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How rich is Rick Dale?

Rick Dale. Screenshot from History Channel. Extract (fair use).
Rick Dale. Screenshot from History Channel. Extract (fair use).

Name: Richard James Dale, aka Rick Dale
Born: 13 December 1958
Occupation: Reality TV star, Business owner, Metal artist and restorer

Rick Dale was first spotted onscreen in the popular show Pawn Stars based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  He’s the owner of Rick’s Restoration which is his store where he works as a professional antique restorer and metal artist together with his son Tylor Dale.  He has restored items such as old soda pop machines, gas pumps, slot machines, chairs, coffee grinders, jet boards, golf carts, and everything in between.  His love of vintage items is apparent in the quality and commitment he puts into every piece he works on.

After appearing on several episodes of Pawn Stars, Rick was approached by the people at History Channel to do his own show.  He’s commented on what great timing it was as business had slowed down because of the economy.  The show, American Restoration (known outside of the U.S. as Kings of Restoration) debuted on October 25, 2010 and has had four successful seasons with millions of viewers.

There are eight regular members of the cast, including Rick’s son, younger brother, wife, and his step son.  As Rick has worked in the business for over 30 years, he has acquired an amazing skill set when it comes to taking old, rusty items and making them look new, and fetch a nice price for the item in the process.  According to Rick, he started restoration when he was only 9 years old, restoring an old bike he got from his father.  From Rick’s time in the business to his new reality show, we estimate Rick Dale to be worth $2,500,000 (GBP 1,582,078).

So how much is $2.65 million dollars really?

Rick spends a lot of his time trying to reign in the over the top personalities of his staff, including his own family.  After watching the show, we can’t imagine what it’s like to be around those people full time.  We’re quite sure that Rick needs a break from them as well, and because of that we’ve figured out he could buy 5,599 one way tickets from Las Vegas to Nassau, Bahamas.  One way.  One person.  A much needed break.

UPDATE: For season 7 of American Restoration History Channel completely changed the concept. Rick Dale and his team was dropped and instead the series now follows five different American restoration shops. We are not convinced about this new concept, and to be honest we miss Rick!  Let us know what you think about the changes by commenting below.

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  1. Rick you are awesome awesome. You deserve every dime.
    From your bio i learned how long it’s tak

  2. Rick your rich and awesome awesome. You reached, I bet, a well deserved plateau of riches. Good luck in the years to come. Don’t hire chumlee and you will be fine. Poor Rick Harrison. I would have fired the guy after his first hundred dollars of damage to the place. Show or no show.

  3. hello I ‘m from canada quebec province and I watch every show with your pasion beautiful

  4. ric m. david

    you are the best rick!

  5. Alok Nikam (INDIA)

    sir ur the best
    i want to restore my grandfathes antiq wall clock
    and my wish u do this
    and plz its my grand fathers last sing

  6. So why was all the cast let go ???amd new.cast

  7. I’m wondering the same thing… why the big change and are they cut out of the show completely?

  8. elaine damore

    After looking at the new American Restoration, it left me flat. Rick had a passion, tips and a true vision of what things should look like. Not interested in the new version at all. Very boring. They jump all over the place, but we only needed Rick in one place.

  9. Charles Jones

    I do not like the new replacement. Bring back Rick a true craftsman. You will never be replaced .
    Good Luck in whatever you do.
    The new show is dull and boring.

    I am not a fan and will not be watchibg

  10. The new American Restoration lacks passion and personality. I will no longer watch the show. Auto restoration is already the subject of Kounts Kustoms and nobody is better than Danny and his crew!

    Bring back Rick Dale!

  11. I totally agree with the other people posting. I do not care for the new show at all. Rick Dale and his crew (family) have a real talent for what they do and are also very knowledgeable about the items brought in for restoration. The new show was disappointing. It seems like if restoring something is too much work, they’re going to turn it into something else. i.e. like the Studebaker turned into a bathroom sink?? Just not the same. Not putting down the new cast, but to change the show that drastically was not a good move. You will be losing a lot of viewers. Hope Rick gets picked up by another network or sponser. I miss his show..

  12. Guys,

    Rick is returning to TV, but it is doubtful it will be on History. Refer to this video posted by Rick earlier today:

  13. No Rick, No Watch, History Channel , you just lost our Family as Viewer, Can’t stand the New Show. SORRY.

  14. Miss the show and was somewhat shocked it was cancelled. I don’t like the new show because there doesn’t seem to be as much passion about the individual restoration. Rick’s show was much more detailed and informative. Hope their is enough feedback to bring your show back.

  15. Rick the new show stinks, you were more passionate and informative with your restorations. Hope there is enough negative feedback for the new show to reconsider bringing your show back.

