How rich is Allen Haff?

Name: Allen Lee Haff
Born: 15 October 1969
Occupation: Reality TV star

Allen Haff. Photo: SpikeTV, extract (fair use).
Allen Haff. Photo: SpikeTV, extract (fair use).

Allen Haff was born and raised in Adrian, Michigan to an antique collector and dealer.  Learning from his father, he managed to put himself through college by buying and selling.  After graduation he decided to move south and wound up in Texas.  At only 24 years of age, he owned an antique dealership in Houston, Texas.   Allen also had a store on eBay that sold old collectibles.  He decided to move and ended up in California.

In California, primarily Los Angeles, he began buying and selling antiques again, this time searching estate sales, thrift stores, and storage units.  His many years in the business proved to be key when he was approached by Style Network to be the Clean House show.  His knowledge and personality helped the show to become the networks highest rated program.  He also did appearances on My House is Worth What? and The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, among others.  Although he reached modest success on television he decided to continue with his resale business.  In 2008 he started the company Hollywood & Vintage, which specializes in vintage collectibles and movie memorabilia.

Haff was eventually approached by Spike TV for their new show Auction Hunters, which first aired in November of 2010.  The show has a considerable following and is entering it’s fourth season.  From his 20 years of experience in the business to the television shows he’s been on to the current running Auction Hunters, we estimate Allen Haff to be worth $1,200,000 (GBP 765,965).

So how much is $1.2 million dollars really?

We can only assume that with all of those transactions Allen’s making he needs to somehow keep track of what’s going on.  He could purchase some generic #2 pencils to keep track and he could get 10 on sale for $1, giving him 12,000,000 pencils.  But then he’d need some paper as well.  So maybe he’d rather just invest it in more antiques.

But if you’re thinking he’s got a lot of money for just buying and reselling stuff, think about it this way – even Allen doesn’t have enough money to buy the world’s most expensive table.  At a price tag of $4.6 million dollars for the Tufft Rococo Table, Allen might just have to work another 80 years to get it.

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