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How rich is Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty?

Name: Silas Robertson
Born: April 27, 1948
Occupation: Entrepreneur, duck hunter

Si Robertson: Photo: A&E (extract, fair use)
Si Robertson: Photo: A&E (extract, fair use)

Silas Robertson is the brother of Philip Robertson, owner of Duck Commander and part of the reality TV show called Duck Dynasty. They operate their business with the help of Willie, one of Phil’s sons. The family is known for their outdoor appearance including long beards, for living off the land, and for being unique in their methods.

Si is a veteran of the Vietnam War, and he has a wealth of stories and information to share, though some of his stories are a bit farfetched. Many people wonder why he always has a blue cup with him on the reality TV show. That cup is very special to him as his mother sent it to him while he was in Vietnam. He retired from the military in 1993 and has been involved with the Duck Commander business every sense.

There is a survival instinct that is seen in Si and that makes him a huge asset when it comes to hunting. He can handle the elements, find his way around, and survive in ways that others would never dream about. This certainly makes him a very interesting character to watch on Duck Dynasty.

The Duck Commander business has grown significantly since it began more than 40 years ago in a shed. Today, it is one of the biggest and best suppliers of products for those that enjoy duck hunting. Si, like the rest of his family, is an avid duck hunter. The family not only makes these products, but use them. The main responsibility of Si in the business is to make the reeds that go into the duck calls.

So how much is $2 million dollars really?

While $2 million may not be a great deal of money compared to other celebrities, Si is just fine with it. He loves adventure and he loves to hunt. A good hunting trip that takes him to exotic places can cost more than $50,000. He could afford to go on 40 different trips to various countries and to hunt for different animals. These trips could range in length from several weeks to several months so it would keep him busy for quite a few years doing something that would keep a smile on his face day after day! Oh yes, with $2 million he could also purchase 11,000 pieces of the most expensive duck calls from Duck Commander’s Cold Blood Series.


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