  16. Loved Rick show. It was fantastic to visit the shop and meeting his brother when we were in Vegas even saw a little bit of one taping. The new show will never be match up.

  17. Mike D'Arezzo

    I have watched both shows, and feel that Rick’s is the better Show. Not that the others don’t have a talent and mechanical ability because they do. Just That Rick has the excitment when he see’s what a customer has brought to him to restore and what it means to the person and sometimes the family.
    He is the true master of his Craft!!! I just don’t think the History Channel will bring him back They will try ans shove this new show down our throwes.

  18. Rick is hero of restoration

  19. The new American Restoration is awful. I’m so upset that they fired Rick and crew, that I have banned the History Channel in my home until they bring him back.

  20. Don’t care for the new show…preferred Rick and crew…I don’t watch the new one, at least have the respect to call it something else!!

  21. I’m not even going to watch the new shows without you in them. I simply don’t find it entertaining now as its just a cookie cutter version of every other cycle fix it up show with the exception of counts customs. They made a big mistake dropping you guys!

  22. Dale Walksler is a motorcycle guru. the rest of the show sucks. Rick and his family are so much better to watch. Can’t wait for their new show!

  23. It is a bit misleading to keep the name and drop the people that made it work in the first place. I don’t watch the new version. History Channel should know they messed up.

  24. Tom Benedetto

    I go on forever without Rick. I think he ripped off his customers The longer the show lasted the higher his prices went…

  25. Justin Hedges

    The new American Restoration show blows!!!!! Bring back Rick Dale and his crew and family. I mean honestly I got to see old items be restored that were just neat. If I wanted to watch bikes or cars be restored I would watch Counting Cars, which I do.. Come on History Channel, Bring back Rick Dale!!!!

  26. The new show is ok but you need to have a rick Dale restoration show as well. My husband and I miss seeing the projects at the different stages like we did with Rick. So please bring him back some how.

  27. Apparently Rick has screwed over a lot of people including faulty restorations and has then gone silent when asked to remedy the problem. I suppose this was part of his shop being dropped as the publicity has been awful for the network

  28. I miss Rick’s Restorations. Please bring back the show.There’s no other show like it. It was very cool to see all the different projects being restored and brought back to life. Rick is a classy guy and hard worker. He and his family deserve better!!! Come on History Channel!!! Bring them back. If not, hopefully some other network will!!!!

  29. Eugene J. DeGasperis Jr.

    I would like to see Rick Dale back on American Restoration as it was previously

  30. All I can say not the same. Tried but something missing in new show so won’t watch!

  31. I watched the original American Restoration from the beginning. It was entertaining and he characters were interesting. I attempted to watch the revised show and was bored half way through. It is a poor remake of other successful car restoration shows and a poor imitation of the original show. Whoever decided the change should be fired.

  32. i watched the new american restoration for 5 minutes then changed channel bec IT SUCKs. The new
    crew are not natural‼️ Bring back Rick Dale‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  33. Rick Peterson

    Huge, I say HUGE mistake by the History Channel! Loved Rick and crew. Lots of talent, lots of passion! New concept is boring at best!

  34. Sarah Lafever

    Me and my husband loved the show with Rick. Turning the show on with Rick and his family was like being actual part of the family itself. Changing this season was like with any show changing charactors in the middle of a season just isn’t the same. PLEASE BRING THE ORIGANAL CAST BACK it isnt the same and we dont watch this one, not that it isn’t ok but it isn’t the same and doesn’t grab our interest.

  35. Bring Rick and his team back. New show sucks. I will not watch.

  36. I had several items restored by Rick and the guys and never did he screw me over on price or quality. I did have one wiring issue on a restored slot machine that Rick repaired free of charge and moved it to the front of the line. Don’t think I took these items to him without looking around first. I had five appraisals done each time before going with Rick’s Restorations and almost every time he was the cheapest

  37. After being a fan of ricks restaurations, we booked a trip to vegas. One of our first tours was going to ricks shop for a tour. We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of meeting him. He was amazingly gracious as well as truly appericated that we, as well as other took the time on our vacation to stop in.
    It truly is ashame that he is no longer part of the history channel line up. As an adivid history channel watcher, it is unclear why they would remove the one reality show that was intresting. We are no longer watching the new American restoration as it is nothing more then just another ” build another car or bike ” show.
    Rick and crew… See you next time we are in vegas… Always a fan

  38. Suzanne White

    My family and I will miss you Rick, hope you will return on tv, loved all the restorations you have done (Oshawa, Ontario Canada)

  39. Don’t like new concept. I liked Ricks show better

  40. Rick your show was the best and I don’t understand why they dropped you. This new American Restoration show sucks. They have to put you back on. Without you there is no show.

