How rich is Clinton Ton Jones?

Ton Jones. Photo: Extract from Screenshot from SpikeTV. (Fair Use)
Ton Jones. Photo: Extract from Screenshot from SpikeTV. (Fair Use)

Name: Clinton “Ton” Jones
Born: 11 August 1978
Occupation: Reality TV star

Ton Jones grew up in Antelope Valley, an area just outside of Sacramento, California.  From a young age he had an intense interest in all types of weaponry.  In 2005 Ton discovered auction hunting for valuable items and quickly realized his background in collecting could make him enough money to do it full time.  In addition to weaponry, Ton is knowledgeable about old and rare coins as well as jewelry and gems.

Ton got his start on television on the show Auction Hunters which debuted on November 9, 2010 on Spike TV and is currently in it’s fourth season.  Ton works with a partner, Allen Haff, and they make quite a good team as they are both knowledgeable in different areas.  They started out as competitors, but when Ton was getting ready to throw out what he thought was old dishes after an auction, Allen was appalled and made a quip about how much money they would fetch.  Ton agreed to let Allen have the dishes for half of what Allen sold them for and within a week Allen handed him $1,500.  It was then that Ton saw the potential of them working together.

Ton also works with reptiles, bobcats, and mountain lions.  He loves exotic animals and enjoys rescuing and rehabilitating them.  Ton has also had guest appearances on I Was Bitten and Pitbulls and Parolees.  In his free time, he volunteers at the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary in California.  We estimate Ton Jones to be worth $1,500,000 (GBP 949,246).

So how much is $1.5 million dollars really?

Ton obviously has a big heart and we can only guess how much he donates to his favorite animal charities.  But he also loves the UFC and hates to miss a fight, so we’re thinking he may want to invest in a Yalos Diamond 46” television set.  With 160 real diamonds embedding in it, it could also serve his sense of gem knowledge.  For the cheap price of $140,000 Ton could own 10 of them and look at two of his loves at the same time.

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