How rich is Nicole Ritchie?

Name: Nicole Camille Escovedo aka Nicole Ritchie
Born: 21 September 1981
Occupation: Socialite, Actress, Reality TV star, Fashion designer, Author

Nicole Ritchie. Photo: Featureflash / Shutterstock.
Nicole Ritchie at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood. Photo: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Nicole Ritchie was born to a Karen, an assistant for Lionel Ritchie, and her biological father is said to be Peter Escovedo, a musician who played with Ritchie, although this has not been confirmed.  When Nicole was only three years old, she moved in with the Ritchie family as her own family was having financial problems.  Being a more stable environment, she continued to live there and was adopted by Lionel and his wife when Nicole was only nine.  Not long after being adopted Lionel and his wife began divorce proceedings.  Feeling guilty about breaking up Nicole’s home, they began to indulge her, which may have contributed to her wild ways as a teenager.

Growing up she went to Buckley School where she became friends with Paris Hilton, who she would co-star with in the reality show, The Simple Life.  The show was based on the two wealthy socialites living like average people and doing sometimes menial work.  It began in 2003 and aired for five years, having a steady following.

Nicole has also penned two books, both fictional, although much of the material seems to be based on her own life.  In addition to writing, Nicole has become a popular designer, starting with jewelry and expanding to clothing, shoes, and sunglasses.  Her designs have captured the attention of both fashion critics and fans.  From her varied work in different areas, we estimate Nicole to be worth $5,000,000 (GBP 3,194,800).

So how much is $5 million dollars really?

Since Nicole married Joel Madden of Good Charlotte in 2010 and she’s the daughter of Lionel Ritchie, music is definitely in her life.  She may want to buy her two children a miniature baby grand piano to get them started off.  For only $149 she could buy 33,557 Schoenhut 30 Key Classic Baby Grand Pianos.  But maybe she’d want something with a little more teeth to it.  For only $90,000 she could purchase a Sauter piano.  With $5 million she could buy 55 of them.

If you’re feeling a bit jealous of her wealth though, just remember, the piano John Lennon wrote “Imagine” on was sold for $2.1 million dollars, so even Nicole’s money could only buy two of those (if there were two)…only two.  Kind of makes her seem not so rich.

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