  41. typical American t v ,take a successful program that is very entertaining and with a little effort from some corporate nimrod you completely destroy a great program .SHAME ON YOU!

  42. Gregory Warnement

    I’m totally shocked that history channel has dropped Rick dale and his team that is one of the nations most favorite past time entertainment right up there with baseball and apple pie I demand that history channel put American Restoration back on immediatel

    Greg Warnemet

  43. No way to replace Rick and his crew , i can’t get into the new show . Please bring Rick’s team back …Oh and especially his wife…..Just joking !

  44. As an avid Aussie viewer of American Restoration, I’m shocked that the History channel has self destructed the best show they have ever produced! Are they crazy? Best of luck Rick and Co. I’m sure another channel will see the worth of continuing your magnificent show.

  45. Bring Rick back! Bring Rick back! Bring Rick back!

  46. Miss Rick and the original show. Watched the new show a couple of times but not for me. Hope Rick is doing well. Why did they change a winner, I don’t get it….

    • The show was one of my favorites on History but I’d bet a dollar the only thing this is about is money. Cough up history channel and I wouldn’t blame Rick one bit to shop the show around and he’s probably already got a deal.

  47. American History Channel needs to rethink there new format and bring Rick Dale back, it was a great show. I really never understand TV producers who don’t really understand the viewers. Hopefully they will recognize their mistake and bring back the show.

  48. You are the best Rick we love you I’m not watching this show ever again

  49. Bring back the boys

  50. Massey Jones

    Bring back the original.
    The copy stinks.

    And to have found out that it bears the same name.
    Which switches from pillar to post, so that you lose the story and its location.

    If the show was to be cancelled, it should have been altogether and not let a new format “borrow’ the old name.

    Rick would tell everyone on air, that you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
    I watched the new version yesterday for the second time and was bored to death.
    To be quite frank, I fell asleep in my recliner.

  51. Started to watch it and was disappointed that no Rick and Family. Have lost interest in the new format its to much like the other shows fixing cars and bikes. What Rick did was interesting and different. If I want a car show I’ll watch counting Cars. The Producers blew it this time, bring back Rick and the old format

  52. Bring back Rick and his crew

  53. Please Bring back Rick Dale and his crew.

  54. Babe Cramer

    I turned in to the show, expecting to see Rick Dale and his crew, one of our favorite shows. We were very upset at the new format, but gave it a chance and watched it. It was terrible. We have seen it two more times, but ended up turning it off. If the History channel can’t bring us tried and true programming that people enjoy, then goodbye History channel. We no longer watch. Babe Cramer

  55. tim Chaput

    Rick and his employees r awesome, you suck history channel

  56. Deborah Schmidt


  57. Steve Smith

    Watched the new show, or should I say tried to, ONCE – didn’t make it through the entire show; quickly changed the channel.

    It’s a LAME, BORING copy-cat wanna-be.

    Kinda like when History tried to do a spin off of the original Pawn Stars called Cajun Pawn Stars.

    Hey History read my lips… I WILL NOT WATCH the so called “new” American Restoration Show, nor will support your advertisers that support it.

    Is that clear enough for you??…

  58. Alan Olson

    Whoever made the decision to drop Rick Dale should be fired . His replacement is utter crap

  59. Steeplejack

    Yeah…I tried the new show a bit. Not the same click. A rose by the same name does not smell as sweet. Prices inflated? maybe, but it was entertaining. The new one is not so much. But I did enjoy Patrick Simmons and his wife with the motorcycle.

  60. How is somebody else gonna fill Rick Dales shoes. I have been watching for a while when his son was a kid now he is a grown man. The relationship with his uncle is awesome. Sad to see it go.
    Bring it back please..

  61. Rich Perry

    I’m disgusted with the history channel and their panel of no mind idiots who think they know what people want to watch. Rick is an avid professional with immense talent that should be showcased along with the rest of his crew. I hope the “brains” at the history channel take the time to read these posts and realize how big of a mistake they have made and correct it asap. We all miss Rick and their crew!!

  62. Just saw the new show……NOPE. Don’t like it. The gentlemen are ver talented, but the personality of Rick was why you launched the show in the first place. I am not watching the show anymore.

    I think you should bring Rick back

  63. WTF!!Boycot History Channel..Rick’s restoration Live’s

  64. Gloria L Tadaro

    When i first tuned in to Ricks Show, for season 7, i did not see Rick or his family, WTF! Do not like the show now,Sorry @HistoryChannel ya f—–k up Miss Rick & Family.

