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How rich is John Terry?

Name; John George Terry
Born: 7 December, 1980
Occupation: Professional Footballer

John Terry.  Even weaking up is good if you're filthy rich.
John Terry. Even weaking up is good if you’re filthy rich.

Terry debuted with Chelsea in October of 1998. He was a substitute the League Cup. Later that season, he started in the third round FA Cup match where Chelsea won 2-0 over Oldham Athletic. Terry was lent to Nottingham Forest in 2000 so that he could gain more experience. The 2000-2001 season proved to be a successful one for Terry. He started 23 times and earned the title of Player of the Year for the club. His success continued in the 2001-2002 season. When the Captain retired in 2004, Terry was chosen to be the team’s Captain.

The 2004-2005 season brought Chelsea the Premier League title. The team had the best defensive record in the history of the Football League. Terry again was given the Player of the Year award as well as given the Best Defender Award in the Champions League. Chelsea successfully defended their Premier League title during the 2005-2006 season. Due to several injuries, Terry didn’t return to play again until May of 2007, when Chelsea won the FA Cup.

Terry signed a new contract with Chelsea at the end of the 2006-2007 season. This made him the Premier League’s highest paid player at the time. In August of 2008, Terry won the Defender of the Year award. He set a club record in 2011 by captaining his team for the 400th time.

We estimate John Terry’s fortune to be approximately 40 million dollars. He earns about 12.5 million dollars each year from playing football and doing various endorsements and commercials.

So, how much is 40 million dollars?

If John Terry decided to spend every penny that he has, he might decide to take a luxury cruise on the Queen Elizabeth. Considering the best Queen’s Suite costs 4,199 dollars for 12 days of accommodations, he could take 9,426 trips. However this would take 114,312 days or 313 years, so he would have to leave some of his tickets to someone in his will.

Terry could also opt to add vitamin C to his diet by purchasing 10,025,062 gallons of orange juice. Or, he could buy 800,160 dozen roses and give 9,601,920 people each a rose.

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