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How rich is Bubba Smith? (Storage Wars: Texas)

Name: Clinton “Bubba” Smith
Born: unknown
Occupation: Reality TV star

Bubba Smith of Storage Wars: Texas on A&E, Photo: A&E (extract, fair use)
Bubba Smith of Storage Wars: Texas on A&E, Photo A&E (extract, fair use)

Bubba Smith grew up in Killeen, Texas, is the nephew of Ricky Smith, and he’s a member of the cast of Storage Wars: Texas.

Bubba originally took more traditional work, but decided working in a traditional setting wasn’t for him. He then went to work with his uncle, Ricky Smith, who taught him how to buy storage units that are being auctioned and resell the items inside for a profit. Although his uncle has over 40 years in the business, Bubba is able to bring knowledge about new technology to the table. Along with his uncle, they own a warehouse they sell the goods out of, called Cloud’s Warehouse, in Lampasas, Texas.

The one problem Bubba has is that he’s claustrophobic, and getting into small storage units can cause him some problems. As he and his uncle are both big men, they are able to clear out lockers by themselves without any help.

Bubba enjoys art work and hopes to one day have his own art gallery. He frequents museums and galleries and is always happy when finding artwork in a storage unit they’ve bought. From his work buying and reselling, in addition to his payment for being on the reality television show, we estimate Bubba Smith to be worth $500,000 (GBP 1,265,662).

So how much is $500 thousand dollars really?

Let’s just say that Bubba could buy a lot of things with his money, but since he and his uncle drive a lot and put that truck of theirs to use, it may be wise for him to invest in a new one sometime soon. He could buy a Ford F-150 XLT to help them haul away all of their great finds. For $29,050 he could purchase 17 of them and never have to worry about one breaking down or not having enough room to haul away their goods. Or, if he gets really serious about buying, he could always invest in a semi truck. For his money, he could purchase four of them and buy to his heart’s content.


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  1. 500,000 dollars ain’t 1.2 million gbp

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