  65. Timothy Bowen

    Rick.. I don’t leave my home.. but I would to spend a weekend with you and your crew. I miss you with the new show.. it passes the time, but not in the way I want to spend it. Without you and your crew it is just not enjoyable.. I can only HOPE they show us how to save something ourselves.. give us a tip .. teach us a skill.. ok no.. they don’t do that.. you did. I miss you all and I hope to meet you all in person.. if I can remain relaxed enough to make it work. I hope you get back on the air soon, you all made the show.. no matter what ANYONE else says. End of story… make a new story! We need you back every week.. or every week day! Love you all, best wishes and thanks for so much learning! Loved the show an always will!

  66. I was shocked when I turned to History Channel’s “American Restoration ” and saw these other shops..but where was Rick Dale and his crew ? I could not find anything on what happened until now..I’m very disappointed in The History Channel,”American Restoration” IS Rick Dale … Change the name of the show so viewers know it’s something new… I wish the new shops well, but I hope one of the other reality channels jumps on a tremendous opportunity to have a successful readymade fan based television show that will boost their ratings as soon as “Rick Dale’s Restorations” first episode airs ! I hope Rick doesn’t have to wait too long.. We need to see his next awesome restoration !

  67. I love Rick’s show. I have watched since it started. All of a sudden, History Channel just don’t air it. What a dissapointement! I want Rick’s show back! To me, American Restoration is Rick’s show and only his.

  68. I no longer care to watch this show. Rick Dale was the show. I hope someone does a show with him on it. I’ll watch it, but not this show.

  69. The show is NOT the same. It lacks the quality and family presence that was what Rick Dale represented. Bring him back!!!!
    Can’t even watch it the way it is now.

  70. History channel you blow it. Rick is the man and to have your family follow in your footsteps it great. Do yourself a favor and bring him back and get rid of the goof balls you replaced them with.

  71. don malloy

    Bring Rick dale back ! Do not care for the new line up that was supposed to “replace” his show ! Plus his wife is really hot !

  72. Rose Bernard

    Rick and the whole crew! … and the dog, too.
    Where are you? I miss you very badly!!
    I am a senior citizen – 79 year old lady – yes, a lady. I loved watching all of you interacting with
    each other; and the marvelous restorations were so grand to look at!! PLEASE COME BACK!!
    I have no interest in that other TV show at all. It is boring, boring, boring!!!

  73. Frank R Mai

    You said above, “After watching the show, we can’t imagine what it’s like to be around those people full time.” I find that statement amazing because Pawn Stars has the worst characters, idiots, that make it hard to watch the stupidity. To believe that Chumlee hasn’t been fired is not reality and Corey is just as dumb. Well Chumlee now has legal issues so maybe that will resolve his being on the show. That said, make a smart business decision and “Bring back Rick”. I tried to watch the new show, but cannot watch it because it is boring and no one has any personality. I will be glad to watch again……………… if Rick comes back.

  74. Glenn Massey

    Bring Ricky back…

  75. Don Bedford

    THAT is not American Restorations 7th season. This is American Restorations (part 2) season 1 and it is nowhere as good as counts customs.There is not another restoration show like Rocks is on air
    Don Bedford

  76. The new show sucks!!!!!!

  77. Timothy Wilmoth

    I wish they would bring Rick back. The old show was much better.

  78. Scott davis

    Can’t believe this.not the same.actually a bunch of opinion.

  79. Justin Lindberg

    Nothing against the New cast but I liked Rick and his crew much better his heart is really into what he does, the passion is what I like about it…….. Bring them back. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

  80. I agree with all of the above. The new show sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I switched on to watch “American Restoration” and was immediately disappointed with nothing more than a whole load of shit to put it bluntly.
    The old show with “Ricks Restorstion” will be greatly missed and let’s hope another network picks up where History lost out.

  82. Please bring Rick back….original format is the best.

  83. No one can replace Rick Dale and his group..bring them back AGAIN!!

  84. Charlotte Rogers

    The new show is trash we don’t even watch it anymore. Bring back Rick his team made the show. Also need to change the name because it does not stack up to the old American Restoration. Hope another stations picks him up.

  85. steve baker

    they dropped the wrong show. should have been pawn stars. boring as hell. chumlee…. a joke like the rest of the cast.

  86. I agree rick dales show was a must see and very interesting. Bring it back now.

  87. Paul Bryan

    Like most other comments, really enjoyed Ricks show, only seen one episode in this new multi shop format. Both suffer with the same problem in that you don’t see enough of the restoration process. One minute they have an item to restore then wham, bam, it appears done and passed on to the owners.
    Clearly a scripted program, but good to see the talents of the team(s), if only we got to see more of it!

