How rich is Stephenie Meyer?

Name: Stephenie Meyer
Born: December 29th, 1973
Occupation: Author

Stephenie Meyer, Photo: Tom Sorensen
Stephenie Meyer, Photo: Tom Sorensen

Stephenie Meyer was born in Connecticut and raised in various areas of Arizona. She went to college at Brigham Young University. Her education was in office work and she did various reception work with writing as a passion on the side. She was encouraged to send her book to publishing companies after her sister read and fell in love with what later became Chapter 13 of the Twilight.

Stephenie Meyer is known around the world for the Twilight Saga and the movies that they inspired. According to the author, the story came to her in a dream and she put pen to paper and worked passionately to make it a masterpiece. She was very surprised at the huge reception to it and the phenomenal craze it has created. Over 100 million copies of the books have been sold. Ironically, she sent it out to 15 publishers and 9 rejected it, five never answered her, and only one accepted it! Now, we can’t imagine a world without Team Jacob vs. Team Edward!

In 2011, Meyer created her own movie company called Fickle Fish Films. This is the company that produced Breaking Dawn (part I and part II). There are many other films that she plans to back and to produce with this company name. She has three boys with her husband Christian who she married in 1994. The couple has known each other since they were children.

She continues to write for fun and for the encouragement that her audience has brought to her attention. She has handled criticism from the media as well as from some high level authors about her writing style. She says as long as she is proud of what she presents, her fans enjoy it, and she can care for her family then she isn’t going to worry about the rest. She spends plenty of time talking to young girls to inspire them to follow their dreams and to listen to their inner voice.

So how much is $170 million dollars really?

If there really are vampires out there, they aren’t going to be too happy with Meyer for putting the spotlight on them. Especially the bad vampires that are out for vengeance and want to be able to remain in the dark shadows. There are vampire slayer kits from the 19th century that she may want to spend her money on. After all, money isn’t going to be something that you can use to negotiate with a deadly vampire! These kits cost about $150,000 each so she would be able to purchase just over 1132 of them!



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