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How rich is Mary Padian (Storage Wars Texas)?

Name: Mary Padian
Born: August 24th, 1980
Occupation: Reality TV star, Business owner

Mary Padian. Photo: History Channel, Extract/Fair Use.
Mary Padian from Storage Wars Texas on History Channel. Photo: History Channel, Extract/Fair Use.

Mary Padian was born in Dallas, Texas on August 24th 1980, the daughter of John Gerard Padian, a businessman running a  scrap metal recycling plant and Teresa Ann Padian (nee Sassin and brother of Texas attorney Bady Sassin).  Her parents divorced in 2009.

Mary went to college at the University of Texas at Austin (UT).  She graduated with a photojournalism degree in 2003 and got a job as an intern at D magazine.  She then went to work for Architectural Digest in New York city as an Assistant Editor.  She began creating videos which she called Mary’s Finds!, the same name as her store.  The videos consisted of finding reasonably priced items for the home.  Missing Texas, she decided to return to her home and family and within less than a year she opened her shop.  A frequent customer of hers is Moe Prigoff who would take things to her shop that he had purchased in an auction from abandoned storage units.  She was first seen with Moe in her shop on the first season of Storage Wars: Texas.

Moe soon took Mary under his wing and invited her to go to storage auctions with him.  Beginning on the second season of Storage Wars: Texas, Mary was a new cast member, joining among others Victor Rjesnjansky.  She and Moe buy units together and then turn them into items for either his store or hers.  She has a keen eye for the potential in any item and often impresses Moe with her creativity.  Although at times she can seem to be a bit flighty, she is a solid business woman who is taking her shop to the next level.

Mary Padian appeared as a recurring character for the 5th season of original Storage Wars (set mostly in California) and joined the cast there as a full member for the 6th season.  She remains full cast member on Storage Wars: Texas.

From Mary’s years working in the magazine industry, having a business, and getting paid for her reality television gig, we estimate Mary Padian net worth at $600,000 (GBP 379,698).

UPDATE JULY 2015: Rumor tells us that Mary is being well paid for her appearances on the original Storage Wars, some sources speculating that she is paid more than $ 450 000 per season.  We estimate Mary Padian’s net worth is now more than $ 1,4 million.

So how much is $600 thousand dollars really?

Well, if Mary’s into anything new, we think it may be a car.  Mary could afford to buy 48 Smart ForTwo Pure cars.  These tiny little cars are great for travel and get about 40 mpg on the highway, so gas would be cheap as well.  But then again, Mary may need something a bit bigger to haul all of her new finds away in.

For only around $20,000 Mary could buy a Ford Ranger, a perfect fit for living in Texas.  Actually, Mary’s made enough money to buy 30 of them.  She could haul her finds from all over Texas with that many trucks.

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  4. Aloha My name is Brian Yonezaki
    How rich is Dannial coby Cushman
    off american pickers

    Aloha Dannial

  5. Mary is so cute, love her and Moe together. The new season has yet to have Moe hope he will be back.

  6. nathan foddrell

    Miss mary I wanted to let u kno im a 34 year old guy and love your show., but I think I really really like you

  7. I would say marry is about 25 with a wonderful personality and looking for a guy who will look after her and support her business and her all the way through the times that she struggles

    • “I would say marry is about 25 with a wonderful personality and looking for a guy who will look after her and support her business and her all the way through the times that she struggles”

      Hmmm, she’s from Texas, son, everything is bigger in Texas, and your limp noodle beansprout penis isn’t up to the job…regardless of whether your EBT card can support her or not.

      Speaking as a bloke from the UK, Mary has wonderful personality, sexy voice and has artistic vision, I’d think life with her could never be boring…

  8. Marry you so crazy lol,i dont really watch the show and not a wired fan in love with you and tryin to give you wedding vows Like these creeps.lol although I just caught your show and you made it worth watching.keep it gangsta with them goofy ass bidders girl…..im from H-town so halla…lol..

  9. yall some fuckin thirty ass dudes.

  10. Gotta say she’s done well.

  11. jonny F.
    Nice To See a That More Are Spelling The Name jonny Correctly. I Don’t Know Who The Fool Was in England That Was in Charge How Names Should Be Spelled. Why is it That jon & jonny were The Only Name To use a h. NOT Bonnie, Conni, Donny, Konnie, Lonny, Monty, Ronny, Sonny, Or Von. I Have Never Seen Any Of The Other Names Use An H. just saying
    Stay Kool!
    Your Friend
    jonny c.

  12. Hi Mary. Just a quick question for you. How did you get involved in buying storage lockers? Is there a “group” you have to join, as I am thinking of joining your possee up here in Canada keep up with your BABYGIRL shy additude.

  13. Hey Ray. Thanks for the compliment. First thing that you have to do is to move out of your mother’s basement. Cut the apron strings. You are a big boy, so get out in the real world.

