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How rich is Johnny Depp?

Name: John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II
Born: 9 June 1963
Occupation: Actor, Producer, Musician

Johnny Depp. Photo: Caroline Bonarde Ucci.
Johnny Depp at the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest London premiere. Photo: Caroline Bonarde Ucci.

Johnny Depp was born the youngest child of Betty Sue Palmer, a waitress, and John Christopher Depp, who worked as a civil engineer.  The youngest of four siblings, he was born in Owensboro, Kentucky but raised in Florida.  His family moved a lot and during his young life he lived in over 20 different places.  He dropped out of high school to pursue becoming a professional musician when he and his band moved to Los Angeles.

Although he had some minor success, it was through his wife at the time, Lori Anne Allison, that he met Nicolas Cage.  Cage suggested he try acting to make money until his music career took off.  After several bit parts, Depp landed a role in A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Several movies followed, the most noted being Platoon.  It was then he was cast in the television series 21 Jump Street where he quickly became a teen idol, appearing on numerous magazine covers and posters.  Disliking the attention from such sources, he decided to work only on films he truly appreciated, that didn’t showcase him as just a product to be sold.  Edward Scissorhands where he co-starred and met his old flame Winona Ryder, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Donnie Brasco soon followed, and his talent as an actor was solidified.

Depp has appeared in over 50 films, many of them commercial successes. Among these movies you can find blockbusters such as Dark Shadows with Chloe Moretz and Eva Green, Finding Neverland with Kate Winslet, Chocolat, The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and the animated movie Rango.  His most notable role however, is probably that of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbeaan franchise (co-starring with Keira Knightley).  Throughout his incredible career, he has never given up on music.  He still plays to this day and it is still an important part of his life.  With his vast amount of successful films and his years in the business, we estimate Johnny Depp’s net worth at $75,000,000 (GBP 47,772,000).

So how much is $75 million dollars really?

It’s no secret Captain Jack was Depp’s most famous role.  Since he’s been known to show up in places in costume, we think he should really consider buying the infamous Black Pearl for himself – to go along with the costume of course.  While we’re sure Disney won’t let him have theirs (they do have to use it for future films coming out, after all), we think we have the perfect answer for him.  The guys over at Blue Ocean Tackle, Inc. decided to build one of their own, a working replica of sorts.  For the cheap price of $750,000 Johnny could buy 100 of them and have his own fleet…and that’s a lot of seas to be sailin’ matey!

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