How rich is Tara Reid?

Name: Tara Donna Reid
Date of Birth: November 08, 1975
Profession: Actress, model

Tara Reid. Photo: Robin Wong.
Tara Reid Tara Reid at the MuchMusic Video Awards. Photo: Robin Wong.

Tara Reid was born in New Jersey, and she has been very successful as both an actress and a model. Her amazing good looks along with her charm have made her a fan favorite. Her first role was in Return to Salem’s Lot in 1987 and she has had no trouble finding roles since then. If you are a fan of the American Pie movies, Tara Reid has been in all of them except American Wedding. Some of  the movies she’s starred in are The Big Lebowski (with Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges), National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (with Ryan Reynolds), My Boss’s Daughter (with Ashton Kutcher) and Cruel Intentions (with Reese Witherspoon). Tara made also some guest starring in Scrubs. She is very pretty, and for this particular set of movies they make sure she offered plenty of sex appeal too. She has a movie, Last Call, that will be out in 2013.

However, she actually got her start in front of the camera well before that. Tara Reid was a regular to appear on Child’s Play, a game show. She also modeled for various clothing lines and makeup products over the years. If you are a fan of Ed Hardy clothing, it may be interesting to know that Tara Reid has a clothing line with them. She has also been involved in modeling for that particular line.

Some of the charity work she has been involved with promote protecting children from being abducted or sexually assaulted. She has donated both time and money to a variety of entities that do their best to help educate families. Some of the programs also help to offer support to children that have been victims and to aid with trying to find missing or exploited children so that they may be reunited with their families.

In 2011, she was on Celebrity Big Brother, and the #3 celebrity to be voted off the show. She has been rumored to have spent millions of dollars on lavish vacations for herself and her friends over the years. We estimate her current net worth at 1.5 million.

How much is $1.5 million really?

While Tara Reid has less money than many in the world of acting, she is still very young and has a bright future ahead of her. She has often been in the tabloids due to late night partying, drinking, and dancing. $1.5 million would last her a couple of years if she bought a private island for hosting her elaborate parties. For $1 million should could purchase Dolphin Jump Key Island off of the coast of Florida. A nice yacht for about $500,000 would ensure she could easily get to and from the mainland in no time at all any time she desired.

She enjoys the dance clubs so spending some of that money to have private clubs on her island, with place of alcohol on hand, would put a smile on her face. Given who she likes to party with, it would be a few $1,000 at least daily for the alcohol consumed.

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