How rich is Paul Brown?

Name: Paul Brown
Born: 1969 (an educated guess)
Occupation: Reality TV star, Business owner

Paul Brown. Photo: Discovery, extract (Fair Use).
Paul Brown. Photo: Discovery, extract (Fair Use).

Paul Brown was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where his parents owned an auction house named Red Baron’s Antiques.  He initially didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of his parents, but after graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in English Literature, he was unable to find a good job.  He worked for a short time at a car wash, but then decided to try what had worked for his parents.  For almost 20 years he worked at his parents’s auction house in Atlanta.  In 2005 he decided to set out on his own and purchased Gallery 63, which is just outside of Atlanta.

Gallery 63 is the location of the reality television show Auction Kings.  The show follows the business dealings of the gallery which has a plethora of crazy and strange items you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.  The show originally debuted on the Discovery Channel on October 26, 2010.  The auction house has experts come in and do appraisals on items coming into the shop.  The show is an off shoot of the popular Discovery Channel show Pawn Stars.  The popularity of the show has dramatically increased traffic at the shop, and Paul has gone from four employees to 10 in the last several years.  The show is now starting it’s fourth season.  From his years in the business and his reality television salary, we estimate Paul Brown to be worth $1,000,000 (GBP 632,831).

So how much is $1 million dollars really?

Well, since Paul is into music and wished he could have been a famous musician, we think he may be able to find some solace in a great vintage guitar.  Paul could buy a vintage Gibson Custom Shop 1959 ES-175 VOS Electric Guitar for only $5,199.  For that price he could afford to buy 192 of them.

But if you’re wishing you made as much as Paul does, just put it into perspective.  Even he could only afford two of the 1936-39 Martin D-45 for about $350,000.

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  2. Serafin Debesa , The Miami Dimensional Artist

    Unfortunately I have not been a lucky artist with Mr Paul Brown all of which he has over 30 of my works . unpaid for . yet he cloaks himself in the darkness of not answering nor communicating with me to return my artworks since the closure of gallery 63 ,

    Mr. Brown Shame on You I would think that you’re net worth is zero .

    I would appreciate you return my works . otherwise I will go to the FBI and report this art theft
    since the works did cross state lines
    sir please govern yourself accordingly .

    signed the [removed by editor]
    November 13 , 2015
    [removed by editor]
    [removed by editor]
    [removed by editor]

  3. Serafin Debesa The Miami dimensional Artist v

    Looks like Gallery 63 is closed for business
    Called Red Baron Antiques in Atlanta Paul’s fathers Place and said he had no information for me
    as to how to get in touch with paul so I could get my over 30 artworks that I left at his gallery 63 last year … still cant get paid nor can I collect my works !
    For a Rich millionaire Wow you should get you’re act together ..
    lets see what happens I might have to create a You tube interview to talk about paul to either get paid or get back my art

    Signed Serafin
    the Miami Dimensional Artist
    756 308 5080 direct cell e mail
    October 2015

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