    Still want to see Rick & Co, come on History Channel, bite the bullet, do what’s right, bring em back!

  88. Can’t understand why the network would change something that was so well liked. It was one of my most favorite shows on television. The new American Restoration is just not interesting at all. I just can’t seem to get involved in it. I really miss all the characters from the original show. Please bring it back soon.

  89. Get a grip of this history
    Watched every week here in Scotland you are the man Rick
    Get them back on TV now!!!!

  90. Just not as good as the original.

  91. This new format Sucks Donkey Richards!
    Rick is the man!! I am Over this show now! LAME!!

  92. The new format really does stink and is so boring.
    Bring back Ricks restoration quick.

  93. John McLean

    Wish Rick Dale was back.

  94. Why fix something that’s not broke. I thought the show was great. But of course the history channel executives know better.

  95. How

  96. Ron Labad...

    Rick Dale made this show great with his passion, dedication and informative tips, plus the family bonding & crew interactions were Awesome! It had such a family feel that other shows just didn’t have, which made Rick Dale and his crew a part of our family every week and we are all sad that they are gone. I was so excited to see the new season and was shocked to find out that they had been dropped and replaced with a completely new show? But still used the same title “Kings of Restorations” WTF!!?? Complete BS! Totally misleading and downright Fu@..d Up! I Miss RICK DALE and the original cast and crew And I hope some other network picks them up…

    Geez I feel like I lost someone dear. I never felt this way about a TV show before. The Original cast/show had something SPECIAL and It Sucks that it’s gone!! DUMB MOVE History Channel… We will NOT be watching the new show.

  97. Greg Gearhart

    Please bring Rick back. Best show on tv. American lickers is the next best thing.

  98. Kathy Dixon

    Bring Rick Dale and his crew back! Even back for part of it would be good. Everyone I know misses the show and the work he does. But tell him to cut back on his prices a little. I have a couple of things I’d love to restore but can’t afford his prices.

    But whatever you do , bring his show back.

    I wonder if they should shoot for another network???

  99. Please bring back Ricks Resteration it was a great show much better than the new American Resteration shows

  100. Ralph dirksen

    Me and my mother loved this show. Sorry to see it go. Miss Rick dale and his staff. He did the best work.

  101. Why change something that works and bring on a entirely different program with the same name! Does the history channel know what their doing.

  102. The new American Restorations is really horrible.

    The old crew has passion and taught us a lot about restoration. Why did they disappear from the show even if one crew member needs a break or heading into retirement?

    This would be very poor planning on the History Channel.

  103. Oh for crying out loud! Rick Dale & his team made the show. History channel are you a bunch of jerks?

  104. We really liked Rick and his crew, very enjoyable show. Don’t like the new show at all. Why change a good thing. You just lost some more viewers. Bring Rick and gang back and we will be back.

  105. David Giesige

    Bring Rick Dale back, you have to many car shows now . Your station is getting boring with all the car shows and Pawn Stars on 24/7.

  106. The new show is not interesting. Rick is the man. I still like pawn stars and counting cars but miss Rick and the gang. We watched his show as a family. The new show is awful.

  107. Rick Dale and his crew were much more lively and interesting than the people on the new show. The new show is not fun, there is no laughter, and is so boring. I watched a few episodes and will not watch any more. BRING BACK RICK!!!

  108. Bring back Rick and his team. Not crazy about the new show

  109. Linda Bruesewitz

    We would love to see Rick Dale back. I really miss him. Why mess with a good thing??? Hat we what you have replaced him with.

  110. I’ll watch the re-runs before I watch any more of the new series. Started to watch one of the new episodes and didn’t even make it all the way through.

  111. Do not like the new show. If you’re not going to bring back Rick Dale you might as well cancel the show and get a new concept for a show to take it’s place.

  112. Bring back Rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Brig back Rick Dale and crew, New show sucks

  114. There’s no show like Rick And Is Family
    And he dose excellent work and you producers know that by the ratings of the show

  115. Larry Schneider

    All I can say is that the History Channel got this one wrong by dropping Rick Dale. I loved to watch his show. The passion that he had restoring items and telling the story behind them was awesome. All I can say is new show sucks big time.

  116. John Curtis

    I no longer watch american restoration. Without Rick Dale the show is nothing. Goodbye history channel!
    John in dayton ohio

  117. Bring Rick Dale back!!!! New show sucks, Rick has a passion for his work. He has an awesome crew (family). I won’t be watching the new boring show, Sorry! Bring Rick back!!

