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How rich is Nabila Haniss?

Name: Nabila Hanis
Born: 22 October 1965
Occupation: Reality TV star

Nabila Haniss (Fair Use, extract of original).
Nabila Haniss (Fair Use, extract of original). Do you have a better picture we can use? We would love to hear from you so email us on admin@how-rich.com.

Nabila Haniss lives in Culver City, California and is a reality TV star on the show Storage Wars which is based in Southern California.  The A & E Network show first aired on December 1, 2010 and although Nabila wasn’t on the first season, she became one of the featured buyers on the show during the second and third seasons.  She is famous in the world of storage auction bidders as she once paid $2,775 for a unit in southern California which held property of Paris and Nicky Hilton.  The Hilton sisters had apparently paid a moving company to pay the storage unit bill, which they didn’t do.  They had no idea the storage unit was going up for auction and Nabila nabbed the unit, and in turn sold the contents for $10,000,000. The items, including personal diaries, were posted online and people could pay $39.95 to see them.  When the Hilton sisters found out, they quickly got their lawyers involved in an attempt to shut down the website.

Many of the cast members of Storage Wars appear to not care for Nabila, although this may be because of her luck and wealth.  She has been know to say that it’s lonely at the top and refers to the other bidders as a ‘traveling circus’ when she sees them.  Nabila has been in the business a long time and we estimate her net worth to be $10,500,000 (GBP 6,664,728).

So how much is $10.5 million dollars really?

Nabila is a pretty lady who looks like she may like some pampering.  For $10.5 million dollars, she could afford 175,000 mani/pedis, or even 131,250 hour long massages.  She could get 105,000 good hair cuts or 140,000 facials.  But we’re thinking she may want to remind herself of how she got so wealthy in the first place.  With her $10.5 million dollars, Nabila could easily afford to buy 177,966 bottles of Paris Hilton’s Dazzle Eau de Parfum and with just a little dab, she can remember the luckiest day of her life.

UPDATE: Nabila Haniss recently also managed to secure Tila Tequila’s locker for just over  $3 000 at a storage auction in L.A. Nabila says she reached out to Tila about the purchase — but never heard back — and now believes the troubled reality star’s not even aware her unit was foreclosed on.

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