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How rich is Bill Nighy?

Name: William Francis Nighy aka Bill Nighy
Born: 12 December 1949
Occupation: Actor

Bill Nighy. Photo: Franz Richte.
Bill Nighy at the Valkyrie Premiere in Berlin. Photo: Franz Richte.

Bill was born to Catherine, a psychiatric nurse and Alfred, the manager of a car garage.  He was the youngest of three children and was brought up in the Roman Catholic church.  From a young age Bill was interested in acting and was a part of his grammar school’s theatre group.  He later went to Guildford School of Dance and Drama.  He began his career on stage and worked at Everyman Theatre in Liverpool.  Shortly after, he went on stage in London and eventually made the switch to television and radio, notably on The Men’s Room.

In 1981 he got his first taste at film as Squadron Leader Blenkinsop in Eye of the Needle.  He would later appear in such movies as Curse of the Pink Panther, Hitler’s SS: Portrait of Evil, Still Crazy, AKA, and Love Actually.  Playing Billy Mack in Love Actually got him nominated for over seven awards, of which he won five.  The movie was a big success and made over $246,942,000 worldwide.

Nighy went on to do more mainstream roles in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Valkyrie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Wrath of the Titans.  He has also done voice work in films such as Rango and Arthur Christmas.  He has won numerous awards such as Golden Globes, Satellite Awards, BAFTA Awards, and British Academy Television Awards.

From his many years in the business on stage, on radio, on television, and in films, we estimate Bill Nighy to be worth $14,000,000 (GBP 10,700,000).

So how much is $14 million dollars really?

Bill Nighy has a thing for blue suits, suits so dark they almost look black.  With his sharp appearance we think he may need to invest in more, to keep looking good.  He could buy a traditional men’s suit from Joseph A. Banks for $275.  Actually, he could afford 50,909 of them.  Or, seeing as how he’s acting with some pretty big names these days, he may want to invest in something a bit more…elegant.  He could purchase an ‘experience’ from Frosdick of London.  The price tag of $1,000,000 does include a few things, such as 14 suits (because one would never be enough), 28 tailored dress shirts, 28 custom silk ties, and 14 pairs of shoes.  Oh, and they also throw in a luxury car to match.  Not bad, considering he’d still have a cool $13 million left over.


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