How rich is Chris Pontius?

Name: Christopher “Chris” Andrew Pontius
Born: 16 July 1974
Occupation: Stuntman, Comedian, TV Personality


Chris Pontius. Photo: Joe Seer /
Chris Pontius. Photo: Joe Seer /

Chris Pontius grew up in San Luis Obispo, California. He was featured in the Big Brother magazine as a skateboarder and later as a writer. He worked for the magazine and several other odd jobs before joining the crew of Jackass in 2000, most of who were associated somehow through the magazine. The show was an immediate hit, but only lasted for two seasons. When the show ended Pontius teamed up with Steve-O, also from Jackass to start a new show called Wildboyz. The premise of the show was to perform acts and stunts while simultaneously educating the audience. The show lasted for four seasons.

Chris later starred in all of the Jackass movies with the original crew, and was always easy to spot from his lack of attire. He was frequently shown wearing only a belt and headband or a male thong.

Chris also had several acting parts in other movies such as Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, What We Do is Secret, and Somewhere. He has appeared on television shows such as Totally Busted and RaisingHope. Chris also did voice work for the video game Jackass: The Game.

We estimate Chris Pontius to be worth $12,000,000 (GBP 7,593,975).

So how much is $12 million dollars really?

Since male thongs are a large part of Chris’ attire, he could always buy more, a lot more. With $12 million dollars he could purchase 600,000 of them and have a different one for, well, the rest of his life. Something tells us he will have no problem wearing them into his old age. On the other hand, Chris could also buy headbands. For his money he could get over 4,013,000. He just couldn’t afford both.

Even though Chris has a lot of fans, we’re thinking some of them may prefer he actually try out some clothes. For his money he could buy over 153,000 sets of jeans and regular t-shirts, bringing him to the likes of…respectable. But after all, being respectable wasn’t what made him money in the first place.


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