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How rich is Colin Farrell?

Name: Colin James Farrell
Date of Birth: May 31, 1976
Profession: Actor

Colin Farrell, Photo: gdcgraphics
Colin Farrell, Photo: gdcgraphics

While the actor Colin Farrell is well known today, he was a struggling actor back in 2000. His big break came when auditioning for Tigerland when he was immediately cast. It didn’t take long for a long string of great movies to be offered to him since then. Among them are Phone Booth and Cassandra’s Dream. Remakes are something he likes too and was successful with Fright Night in 2011 and Total Recall in 2012.

Colin Farrell was born in Ireland. His father played football and his mother operated a health food store. He has a brother and two sisters. The family moved to Dublin when he was 10 years old. After high school, he briefly attended the Gaiety School of Acting. He quit the school when he got a role in a British TV drama.

Charity work has been a big part of Colin Farrell’s contributions. In 2005, the actor went into rehab for a drug addiction. Since that time, he has been active in helping to promote programs for drug users. Since 2007 he has been a spokesman for the Special Olympics World Games. It is believed his work with the organization stems from some developmental problems one of his children has.

He has been very involved both financially and with offering educational information regarding human trafficking. Many of the charity organizations he is a part of focus on children and youth. The goal is to help prevent them from negative experiences and to offer them support and a chance for a better life if they have been involved in anything negative.

Sex appeal is definitely something that Colin Farrell has going for him. He has been listed in the top 50 Beautiful People and even dated Angelina Jolie for a time. He was also a very close personal friend of the late actress, Elizabeth Taylor. The top movie critics also love him which has made it possible for him to take on a variety of roles. His worth at this time is around $30 million.

How much is $30 Million Really?

Colin Farrell is well known for his passion of rare coins, and he could definitely buy a great deal of them with $30 million. He is rumored to have a remarkable collection that he enjoys. One could imagine him sitting home alone, surrounded with his riches like a pirate – with that gorgeous smile on his face of course!

Some of the rarest coins out there though can cost $1 million or more themselves. For example, a 1792 half dime is selling for about $1.5 million each. He could start his collection out with 10 of them.

The quality though and not the quantity of such a collection would surely be the focus. With the tough economy, some collectors are selling their coins for less than they should, and that could result in a larger collection developing.



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