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How rich is Jennifer Aniston?

Name: Jennifer Joanna Aniston
Born: 11 February, 1969
Occupation: Actress. Film Director, Film Producer

Jennifer Aniston at the He's Just Not That Into You premiere. Photo: Angela George
Jennifer Aniston at the He’s Just Not That Into You premiere. Photo: Angela George.

Jennifer Aniston worked on numerous and quickly cancelled television series such as Molloy, Quantum Leap, Herman’s Head and Burkes Law before landing a role on the series “Friends”.  She played the character of Rachel Green from 1994 through 2004 in 236 episodes of the hit show. Aniston earned 1 million dollars per episode for the last few seasons making her highest paid television actress of all time. She is even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Aniston has also made quite a name for herself on the silver screen. Her first major hit in cinemas was “Bruce Almighty”. She starred alongside Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman in the very successful, romantic comedy film. Jennifer Aniston has seen continued movie success with a variety of films. In 2004, she starred with Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly”. After the movie “The Break-Up” with Vincent Vaughn, Aniston starred in the blockbuster hit “Marley and Me’. Both she and her co-star, Owen Wilson received great accolades for their performances in the 2008 film. “Marley and Me” was the number 1 hit in the box offices for two weeks straight. Worldwide, the movie grossed $242,717,113.

Later, Jennifer Aniston starred in a number of movies such as “He’s Just Not That into You” by Drew Barrymore, “Just Go with It”, “The Switch” and “Wanderlust” Aniston has appeared in several music videos including one for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. She also gains some income from the sale of her own perfume brand called Jennifer Aniston as well as for doing commercials, instructional videos and from her own film company called “Echo Films”. Aniston’s estimated net worth is an incredible 120 million dollars.

So, how much is 120 million dollars?

If Aniston wanted to help out a few school districts with their transportation problems, she could buy 1,600 school busses. Considering that each bus has 48 seats, those busses could transport 76,800 kids at a time to their schools.

Aniston could help the education system in another way as well. She could pay the salaries of 2,599 teachers for an entire year. Or, she could buy 27,972,028 boxes of Frosted Flakes cereal and pig out.

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