    Of course there is more, but work on the first step.


  14. Martin Green

    My wee kilted scottish brother thinks your voice is huskier than mine, not a chance and my g/f agrees with me

  15. scott dutra

    hey just wanted to you are a cutie and i am glad you were pick up from texas storage wars and now on storage wars. i would like to know if your brother will be meeting you in LA. keep up the good work.

    an admirer

  16. hey how is it going.it is a Blast to watch you are so upbeat kind of person always having fun . The cool part
    is that there is so much more to you . it would be cool to look at some of the things you make.

  17. Mary! I’m really liking how you handle all us here, and when you’re on tv too! Writing to you is giving me a brush with fame and I’m digging it! I know your mega busy but you now have fans like me and we need your attention! Please reply to larrynecessary at gmail ! I’m looking forward to… Ah shit… I’m in over my head here… I’m just a fan, saying hello! And all you wise ass bitches need to stfu about my message here! It’s between me and Mary! So F-off

  18. Hi Mary,
    Lol dude these people are funny. Just wanna say, your AAAWSOME! gurl keep being you. I love when your on storage wars.

  19. Mary, you make storage wars worth watching…I love the fact you said why don’t you guys just kick each others ass and get it over with. Stay strong I like your taste and style I own a steel fab shop in good old Niagara Falls, NY. I also love to create one of a kind items when there is down time.
    Stay strong and don’t fall into their game.
    Good Luck,
    Walter b.

  20. Gordon Johnston

    Mary is beautiful and sexy, cute and I think she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen

  21. You are good on. Storage war

  22. Hey Mary. Sent you a text on Facebook but that’s beside the point. I don’t know if that’s your baby but she is cite

  23. Thomas Tobias

    Well I doubt if you’ll ever see this…Don’t know how to find people yet…But I want to move to N.CA. and start up the largest most involved charity in the world…Global Charities in which first we would build a “Global Charities” Farm and Ranch in Northern CA. for abused and unwanted animals…It would also have several Tiny Homes on the property for Wounded Warriors to come stay anytime they wish. Having wheel-chair accessability all over the ranch….Including Barn and everywhere. Also to give to the childrens funds most of which are the ones in India with cleft palets and hair lips to be fixed….and so on and so on…NOt limiting to just one cause in other words…Oh…and going basically all over the world to dig clean water wells so Children would have clean water to drink no matter where they live…Call me if you want to talk about helping me…YOu just look and seem like you’d make a good partner…..TC Thomas Tobias I’m on facebook….I think….

  24. Why is a guy a faggot when he says he likes you Mary

  25. Hi Mary, I’m living up here in Alberta , Canada and I watch your show all the time. You’re my wife ‘s and my favorite star on the California Storage Wars . We don’t really see the Texas one as much only because we like the people on the California show better. They are more colorful and entertaining to us. You’re by far the best on both shows ,so we’re rooting for you,seems like some of the others on the show sometimes bully you a bit. Could it be the producers trying to tell them to do and say things to keep things lively for ratings. Whichever ,we’ll be continuing to tune in to see how you do .We wish you much luck and prosperity Mary. Hope you get filthy rich and enjoy life……Volker and Denise Linke from Mirror, Alberta ?

  26. Would like to meet Miss Padian some time. I used to live in San Antonio, TX. She’s smart and attractive. I’d be suprised if she wasnkt married already. If she ever reads this, maybe she would say hi to me?

  27. Hi Volker.

    You sound so hot. How about some secret extra marital nookies? I be down for a ménage-a-trois too.

  28. Jeez guys leave her alone! Like any of you have a shot…

    Besides… I’m the one she’s going to fall in love with, so BACK the fuck off!

    Sup Mary 😉

  29. Jeez guys leave her alone! Like any of you have a shot…
    Besides… I’m the one she’s going to fall in love with, so BACK off! Watch this…

    Sup Mary 😉 Look me up in Vancouver…

  30. Mary Padian is a fucking idiot and a waste of genetic material. Majority of the characters on Storage Wars are completely unlikeable characters. Mary Padian has a fucking annoying voice and she is definitely not hot like what these other fucking assholes purport her to be.

  31. Mary Padian is one of the most annoying people on this planet. Her voice is fucking annoying. I don’t understand the love for Mary Padian however I will eliminate those people who have a differing stance to that of my own.

    [This post has been edited and shortened by the site moderator]

  32. UTA is UT@arlington

  33. Hey Mary
    How’s Moe doing ya get divorce from Texas show ?

  34. your an idiot , and for Will D, what the hell does “keep it gangsta” even mean, you know ignorant that sounds?? try proper English posers!!

