How rich is Jenny Grumbles?

Name: Jenny Grumbles
Born: Dec 12, 1978
Occupation: Reality TV star, Artist, Business Owner

Jenny Grumbles. Photo: A&E, extract (fair use).
Jenny Grumbles. Photo: A&E, extract (fair use).

Jenny grew up in California but spent a lot of time in both Dallas and Atlanta.  After graduating high school she headed to Texas for college.  She attended Southern Methodist University (SMU) where she studied journalism and studio art.  She graduated in 2002 and since that time has opened the J. Grumbles Studio in San Diego and is represented by numerous galleries all over California and Texas.  She opened a shop up in Dallas called Uptown Country where she sells her own art and also the pieces she finds when buying abandoned storage units on the show Storage Wars: Texas.  The store is a combined effort between her and her mother who sells antiques.

Jenny mostly buys units that seem to have furniture or household items she can resell.  Although she is cherry in demeanor, she can often get very frustrated when she’s outbid on a unit she really wants.  Some of the other stars of the show take joy in upsetting her and at times go out of their way to bid high on a unit they know she’ll want, only to taunt her later.

From her talent as a painter to her resale of storage unit items to her store, we estimate Jenny Grumbles to be worth $400,000 (GBP ).

So how much is $400 thousand dollars really?

Since art is Jenny’s first love, we think she could easily spend her money on more art supplies.  For $400,000 she could buy 9,261 tubes of Old Holland Classic Oil Colors in hot pink.  Or maybe she could use some more canvas to paint on.  She could buy some Elite Portrait Smooth Canvas, acrylic primed, 18” x 48” for only $182.70.  As a matter of fact, she could buy 2,189 of them.

Although we recongnize Jenny’s talent as an artist, she may want to spend some time looking at some of the greatest artists of all time.  Jenny could fly from Dallas to Paris to visit The Musée du Louvre 296 times.  Just think of the inspiration she could get.

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