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How rich is Jason Bateman?

Name: Jason Kent Bateman
Date of Birth: January 14, 1969
Profession: Actor

Jason Bateman, Photo: Alan Light
Jason Bateman, Photo: Alan Light

If you were a fan of 80’s sitcoms, then you likely remember Jason Bateman. He’s come a long way in his acting career since then and has been in a variety of movies that show his range of acting skills, which include drama and comedy. It’s no wonder that he’s won several awards over the years. Two of his recent popular films are Horrible Bosses and Couples Retreat. His most recent film is a comedy called Identity Thief.

Acting is a family affair for Jason Bateman. His sister, Justine, played on an 80’s sitcom called Family Ties. She has also been in a variety of movies and television shows over the years. He grew up in New York and his father was also an actor. His mother was a flight attendant. The family also lived in Salt Lake City and California while he was growing up. The first role that Jason Bateman had was in the popular Little House on the Prairie.

He has talked openly about issues with his parents, and why he cut off from his dad at the age of 20. Until that time, his father was his manager. He has also been open about drug related issues in the 1990’s. He has been married to Amanda Anka, daughter of Paul Anka, since 2001. They have 2 daughters.

Arc of Hope for Children is one of the many charitable organizations that Jason Bateman is a part of. He is also active with March of Dimes and Feed the Children. He has also been a spokesman for the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes in order to raise awareness and funding for the cause.

Many are surprised to learn that even after being in the world of acting for more than 30 years, Jason Bateman is only worth $12 million. That is significantly less than many other actors with less in their portfolio. Bateman has stated that the money he and his sister earned in the 80’s was spent by their parents. He has also stated that he picks films for the roles and not for the money they pay.

How much is $12 Million Really?

There is plenty that Jason Bateman could do with $12 million. Since he has a passion for race cars, he could certainly head in that direction. It costs $3 million to $4 million for a top performing car. You need at least 2 of them in case one gets damaged or has technical difficulties. Add in another $1 million a year too for the cost of crews, mechanics, and repairs. With the remaining $3 million, he could afford to build his own race track. That would be easier to do than to try to get into the NASCAR circuit!


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