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How rich is Katrina Kaif?

Name: Katrina Kaif
Born: 16 July 1984
Occupation: Actress, Model

Katrina Kaif. Photo: IndiaFM.
Katrina Kaif promoting Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in Vadodara. Photo: IndiaFM.

Katrina was born to an English mother and an Indian father in Hong Kong.  She has seven siblings and they were all taken care of by her mother after her parent’s divorce.  She was raised all over the world, but while in Hawaii she was spotted and offered a job modeling for a jeweler when she was just 14.  Shortly after, she moved back to England with her family and took up modeling there.  She was signed to Models 1 Agency and did many campaigns along with work on the catwalk during London Fashion Week.  During the time she was modeling, she was noticed by a London-based filmmaker who offered her a part in the movie Boom.  The movie didn’t do well and Katrina ended up moving to Mumbai.

While in Mumbai she continued modeling and also did some more acting.  Some filmmakers were hesitant to work with her because her Hindi was far from good, but she eventually won them over and started a successful career acting.  Although many of her first films were not box office successes, critics continually praised her acting skills.  It was just a matter of time before a big hit would come and in 2007, Namastey London would be that hit.  She also starred in three other movies that year, with all of them being successful.

To date, Katrina has been in over 27 movies and is scheduled to have three released in 2013 (one just a cameo appearance).  One is also slated for release in 2014.  From her short modeling career to little over a decade in movies, we estimate Katrina Kaif net worth to be $5,000,000 (GBP 3,164,156).

So how much is $5 million dollars really?

Since Katrina is so accustomed to traveling the world, we think it might be a good idea for her to get away again after such a busy career.  With $5 million in the bank she could travel from Mumbai to Hawaii, where she got her start, 3,088 times.  Just think of all the frequent flier miles she could add up!  Or perhaps she’s prefer to go somewhere a bit remote where people wouldn’t recognize her.  She could fly from Mumbai to Kodiak, Alaska 1,855 times.  We’re quite certain she could get a well deserved break there without the paparazzi.

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