  118. No big deal, was getting tired of watching Rick and his group of low class jerks. Have seen many articles telling what a rip off artist Rick and his crew are. Good riddens

  119. I can’t figure this out. I refuse to watch the new show. Just another bad decision by a channel I used to like.

  120. Haven’t watched the History Channel since they took Rick Dale and the Team off. The new show sucks. Hopefully another station will pick up the show. I sure do miss it.

  121. Rick was great! New show bad real bad! They just do not have “it”! So sad what they did.

  122. Watched new version don’t like it at all. Will not watch it again. Should have kept it like it was. Loved Rick and his team. And Loved how the show was set up.

  123. Not even close to what it was POS show now

  124. New show SUCKS, rick was awesome, you can replace that charm

  125. I’ve tried to watch the new shows, there’s nothing like rick & his crew/ show. There has to be a personal touch to any program. I won’t watch the new shows. You know the original shows are the best, copycats just don’t work. I never missed a show when it was rick & the boys. Gotta figure something out. Thanks for giving me a voice.

  126. please bring back rick dale

  127. I do not watch the new shows.Did not miss any of Rick Dales shows. BRING BACK RICK DALE.

  128. I think they have made a big mistake I loved ricks restoration show now I do not watch the American restoration show at all I’ll do not like it they need to bring Rick and his crew back I don’t understand why people want to screw up a good thing something or just don’t learn Love you guys Rick hope they bring you back soon be white for you and watching

  129. I hate the new American Restoration the old show is the best I try to watch the new one just to see what it was like and I cannot stand it they need to bring the old one back

  130. Chichimik

    I’m an avid fan of the show.. I’ve watched the new show but it wasn’t entertaining & informative as the old one.. Rick is indeed the King of restoration… History channel should reconsider putting Rick & his crew back in the show as no one can beat the way they handle each episode..
    Not having Rick is as good as not watching the new show..
    Our loyalty goes to Rick Dale from the Philippines..

  131. Rick Dale and his crew deserve to back on the show. They made American Restoration the way it is today. Please bring them back.

  132. Bring Rick and crew back. I will tune back in when I hear he is back.

  133. geert caboor

    Watched it always in Cambodia as expat!!
    Love Rick and family,so bad it’s gone. Bring them back!!!

  134. Miss the one and only Ricks Restoration Show. Wont watch the replacement. I actually visited the shop when we went to Vegas. Rick was so kind and came out to great us. History channel you made a mistake. Bring them BACK….PLEASE.

  135. The idiot who came up with this idea should be fired!!!!!

  136. BIG mistake. Never watch the show now. Bring back our American Restoration and our Rick Dale with his crew.

  137. Well im not going to watch that American Restoration .ill watch Rick and his crew any day of the week. I won’t turn on the new one. I hope you bring Rick and his crew back. This isn’t like mountain men ok it’s a differnt setting so stick with Rick in Vegas

  138. Moderation I didn’t say anything that’s not true. I like Tick and his crew

  139. Its a pity that this awesome cast has been axed. There is no restoration without Rick who gives 110% on his work. I see how his work ethics that make the restoration so wonderful. I cant see my self watching some other restorations. I am going miss the team very much.

  140. History channel…..bad move big time and I’m sure your ratings reflect it. Rick is unique and the public grew to follow weekly. I would like to know the real reason he is not on.

  141. Will Mattingly

    The show is garbage now. It was GREAT before. Dumb network bosses.

  142. Eileen Simpson

    After watching a “repeat” of American Restorations with Rick Dale – we really miss him and his staff. My husband and I truly enjoyed the show with Rick’s Restorations.

  143. Juan Gonzalez

    Yeah. …it’s just not the same without Rick and his crew! !!…..Bad decision History Channel! !!Bring back Rick! !!!

  144. Dropping this show with Rick Dale is the most stupid thing you could do. The new shows aren’t even real it looks made up. Yall really dropped the ball on this.

  145. lynn child

    History channel

    When you replace age and experience with youth and people who do not have the knowledge and time (years doing said work) you have to take a big loss and boy you are taken it now.
    I couldn’t watch one whole show as the people are boring and their inexperience shows.
    Until you bring back Rick Dale and his people I will not be wasting my time being bored.

  146. Trouble is Rick and his family were short of IQ and the whole show got really stupid at times. That’s the truth. I liked Rick in the beginning but it all got to be a bit too much and my husband and I prefer the new series. Sorry, but the fake tans, the tattoos, the outfits and silly stunts were tiresome. Also, the talking was all fake – script reading which just didn’t sound right. We prefer the new guys, much!

  147. Darn dingbat they were to drop Rick and his crew. Maybe the other shows too had decent viewer ship ratings ,but AR /KoR had left a kind of longing of the products from Good ‘ol America, it bought back the pride. Bring’em back pardner!

