How rich is Victor Rjesnjansky (Storage Wars Texas)?

Name: Victor Rjesnjansky
Born: 1965
Occupation: Reality TV star

Victor Rjesnjansky. Photo: History Channel, Extract/Fair Use
Victor Rjesnjansky from Storage Wars Texas on History Channel. Photo: History Channel, Extract/Fair Use

Victor Rjesnjansky, also know as “The Outsider” is a reality television star on Storage Wars: Texas.  He and his partner JoAnn are originally from New York but decided to leave due to the high cost of living.  He went to high school at Farmingdale Senior High in Farmingdale, New York.  Although they had culture shock when moving to Texas, they decided to stay.

Victor owns 31 House, a store in Tyler, Texas which sells both new and preowned items he has found in unclaimed storage units which he has purchased.  They sell items such as antiques, appliances, furniture, electronics, and tools.  They also own a clothing consignment shop located in Tyler, Texas.

On Storage Wars: Texas Victor shows his true personality.  He is charming, suave, and a fast talker.  He’s used to the fast pace of living in New York and often finds the slower pace of Texas and it’s residents annoying when doing business.  He loves buying storage units and reselling the items he finds, mostly because it lets him lead a relaxed, leisurely lifestyle where he can pursue his own interests such as boating or riding motorcycles.

From his two stores to his pay for being on Storage Wars: Texas, we estimate Victor Rjesnjansky net worth to be $1,000,000 (GBP 632,831).

So how much is $1 million dollars really?

Since Victor misses the fast pace of New York at times, we think he should invest in a special little ‘toy’ for himself.  For only $17,000 he could own the new Ducat Multistrada 1200 S motorcycle.  Since Ducati is known for speed, this may be just what the doctor ordered for Victor.  With his bank account, he could own 58 of them.  Or Victor may want to feel some speed at the nearby Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.  He could ride the roller coaster over and over, and for just $59.99 a ticket, he could go 16,669 days in row, or about 45 1/2 years.  That kind of fast paced amusement may be just enough to make him want to slow down to a Texas kind of pace.  Nice and slow.

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  4. how do i find local auctions in my area>

  5. Victor and his partner Jo Ann are very nice, cordial people…
    If you visit them at 31 House in Tyler, Texas you will be very surprised at all of the trinkets, clothing, furnishings and wares. They let us take pictures with him as though he were a family member…and that is the most important thing. No matter how rich or famous a person is, it is their value as a person that lives on in memories… Thanks, Vic!

  6. Approximately mid-way through Season 3, Victor stopped appearing on the show, and he is no longer featured in the opening sequence.

  7. Barbara lang

    I just want to say I absolutely love handsome men. Victor is GORGEOUS. Oh yeah, and is adorably funny. His partner/wife is a lucky woman. Hubba hubba

  8. Victor is a piece of S***. He had MOUTHS EVERYBODY and when took that woman’s 40$ when she said she never had a flat screen tv and he knew he was ripping her off I would’ve stuffed him in that locker and that’s where he would’ve slept. He’s a piece of S*** and if he acted like that in NY he would’ve had his ass handed to him. S*** BAG VICTOR, AND ILL BET HE ************************************************** LIKE HES EMBARASSED. P**** VIC

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