How rich is André 3000?

Name: Andre Lauren Benjamin
Born: May 27, 1975
Occupation: musician, actor, song writer

Andre 3000. Photo: BMCL/Shutterstock.
Andre 3000 at the UK film premiere for ‘Revolver’ . Photo: BMCL /

Andre 3000 is very popular for his style of rap music. Many people know him by his former name, Dre. He is part of a duo called OutKast with another rapper by the name of Big Boi. Acting is a big part of Andre 3000 and his overall career. You may have seen him in various movies including The Shield and Four Brothers. The animated TV series Class of 3000 is also a show that his voice is featured on.

Born in Atlanta Georgia, he was an only child. His mother was a real estate agent and his father worked at a collection agency. He met Big Boi in high school and the two performed at their local high school and various clubs. When they were 19 years old, their first album was released. He continues to be with OutKast but also has done very well venturing out as part of a solo career. The solo aspect allows him to take his musical talents in new directions.

Andre 3000 has been associated with many models and musicians over the years. He has never been married but does has a son from Erykah Badu. He has been in trouble with the law on various occasions. Several of them have been for excessive speed in his luxury cars.

In 2008, he launched his own clothing line that stopped production in 2012. Andre 3000 is very involved with protecting animal rights. He is a vegetarian as a means of further promoting the protection of all animals. He is the spokesman for Gillette razors and has also been featured in campaigns to encourage youth to vote. He is believed to be worth around $46 million.

So how much is $46  million dollars really?

Andre 3000 likes music without a doubt and he also likes his bling. Combine that with his well-known generous offers to friends and family with spending. With $45 million, he can offer them his Diamond Beats by Dre headphones with black diamonds. Since each set costs $2 million he will be able to buy 22 sets of them. Of course the hard part is going to be determining some type of parameters for picking who gets them. This rapper has so many friends and people close to him that the decision could be very hard to make.

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