  148. Please bring Rick Dale back. I loved that show. There was nothing else like it on TV.

  149. Richard bauer

    Since thearly new concept and season 7 started I have watched 3 Partial episodes. Each time i have started ftom the begonninh of the episode and tried to watch the entire episode but they just aren’t entertaining like the previous season that had Ricks Restoration on it. They are HORRIBLE, thet are BORING and aren’t worth my precious DVR space to be frank! Wish they would bring the old style show back with Rick and I would set my dvr to once again record and keep each episode for the maximum time my dvr wI’ll allow. I think the history channel really screwed up on this one. Not sure if I was Rick I would even return if they asked after they did him the way they did, although I’m sure that he wouldn’t want to disappoint his fans so maybe he would. Either way, no Rick dale, no American restoration on my tv!

  150. Vance Taylor

    Please bring back The real “AMERICAN RESTORATION” with the Dale family.
    The replacement series is a joke.

  151. History channel shame on you ! You should fire who ever is in charge of programming or who ever is charge ! You lost a viewer you suck ! Miss you Rick an family I am a dodger fan an was at the game you though out the first pitch and you guys sat at 1st base sideline ! Miss you guys its history channel big mistake , hopefully the asses will wake up and put you guys back on ! Long time fan Gino

  152. How many comments do they need nobody likes the new one. I put it on thinking it was Rick and crew didn’t watch it 5 min. Just found some old episodes I’m watching. Why do they take off the good stuff there is so much crap on now way too many car restorations. Boring

  153. Russell Davis

    I miss Rick’s show especially all his awesome crew that helped him. Please please bring his show back on the history channel.

  154. I think this is a very bad idea, largely because there was nothing wrong with the show and he has a pretty big following. Good luck, however I would like to see Rick come back.

  155. adarsh daiwik

    Iam watching Ur every episode Rick bro..iam from India city of Bangalore…. Super show…

  156. Have not watched since Rick and crew left. New garages are not interesting. Rick also had “how to” segment that was informative.

  157. William Lawmorie

    Why mess with something that was so good, will not watch new shows boring

  158. Robert Hathaway

    Even Pawn stars isn’t as good without Danny & Rick on it.!!

  159. Please respect your audience as their the people that cause you to make money,BRING BACK THE WINNER RICK DALE AND CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. I am from India and I watch kings of restoration ..I love the show because of Rick and his team..their commitment, passion and efforts they take to restore the things..and also his dealing with customer is very nice…here the new show is not broadcasted yet..after reading this I am sad that they are not in new series.. 🙁

  161. Well after watching the new show that is it for me sad as it is cars were never the thing i loved about the show , why they would kill such a good show is beyond me still I have the old shows to look at I hope rick can reboot his business and if so I will make the Trip out there for a look around
    good luck to rick and his extended family

  162. Richard Jacobson, M.D.

    Miss Rick and cast and crew and the show.

    My father created one of the first companies manufacturing Popcorn machines and related equipment, The Krispy Kist Company, Chicago, IL., and I grew up around the machine shop where the machines were fabricated and appreciate fine handiwork shown in Ricks shop.

    I’d love to see the show back on.

  163. Just about every Rick Dale Episode was a 10. The replacement cast is consistently less than a 5

  164. I think the new show sucks… the show should really have been called Rick’s Restoration not American Restoration…

    I have not watched The History Channel since…

  165. Hi I am from Adelaide Australia I love this show, why would you axe a winning formulae. Rick Dale looks to me like an ordinary working class man I can relate to, who’s got up and made him and his family into international stars

  166. hello rick dale i have a question about rust what method do you use to remove rust i have a wheel barrow has alot of rust aaron

  167. M. Beaucage

    Bring back Rick and his team! They are the reason the show had success and will continue to have success. Producers made a big mistake changing concept. Rick and his team ooze passion in all the projects they do and are fun to watch. That just can’t be replaced. I won’t watch the show until Rick and his team are put back into the show they helped to create & make popular.



  169. New show is not even close. Rick Dale has so much personality in his shop. Makes the show quite interesting.

  170. New show is not even close. Rick Dale has so much personality in his shop. Makes the show quite interesting.

  171. Jesse Mahan

    Really miss this show, just don’t understand why they took it off the air.

  172. I miss him to. It’s the personalities of the people on the show that makes it.
    I won’t even watch the new ones, it’s not the same.

  173. Kathy Sutphin

    We want Rick back & all his team! American Restoration is awesome & it’s always as much joy to me as it is Rick’s clients to see the restored item & to watch the progress.

