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How rich is Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty?

Name: Willie Jesse Robertson
Born: April 22, 1972
Occupation: Entrepreneur, duck hunter, reality show celeb

Willie Robertson, Photo A&E (extract, fair use)
Willie Robertson, Photo A&E (extract, fair use)

Willie Robertson is part of the Robertson family that is depicted on the reality TV show Duck Dynasty. Along with his father, brothers and uncle, the men of the Robertson family are well known for their rugged looks including their very long beards. Willie is the workaholic of the family and that tends to create some temper flares, but just as many laughs on the reality TV show. He enjoys his family but often says that working with them can give him a headache.

He is one of the owners of Duck Commander which is located in West Monroe, Louisiana. The company is best known for their duck calls. The business is a family-owned and run business and has done very well since its humble beginnings 25 years ago in a shed.

Willie serves as the current CEO of Duck Commander. He has a business degree and it was his idea to take the business from a small scale operation to one that would be known worldwide. He credits his mom with helping him to develop his business skills. As a child, he sold fish with her at the local market. It was there he learned about negotiating prices and working closely with customers. He jokingly refers to himself as the redneck millionaire!

Willie has a kind heart and often donates money to help children be able to enjoy hunting along with supporting Christian youth camps. He feels that when they have the passion from an early age they will be eager to pursue such adventures as they get older. He doesn’t get involved in the animal rights groups that object to his hunting, he respects their feelings on the issue and leaves it at that.

So how much is $20 million dollars really?

Though Willie already owns a mansion, you would expect him to really feel more at home buying land where he could build a nice cabin. With that kind of money he could easily buy about 2/5 of the State of Louisiana due to low property values around the swamps and marshes. Yet for Willie it would be perfect due to the ducks coming to the area. Of course, with his love of hunting, Willie could also afford quite a fair share of guns and bows.

*Edit: This article, originally published in June of 2013, reflected Willie’s net worth as $10 million. We updated this article on April 22, 2014 to reflect his new net worth of $20 million. Go Willie, go!


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