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How rich is Owen Wilson?

Name: Owen Cunningham Wilson
Born: November 18, 1968
Occupation: actor, screenwriter

Owen Wilson. Photo: Georges Biard.
Owen Wilson at the Cannes film festival. Photo: Georges Biard.

Owen Wilson has starred in a variety of movies, many of them comedies. They include Zoolander, Wedding Crashers (with Vincent Vaughn), Meet The Fockers (with Barbra Streisand), How Do You Know (with Paul Rudd), You Me and Dupree (with Michael Douglas) and I Spy (with Eddie Murphy). His first acting job was a role in Bottle Rocket which he helped to write with Wes Anderson. He has written or acted with Ben Stiller in 10 movies to date. He has couple of new films coming out in 2013 including The Internship starring Will Ferrell and Vincent Vaughn.

Owen Wilson is the middle child, and both of his brothers are also actors. They are Andrew and Luke Wilson. His mother was a photographer and his father an executive at an advertising firm. He was born in Dallas, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin where he earned a degree in English.

While he isn’t married, he has had several long term relationships with various celebrities. They include Kate Hudson and Cheryl Crowe. In 2011, he announced that he was going to have a baby with his girlfriend Jade Duell. The couple have kept photos of their child secure rather than allowing them to be sold to tabloids which many celebrities do.

He has been an advocate for depression and suicide prevention. Such charity work started after he broke up with Kate Hudson and had his own issues with suicide in 2007. He was eventually diagnosed with depression and sought out treatment. The journey made him realize how many people out there are also experiencing the same things.

Along with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson has been a driving force behind Stiller Strong. This is a charity organization raising money to build schools and to promote education in Haiti. There are also organizations in the USA that he helps out with that promote education and reduce homelessness. His net worth is close to $40 million.

So how much is $40  million dollars really?

With $40 million dollars he can purchase the Haiti Art Museum so that it can be preserved for learning and for field trips. It looks like a miniature castle but it is really a piece of history that is worth exploring and keeping. With his desire to promote education around Haiti, this would be the ideal addition for making sure that children are able to pass along key information about their culture and their historical connections. It can also give such children an new found appreciation for their life and for where they live that was lacking before.

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