How rich is Morris “Moe” Prigoff?

Name: Morris “Moe” Prigoff
Born: 1943
Occupation: Reality TV star, Podiatric Surgeon, Business Owner

Morris Moe Prigoff. Photo: A&E, extract (fair use).
Morris Moe Prigoff. Photo: A&E, extract (fair use).

Morris “Moe” Prigoff was born and raised in New York.  He graduated from Syracuse University and went to medical school in Cleveland, Ohio.  He finished his surgical residency in Cleveland as well, at the Cleveland Foot Clinic and Brecksville Veterans Hospital.  He has a teaching appointment at Dallas Southwest Medical Center, and is on the extended faculty for both the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and the Des Moines College of Podiatric Medicine.  He has published numerous papers on surgery in many medical journals over his years in the business.

In addition to his successful medical career, Moe owns two businesses and is a regular on the television show Storage Wars: Texas (Victor Rjesnjansky).  He started in the business by selling classic pieces in Dallas which he collected for over 30 years, and owns an antique store called River Regency Modern located on North Riverfront Blvd. in Dallas, Texas.  He sells both classic furniture and art.  His charming demeanor, outrageous taste in shoes, and quick wit make him a show favorite.  He is often seen working with Mary Padian, who he invited to the auctions during the first season.  Realizing she was in over her head, she teamed up with Moe and they now work the auctions together.  Items that don’t make it to Moe’s shop tend to end up in his backyard, frustrating his wife.

From his many years as a surgeon, his two businesses, and his pay for Storage Wars: Texas, we estimate Moe to be worth $4,000,000 (GBP ).

So how much is $4 million dollars really?

Since Moe has an obvious love of outrageous, loud shoes, he could easily buy some great Stacy Adams ‘Madison’ Oxfords to add to his collection.  At $110 a pair, he could afford to buy 36,363 pairs of them.  Of course, Moe has enough money to go a little bit more in style.  For only $1,500 a pair, he could afford to buy 2,667 pairs of the Testoni Norvegese, and look classy for years to come.

However, if Moe wanted to do right by his wife, he could rent a truck to take away all the unwanted stuff in his backyard.  For about $25 a day he could rent a small U-Haul truck and cart it away himself for 160,000 days in a row.

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