  35. teresa richardson

    I have a storage building in brownwood Texas I will sell for around $8000.00 for everything in it

  36. Omg where do I start…I refuse to watch the episodes you are in. I feel my IQ dropping when you talk. I don’t even know what to say about your eyebrows. Go away. So annoying

  37. Sweet Texas Gal U make me laugh alot Keep smilin !!! T Smith

  38. Sup??????

  39. Yo Mary u rock girl, love watching the show when ur on it you always have that lovely big smile for us to see love it lol ,,legalgirlo1 I think u are bang out of oder , #tagjealousy gets you nowhere, Mary I wish u the best of luck in the future , go get a big score

  40. Hi Mary think your awesome love watching you on the show always have a nice smile keep up the good work

  41. Gilbert Grainger

    Hi marry. I’m from uk. Watch storage hunters all the time. You are the only reason I watch. Your the best.

  42. James weston

    Her voice sounds like the mom on the Simpson’s lol

  43. lawrence guillory

    Your truly a Gem Mary.
    I bet your a blast to hang with.

  44. Hey Mary I’m surprised that you buy atleast one locker on every show while Darrel never ever buys any lockers usually. Keep up the good work and tell Dave to be quiet because he is so annoying buying a locker for like $300 and then making like $5000 off of it cuz I hate him. But you are the best person on that show. KEEP IT UP! Sincerely, Joey E.

  45. Nice smile also ???

  46. Mary i love your personality, your way cute & pretty. You really enhance storage wars & i always watch the show because of you. I love your goofiness & facial expressions they are real funny & sexy . I live in Ventura right by the beach, i`m 52 swm look way younger for my age, never married, very ambitious, own my own business for the last 30 years. I`m a big fan of yours girl, hit me up i`m single & a real nice smart guy ! God Bless ya girl & keep up the great work your doing !

  47. Is Moe her sugar daddy ?

  48. Yes, she’s got a Gazillion Dollars & still waiting for the biggest loser to show up on her Facebook page – and sweep her off her feet – so that they could run through it! ;dP

  49. Hola Mary. Hoy vi tu programa. Eres la mejor.

  50. yup uhuh yep yes, only creeps weirdos and assholes posted here.

  51. Mary este o fata foarte frumoasa sidesteapta.Imi place modul ei de a pune la punct persoanele obraznice sinesuferite.Este o persoana vesela,distractiva,comunicativa,extraordiara nu stiu daca la fel de deschisa si comunicativaeste sicu oamenii de rand.Oricum,eu o ador pe MARY si tare as vrea sa pot comunica cu ea.Te salut si te pup MARY!

  52. Whoever wrote this article, University of Texas Austin is reffered to as UT.
    UTA is the University of Texas Arlington.
    Two totally different places several hundred miles from each other. Nowhere near the same thing.



  54. Hello miss Mary. I want to say you’re very beautiful, funny & smart. I’ve read some of the stuff that people have wrote about you & it makes me very upset. I’d say what I really think, but you’re a true lady & you deserve to be respected as a true lady. I watch every episode of storage wars that you’re on. I even watch reruns if you’re on it. I root for you all the time. To tell you the truth “YOU” make the show worth watching. Good luck on buying lockers in California & please stay safe.

  55. Hello Mary , i am in love with you , from Québec , Canada , yeah i’m french….

    Gorgeous you are.,.,.

  56. christopher

    Hey kiddo.man u got some real winners on here.I was wondering how big ur dads scrap business is .I’m sick of the winters up here.have cousins in that neck of the woods.been a crane operator in scrap yard for years always looking for a change.keep it real kid.and congrats on the show.

  57. Antonio González

    Buen día, ciudadanos del mundo.
    Creo (independientemente de lo que gane al año) que Mary Padian es la criatura más bella (en todos los aspectos) del universo. Es cierto: “El perfume bueno, viene en envase pequeño”.
    Le doy las gracias por existir.
    Greetings from Spain.

  58. Thirsty mothertruckers

  59. johnny blaise

    is Mary the voice of cartman from south park?


  61. tony bartlett

    hey mary you keep up with the storage wars your a laugh a minute . love watching the show would.nt be the same without you in it . you go girl show um all how its done

  62. Joe carriere

    I think that Mary is the hottest thing I have ever seen and I would marry her any day you’re really hot I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada my name is joe I would love to meet you in person

  63. What a Bunch of creepers… really… lol.
    People, before hitting on celebs online: At least show them that you possess the very basic skill of literacy. Have you read some of the hideous shite you are typing here? ;D

  64. mary, you are by far the sweetest little thing on tv.! I am a builder / business man / investor and would give anything to meet you and buy with you or just hang with you! I like this show and been watching for a long time but I love it now that your there! I love your laugh and your personality, keep up the good work, your the best!…. ( “

  65. Gilbert Grainger

    Hi marry. Luv your show. I watch it as much as I can when I not too busy. If I was 30 years younger I’d be over their to sweep you off your feet and give you the world. Keep up the good work at your shop. And don’t let them Nutter’s on the show get down your the best. Luv ya forever.

