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How rich is Mark Wahlberg?

Name: Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg
Born: June 05, 1971
Occupation: Musician, actor, producer

Mark Wahlberg at the 2012 Contraband Premiere, Photo: Eva Rinaldi
Mark Wahlberg at the 2012 Contraband Premiere, Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Known as Marky Mark, his musical career began in the early 1990’s. it is often stated that he was in New Kids on the Block, and he was. Some think only his brother Donnie was, but Mark was an original member. His acting career took off in the mid 1990’s in roles including Fear and Boogie Nights. His role in Rock Star in 2001 with Jennifer Anniston helped him to get recognized by movie and music fans alike.

In 2012, he was in the highly acclaimed film Ted. While some of it was controversial, it did very well at the box office. He has some upcoming movies that are action packed and pair him with some great actors and actresses. In 2012, he signed contracts to be in Transformers 4.

Mark Wahlberg was born in Boston and he is the youngest of 9 children. His father was a truck driver and his mother was a nurse. His life got off to a rocky start, with an addiction to cocaine by the time he was 13 years old. He was also involved in some racial fights and attacks when he was 16. He has stated even in recent years that he did things as a youth that he isn’t proud of. With several of his brothers as well as his sister serving prison time, he didn’t want to go down that path. He left his gang and has done all he can to live his life on the right path.

He has been romantically involved with model Rhea Durham since 2001 and they have been married since 2009. They have four children. He also established the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation in 2001. The organization offers education, financial assistance, and programs for at risk youth. He is also active with a program that helps homeless families called The Good Shepherd Center. Currently, he is believed to be worth around $150 million.

So how much is $150 million dollars really?
With a busy career and family, Mark Wahlberg needs to be able to get from point A to point B at the speed of light. With the Gulfstream 1159A Turbojet, he would be able to get to any destination in no time at all. The price tag for such a jet is $37 million. Since he is both into music and motorcycles, some fun items for him would be perfect. For $3 million he could buy the golden guitar used by Prince. The Avalanche Chopper is a very rare motorcycle worth about $25 million and he would be able to buy four of them.


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