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How rich is Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty?

Name: Phillip Robertson
Born: April 24, 1946
Occupation: Entrepreneur, duck hunter

Phil Robertson, Photo: A&E (extract, fair use)

Phil Robertson is the head honcho of the Duck Commander team. Forty years ago, Phil started the legacy that would become Duck Dynasty. His son Willie took things to the next level when he became CEO of the company. Many members of the family are part of the reality TV show that has become such a big hit on A&E.

Many people don’t know about the athletic background of Phil Robertson. In the 1960s, he played football at Louisiana Tech University. How good was he? Well, we played ahead of the very famous NFL player Terry Bradshaw! Robertson was drafted in the NFL but turned down the opportunity because it interfered with duck hunting season. Now that is a man that is passionate about his hunting like no other!

Robertson chose to stay in Louisiana and he married his high school girlfriend, Miss Kay. They have four children together, all boys. During the filming of Duck Dynasty, Phil and his sons grow out their beards until the season is over.

The Duck Commander business has been around for more than 40 years. It creates a variety of products that duck hunters use to make hunting easier. The highest selling product is a duck call called Duck Commander that was created by Phil. He created it in 1973 and it is still considered to be the most reliable duck call to use.

Phil isn’t a fan of technology and refuses to use a cell phone or a computer. He doesn’t have a computer in his home. He discourages his grandchildren from such gadgets, stating it will turn them into yuppies.

So how much is $15 million dollars really?

Phil is such a simple guy that it’s hard to think about spending $5 million if you aren’t interested in technology and other types of luxuries. He does like camo patterns and with his budget he would be able to afford a Realtree Camo Tie that comes with a $59 price tag, actually he can buy 254,237 of these (originally he could buy 80,000 with his earlier $5m net worth). But, let’s face it. Phil is not the tie wearing type. With his love of football, he could build a great stadium for $15 million and get a huge return on the investment. As the owner, he could even plan the schedule to make sure it wouldn’t interfere with duck hunting!

EDIT 12/19/13: Read about Phil’s suspension from A&E here!

EDIT: A&E lifted the Phil Robertson ban by the end of December 2013.

EDIT: 4/22/14: Phil Robertson’s net worth has been updated from $5 million to $15 million!


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