  66. Love your personality mary. What a we darling you are. ..x x much love x

  67. i think marry comes across as a little tom boyish .I think she is just a cool chick .I think that little scruffy voice is adorable .what a little honey,Whats not to like.

  68. hi Mary. My name is Andy from England. Actually, Weston-Super-Mare in the West. I think your work is great. I used to work as an artistic paint sprayer for a company based in Chicago. I visited there on several occasions. have you ever,or thought about visiting England? you would love it and all the bargains and history we have to offer. would love an e-mail from you on your thoughts about this. Take good care and love watching you on tv

  69. Someone with Half a Brain Cell

    Mary Padian is going to be so chuffed with all these marriage proposals when she wonders one day how rich she is, and decides to Google the answer instead of checking her bank.

    (P.S. – pick me, Mary.)


  70. Mary mary so dam contrary trim that p*** its so dam hairy lol i got that from Dice clay i had to !! But you are hot in weirdest way i think its your small size bc dynamite comes in small packages ! But i would take you out just i could hear you cool !! Lol

  71. Holy crap. I PRAY this girl never reads these comments. There are some real weirdos out there and I’d be afraid to go out in public if I were her! -_-

  72. Robert Carl Gregg

    Just remember. Its a show. Many of the things they quote prices on are nowhere near the value some of them say and surprisingly some of the experts say that they take stuff to. I known this as a fact since I do auctions and resell myself. I have a world wide connection. Its an interesting show but do not bet the farm on it in anyway. Its to entertain. Some stuff I agree with but once in awhile they are way off.

  73. sakiusa saukuru

    One of my best reality shows..you cool Mary..by the way..you got a funny way of laughing..😂😂

  74. Marc genovesi

    Hey mary…although you are clearly a dork,i’d still take you out on a date. Are you ready for a real man?

  75. Damn at least we know we’re not alone in the bid for Mary.. I love your laugh mary!! I just reunited with the show again and their you were lol Mary.. it goesto show you that personality is the key I’m proud to say that Donald trump made America great again!!

  76. Luís Vieira

    I only see this tv program when Mary is on it, what is your conclusion?

  77. Does Mary really think she is cute with her face making and dumb talk.
    I think she is about as smart as a rock. Just my opinion.

  78. Silas from Canada here just wanted to say your smart witty funny cool and unique and now very successful congrats wish I could meet ya one day cheers Mary!!

  79. Happy birthday Mary I enjoy the show God bless you in your endeavors

  80. Freddy is Ready

    High Mary
    someone said you look 25, about 25 inches tall lol jus kidd’n , that’s about how tall you are on my big huge television, storage wars in Chicago are really a war, safer to stay farther away than bullets can travel, forgot why I’m on this site or how I even got here, was looking for what does it mean after you eat a can of beans and have haunted shorts.

  81. Some pretty lame commentary here. Let’s just worship this beautiful woman properly and creeps go away.

  82. Mary is 37 going on 7. Either she is extremely immature or something is seriously wrong with her. No one will ever take her seriously as a businesswoman. Nor should they. She should be setting an example all young women out there. Instead, she calls people “faggot” for paying her a compliment. disgusting! Not to mention she is way off on the value of items she pulls out of her storage units she paid way too much for. No one believes that Mary will see a $350.00 dollar return on a beat up oval shaped coffee table straight up from the 90’s made from blond colored pressed wood and cheap metal painted silver to look like chrome. Which she claims is its value. She should be grateful for the few men on this site that do find her attractive because in the real world she doesn’t stand a chance. It’s like the poor girl wasn’t even taught how to hold her mouth when she speaks.

  83. Wow, ‘Austin’, what a nice guy. Actually, you sound like a real jerk. She seems polite enough, something you apparently weren’t taught.

  84. Austin, it must suck going through life as a P0S liberal.
    I’m guessing you are a mutt just like the rest of them;-)

  85. actually I find watching you on storage wars makes me gag , for a college girl you sound like idiot, your laugh sounds like a donkey, just not quite as bad, the stuff you make from beautiful good furniture is really sad, just like that pool table you pawned off on those college kids hope you had enough decency to give them their money back.

  86. Have seen you appearing in Texas and now California and the way you laugh is really irritating and you’re saying “cool” is disgusting but to top it off trying to act cute just doesn’t make it. Act your age stop trying to be cute.

  87. take no notice of most of comments Mary, I must be the only person sending best wishes from the uk as its entertaining to watch on the other side of the pond.

  88. eddie.. fl

    yup…. great job Mary… keep it up…

  89. Richard French

    I love her personality and she is fun love the show baby doll…….Rickee!!!

  90. I want to clean out her pipes

  91. I’d love to “check Mary’s oil” with my [Removed by editor for #metoo reasons].

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