’s more of an a-hole to Frank too, as the show proceeds. If you are a smart judge of character, you see right through his act.

    Mike is a businessman. He clearly “works” the sellers, and any class he displays is done for the cameras, or with his public persona in mind.

    @Johan, @Heidi=pot/kettle.

    P.S. Danielle looks like a Gypsy fortune teller.
    PREFER ANTIQUES ROADSHOW=better vibe, no conflicts of interest.

  19. You like Antique road show because
    You are as boring as that show.
    American Pickers is a great show,
    Mike and Frank are great people
    Who entertain millions with positive stories and information, so what’s wrong with a feel good show rather than doom and gloom stories..
    You Mr Anonimous are 100% full of shit and you boyfriend Don has got a head like a retro baby’s pram.
    Full of shit and broken biscuits!!
    Get a life and you might die happy?
    P.s Daniele is one of the sexiest lady’s
    On the tube!!

  20. Jim Miller

    Mike and Frank make it quite clear to all the sellers that what they pick is for resale usually at at a 50% markup at their stores and that they do not pay retail for the items they pick.

  21. Claude Miller

    Mike has an interesting show. If people are jealous or don’t care for Mike & Frank, don’t watch their show. I like it and watch it.

  22. Butch phillips

    Hey Mike this is butch Phillips you know my little brother David Phillips I know he does lighting and old lamp restoration for you he was even on one of your picking episode you even signed a picture of the pickers that David had you sighn for my friend. Mike I would love to talk to you could you please contact me. Butch Phillips

  23. Like I have said on Franks page, love the show over here in the UK !!

    Biggest problem is that they dont show the episodes in order ! :/

    Ive seen part 1 of the Italian trip, but who knows when part 2 will be shown ? !! 🙁 Ive also seen the episode of your new van….never seen again !!!!

    lol !!

    Danielle is a babe by the way !!

    wahoooooooo !!!


  24. These are actors playing a part

    • Timothy Philpot

      Just go to Nashville Tennessee or Ohio and go to their store and you will find out. These two guys are real people they are not actors they might do a little skit in the show but they are real

  25. I like the show. I like the people in the show. I’ve seen them pay high, just because someone is old, or they like them. I’ve never seen them take advantage of anyone. That’s pretty cool.

  26. My son turned my husband and myself onto American Pickers over a year ago and we have not missed an episode since. We look forward to each week to see where Mike and Frank will turn up next and certainly believe they treat every vendor with respect and courtesy.

  27. Robert Wolfe

    I am trying to find out how is the bicycle i have its a western flyer i have pictures of it.If anyone is interested in looking at it.

  28. Terri Clark

    A Good decient wholesome show that I can sit with my grandkids who also enjoy it and watch, that’s hard to find nowadays. The “picks” take me back to days gone by…Thanks Mike, Frank, and History Channel, and the people who graciously allow you on their property.
    I thoroughly enjoy this show!

  29. Timothy Philpot

    I don’t know if this message will ever get to Mike Wolfe but I watch this show every time It comes on every episode every rerun because I learned Knowledge from them I’m a young picker myself and I could not have learned more knowledge through any TV show but American Pickers I would love to meet you guys one day I know they have a lot of fans but I’m one of their biggest fans. Me and my brother go to estate sales every weekend looking for our little treasure and they would appreciate that. And if I could say anything to them it would be not to ever lose their true selves because being famous like they are can run people into the ground because they are awesome people and it they stay the same as they are now I will watch them forever…

  30. American pickers is one my favorite shows, you have to remember it’s TV with some prescribed stuff not just real cold calls on the road. I like the old stuff the storage buildings and acreages and yes the banter, so when there is a Sunday marathon I’m happy. For all the Reality TV shows(people) out there I wouldn’t want to spend 1 second with, but Mike and Frank I’d be cool with for sure. Haters just make your own show and do it your way.

  31. I watch this show on the History Channel here in New Zealand. I’m blown away by the vastness & beauty of the countryside they visit, the uniqueness of the people they meet, the history of America that’s revealed through the quirky objects they pick. Everything comes together with an easy charm, these guys (and Danielle!) are great to watch. I reckon the reason they do so well is that people they visit just instantly warm to them.

  32. I, personally, love the program! It’s a beautifully constructed work of t.v. viewing. It’s a travelogue, education, archeological expedition and art all at one time. It’s hip and antique and quirky and realistic. The characters are just that, true to life, genuine and multi faceted. Their zest for life and purpose is true and I’d adore having a barn for them to search through. But alas, I’m just a little old widow lady living in Florida and totally enjoying their adventures every day. Thank you kids. I’m just the fly on your windshield, having fun along with you. E.R.

  33. Michael Smegma Pence

    Frank is a greedy pig.

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