  174. Hate your new shows. Bring back rick what the hell you were thinking stoped whaching your Chanel.

  175. Bring Back Rick Dale.

  176. I do not like the new AR. The title belongs to Rick dale and his crew. I miss his show, when Rick did American Restoration, it was my favorite show. Now it’s boring. Please bring ricks Restoration back.

  177. david brightwell

    Don’t like new show I won’t be watching Pricks

  178. Donald Bliss

    I thought Rick’s show was one of the best if not the best show on, and I was very upset and never knew why is was not on anymore. I don’t care for the other shows that you don’t see all the time anyway. I am very disappointed in The History Channel

  179. Sally Smith

    I don’t think any of the new shows can hold a candle to Rick Dale’s Restoration program. Not only is it mind blowing to see what he and his crew can accomplish, but the show is educaional as well. Not to mention Rick is a fox!
    S. Smith, Annapolis, Md

  180. Bring back the original Rick’s Restoration. You blew it History Channel. Please, Please, PLEASE BRING BACK RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Gary Gliboff

    There is no substitution for the original. The copycats does not make it. I bought into because of rick and family. It’s a niche reality show… cars can go into thousands of directions. American pickers is a personalized road show. Pawn stars is personalities which is what American restoration represents. If you canceled the original series because of ratings that is business, bringing back a substitute is the meaning of insanity. Do the same show over again expecting a different ending. It seems I don’t see them on the air so there is the end results.
    If I had the money I would produce it. A limited run would definitely would make money to curiosity viewers added with there fan
    I might even team them up again with American pickers. Have them go through stock of pawnshop store to utilize dead stock and bring back to life.

  182. I truly miss Rick Dale and his crew..The work that they do is awesome and I think history channel made a dumb mistake in not bringing the show back in its original format .. trying to jump around the country at four or five different restoration shops just did not work .. HISTORY CHANNEL
    are you listening ..??..the people want American restoration along with Rick Dale .. And his crew back on the air !!!

  183. L C Bradford

    I loved the show with Rick Dale. When they dropped him, I quit watching. If they bring back Rick and the crew, I’ll start watching again.

  184. M O'Donnell

    New format SUCKS stopped watching, when rick returns so will I and many others who used to watch Ricks restoration. Whoever thought up this new format needs to find a new profession !

  185. Hello my dear sir…
    I m sam from indian..
    I have 200 very old coin.i want to sell plz contect my whatup no.9411292786/

  186. I actually thought your company was on a professional level with q and a and fact finders, if you thought that the new show even compares to the show with rick dale, it shows how the new generation thinks, no common sense. please bring rick dales shop back ,I and everyone else in the real world misses him and everyone else on the original series.

  187. George Grexa

    Bring the show back. We are still following the family. We never told you we are getting tired of it. We miss the shots of his wife, We are men out here.

    The work they do blows the other shops away,

    I hate it when networks over corrct, someone has a new idea and boomb, heads roll, only to waste a lot of time and money for an inferior product.

    American Restoration was not broken. I know let’s call it……………… Rick’s Restoration…………. after all that is what we really were watching. That’s the world Rick Built.

    Seems like a great hinest cuddly guy that’s honest, friendly and talented. Let’s cancel him.

  188. American Restoration is Rick Dale/Kelly and the crew. Not this garbage they have on now.
    I have watched Rick from day one and love the show and what he can do with projects.
    History channel has lost their minds.

  189. Gregory Rusnock

    history channel screwed up. we want rick back

  190. Don Holmes, Chariton, Ia.

    I still go out of my way to find rerun episodes of American restoration. It was the most down to earth, educational and true to life show on history channel. Isn’t it time that Rick and the cast were brought back? We are ready for it

  191. Richard Watson

    I stumbled on American Restoration on ‘Blaze’ Channel 63 recently and it became for me a must watch program and I was disappointed when I found out it had come to an end. Having spent my working and non working life in similar pursuits I can appreciate the skill and expertise that goes into the wide variety of restorations undertaken. Out of the plethora of similar reality shows it was by far the best and to me the most entertaining. Ricks enthusiasm and warmth towards his staff and customers comes across. Being an elderly Brit I am not usually a fan of American TV finding it somewhat contrived, but I’ve got to say, “BRING BACK RICK” and his crew.

  192. History Channel totally blew it when they fired Rick Dale and his crew and replaced them with these 5 other shops. The motorcycle guy has some passion to him but the others are just plain Jane with out passion at all. Bring back Rick and his crew were American Restoration not these clowns, you replaced them with.American Restoration without Rick Dale is like the Andy Griffith show without Barney Fife, just not the same.

  193. John bowman

    Great show bring it back better than all the other restore ones and you actually get abit if knowledge from it

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