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How rich is Zach Braff?

Name: Zachary I. Braff
Born: April 06, 1975
Occupation: actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, director, musician

Zach Braff. Photo: Shutterstock.
Zach Braff at Disney and ABC’s TCA All Star Party. Beverly Hilton Hotel. Photo: s_bukley /

In 2001, Zach Braff immediately became a well-liked individual on the medical comedy Scrubs. By 2004 he was also writing screenplays including Garden State which he also directed. If that isn’t enough, he acted in it and wrote the entire soundtrack. He won several awards for all of these efforts which gained him plenty of attention within the realm of acting and producing.

He was born in New Jersey and his mom was a sociologist. His father was a trial attorney. His parents divorced when he was young. He grew up loving movies and always knew that he wanted to become an actor. One of the obstacles he has struggled with since he was a child is OCD. He attended Stagedoor Manor which is a performing arts center for those ages 10 to 18. He met Mandy Moore and Natalie Portman there.

As a young adult, he started taking part in Shakespeare plays around New York. He was cast by Woody Allen in Manhattan Murder Mystery in 1993. He has a passion and love for theatre which is where he spends time when he isn’t in films or on TV series. In 2009 he also took the leap into the restaurant business. The Mermaid Oyster Bar in New York City is co-owned by him and a friend from high school who is now a chef.

He is active in various charities including the Red Cross and Robin Hood. He continues to advocate to help those in need due to poverty, economy, or emergency situations. Most see him as comical and funny but he does have a serious side when it is about helping others. Zach Braff is currently worth $22 million. He has been dating Tayler Bagley since 2009.

So how much is $22  million dollars really?

In 2008 Zach Braff earned his pilot license. His $22 million would buy him the V-22 Osprey which flights like a plane and takes off like a helicopter. This model is actually worth $35 million but offered for a remarkably lower price. The department of defense may not like his fun and games with this model though since was designed for the marines to use in Afghanistan. Since he also has a huge love of video games, he will certainly have lots of fun touching the buttons and really being able to destroy what is in his path!

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