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How Rich Is David Cameron?

Name: David William Donald Cameron
Born: 9th October 1966
Occupation: Statesman and Politician

David Cameron. Photo Remy Steinegger.
David Cameron. Photo Remy Steinegger.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, comes replete with an impeccable record on both personal and professional fronts. Born to successful stockbroker Ian Donald Cameron and Mary Fleur, a retired Justice of the Peace, he had to go on to acquire excellent education credentials. David Cameron has the distinction of graduating from Oxford, having studied Economics, Politics and Philosophy. He came through with flying colors as he graduated with first class honors.

The early years were about learning as young David knew that his father was born with both legs deformed, and had undergoing successive surgeries for the same. He had the unique distinction of being the youngest Prime Minister of United Kingdom after the Earl of Liverpool who did the same close to 200 years earlier!

Born a Londoner he spent his growing years in Peasemore, Berkshire. He continued to have a stormy youth oscillating between academic brilliance and an adventurous personal life.

His annual salary lies somewhere around £142,500, which is £11,875 per month, and £570 per day. While this might not sound too fancy as compared to actors and performers of the silver screen, keep in mind that these are just the tangible figures that reflect in books.

There have been attempts to estimate his net worth. A conservative estimated of his net worth that pegs him at a staggering thirty million pounds, (just about $ 50 million) making him one of the most happening rich people in the world.

So how much is thirty million pounds really?

David likes bicycling and according to the always accurate Wikipedia “regularly uses his bicycle to commute to work”.  That should burn at least 1 calorie – given that he lives and works at 10 Downing Street.  Should he ever want to try this healthy pursuits outside, literally, the hallways of power, he might want to consider the $ 500 000 ‘Trek’ Butterfly Madone.  This is the bike that commemorated the return of Lance Armstrong to competitive cycling.  So while most prime ministers settles with a steady income from speaking tours when kicked out of office, David could try his luck in Tour de France instead.

We have heard a rumor that David is quite fond of Kit Kat chocolate bars and likes to hide one or two in his office – just for overtime emergencies.  Now, $ 50 million would buy about 78 million Kit Kats (great discounts available online).  Now a standard Kit Kat has 4 bars, each 9 cm long.  We know because we measured.  It also said so on Wikipedia, but we wanted to be really sure.  It is not because we wanted an excuse to buy chocolate.  Anyway, if you took out each bar and laid them after each other, they would reach 2 808 000 kilometers (1 744 810 miles).  The average distance to the moon is only 384 400 kilometers.  In fact that row of chocolate bars would go around the earth 70 times.

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  1. How on earth does a man of his principles get to be a PM? This country has gone back 50
    years in his and Clegg’s hands. Rich get richer and the poor get poorer and we can’t have it any
    other way can we Cameron!

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