How rich is Gwyneth Paltrow?

Name: Gwyneth Kate Paltrow Martin
Born: September 27, 1972
Occupation: Actress, singer

Gwyneth Paltrow. Photo: Jared Purdy.
Gwyneth Paltrow at the Toronto International Film Festival. Photo: Jared Purdy.

Her charm and good looks have definitely helped Gwyneth Paltrow in her acting and singing career. Yet there is no denying she has a great deal of talent. Her movie roles began in the early 1990s and she continues to be in demand for new roles all the time. She has played alongside with some of the leading men in Hollywood. In 1995 she was with Brad Pitt in Seven. In 1998 she was with Michael Douglas in The Perfect Murder.

Acting likely came very naturally to Gwyneth Paltrow. Her father was a well-known producer, Bruce Paltrow. Her mother is the actress Blythe Danner. She was born and raised in California. She took part in various productions throughout school. She did go to college for a while to pursue a business degree, but dropped out to pursue her acting career.

She has been connected to some high profile stars in Hollywood including Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. Gwyneth Paltrow is married to the lead singer of Coldplay. They have two children. She is also the spokeswoman for Coach. Charity work is something she’s heavily involved with. This includes the Robin Hood Foundation to reduce poverty in New York. After her son was born, she suffered from postpartum depression, a cause she actively supports today. She is believed to be worth $45 million.

So how much is $45  million dollars really?

Many will agree that there is little that could add sparkle to the beauty of Gwyneth Paltrow. Some expensive jewelry though could be very exciting. Norman Silverman offers outstanding jewelry, and just recently Jennifer Lopez was able to wear items worth $5 million. The set includes a canary diamond bracelet with 33 carats. Silverman has plenty of great looking diamonds and one of a kind sets available.

With this money she could buy 9 sets of them to wear to concerts her husband plays, movie premieres, and to the theatre she loves so much. She seems to be a fan of items that are full of memories so there is no doubt she would wear them again and again for various occasions. With so much invested in the accessories, you can bet she will come up with some amazing outfits so that she can pull of that elegant and polished look she is well known for.

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