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How rich is Donald Trump?

Name: Donald John Trump, Sr.
Born: 14 June, 1946
Occupation: Real Estate Mogul, Entrepreneur, TV Personality, Author

Donald Trump. Photo: Michele Sandberg.
Donald Trump. Photo: Michele Sandberg.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 1968, Trump began working at his father’s real estate company. A short 3 years later, he took complete control of the company. At that time, he moved the business to Manhattan and changed the company’s name to The Trump Organization.  Trump began undertaking significantly larger real estate projects such as developing the vacant Penn Central yards located on the West Side. Because there was 40 year tax abatement on those properties, Trump immediately began to make money hand over fist. He did have some financial trouble over the years however; his wealth is still intact even during the current recession.

Trump became the executive producer of the TV show, The Apprentice in 2003. The show is a competition where people vie for a high powered position within one of Trump’s many companies and holding. During the first season, Trump was paid 700,000 dollars for the complete season.  Because of the incredible success of the show, Trump now earns a whopping 3 million dollars per episode. That over the top salary makes Trump one of the highest paid television celebrities of all time. A star was placed on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in 2007 honoring Trump’s contribution to the television world.

Trump seems to be a jack of all trades. Every presidential election year since 2000, Trump has talked publicly about running for President of the United States. Thus far, each year he changed his mind and endorsed another potential candidate.  Trump has written many, many books and owns the Miss Universe Organization. With the various ways that Trump makes a living, we estimate his net worth to be 2,900,000,000 dollars.

So, how much is $ 2,900,000,000 really?

Trump is always well dressed and his hands are perfectly manicured. He could have his nails manicured every day for 176,560 days. That is actually 483 years of manicures so; Trump would surely need to have someone take over his nail appointments when he’s gone.  But then he has enough to cover the salary of 76,500 PAs – or to hire one PA for 76,500 years…

Since everybody loves donuts; Trump could liquidate his assets and buy 4,350,000,000 donuts. He could give every person living in the U.S. 14 donuts each. Or, he could help to educate some kids. With his great wealth, he could pay college tuition for four years at a public university for 95,332 students – or send Dan Quayle to colleague for 381,328 years.

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  5. I wonder if the rich people count their blessing, when sooooooo many people struggle daily just to find food and a place to sleep?

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  12. How much of his wealth is in offshore accounts?

  13. It would be much wiser and kinder to help your fellow Americans, brothers and sisters who made the country great through their hard work, pain and suffering for a pittance they received many years ago, with all the billions you had made through using the American people in general to make your billions…pray that you live long enough to repay them through your own luxury and to find jobs, work, money and help those in desperate need of medical assistance and safety….Keep America Alive….Just as those ones did many years ago as they believed in their Country and gave their Lives for it. Give what You have and still enjoy your luxurious content before God and your fellow Americans….THAT YOU, YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR BEST TO THEM ALL…!!!

  14. Thank you president Trump for such a great job like I said before to you I don’t think you would have took this job if you knew how many anti Americans were actually in this country I know it makes your stomach sick as mine and all the other true Americans that stand by you please build the wall and protect us from terrorist coming from all other countries taking advantage of the Mexican people and their country I know it’s not just about the Mexican people you’re a good man again thanks for making America great again and also helping us SSI people I want made a hundred and twenty five thousand a year and now I can’t work anymore and I am having trouble getting a charge for me and my 9 year olds there’s no work for me I’d work in the White House I’d be a right hand man you could trust anything I take a bullet for you sir or your kids or greatest first lady I think we’ve ever had she’s so understanding she’s so professional and she’s so beautiful and you sir are needed by the American people please don’t give up.. I’m from now on use your old strategy hit them back 10 times when they come at you maybe they’ll learn their lesson.. special event Hillary bitch and them losers at CNN Clinton News Network what a joke fake people thanks again sir and you pick the perfect vice president the two realest people we could have run our country I will stand by you till the end God bless you sir and your family and this country you always have a place to stay with me and my family in NJ I’m 10 minutes from your golf course my daughter actually lives on it keep making America great again thank you

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  16. joe you are so full of dog poop! he is nothing but a con man. I don’t even believe you are a real American. you are probably a Russian toll.

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