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How rich is Steven Gerrard

Name: Steven George Gerrard
Born: 30th May 1980
Occupation: English Footballer

Steven Gerrard. Photo: Nigel Wilson.
Steven Gerrard laughing after having checked his bank statement. Photo: Nigel Wilson.

An ace footballer of international repute, Steven was born to an English family in the year 1980 in a quiet English hamlet of Whiston, Merseyside. The debut years for Steven were spent playing for the home team, Whiston Juniors and it was here that Liverpool scouts picked the nine year old for bigger things. Success however was not overnight and it was only in November 1997 at the age of seventeen that he was to sign his first professional contract with Liverpool.

Success was as quick in the year 2000 as Steven Gerrard went international, playing the first of many matches against Ukraine.

Steven never had it even, and in a checkered career spanning over a decade, it has been about success and near success fraught with injuries.

On a personal front Steven Gerrard walked the aisle in Buckinghamshire on 16th June 2007 to be lawfully wedded to a fashion journalist by the name of Alex Curran. A proud father of three daughters, he continues to play some scintillating football and has earned a net worth of 27 million pounds which could just be the beginning, considering that there are miles to go before his football shoes sleep.

His diversification in business is heralded by the launch of the Warehouse Kitchen and a bar in Southport which is the haunt for most footballers in the region.

So how much is 27 million pounds really?

With a net worth upward of twenty seven million pounds, which is growing at the rate of 9 million pounds a year cumulative, it would not be difficult to splurge for this mercurial footballer.

Being the fastest on the field and owning some of the fastest of cars, it is only logical that wonder boy Steven should now possess one of the swiftest yacht in the world. Priced at a whopping 1.25 million pounds, the ‘world is not enough’ millennium 140 Super Yacht comes replete with a state of art audio visual room and ability to gain super speed in excess of fifty knots.  And why rest with just one, when wonder boy can afford nearly 21 of them.

Of course, compared to the really big yachts, that 140 feet boat would hardly do as a dingy.  But at $ 27 million, Gerrard would still be about 60 million short is he had set his eyes on The Maltese Falcon – one of the largest sailing yachts ever built and listed at Yachtworld in 2006 for $ 99 million.

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