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How Rich Is Katy Perry?

Name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (aka Katy Perry)
Born: 25 October, 1984
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Musician

Katy Perry - so rich flowers grow on her. Photo: Nikotransmission.
Katy Perry – so rich flowers grow on her. Photo: Nikotransmission.

Katy Perry recorded 2 albums, one of which was never released before she signed with Capitol Records in 2007. Capitol Records was the fourth label that represented her early on in her career. At that time, she began to use the stage name of Katy Perry.

In 2008, three top teen Billboard hits came from Perry’s first mainstream album called “One of the Boys”. They were “I Kissed a Girl”, “Hot n Cold” and “Waking Up in Vegas”.  The “Hello Katy” tour supported the hit album.

Perry’s album “Teenage Dream” was released in 2010. It quickly soared to the top of Billboard 200’s charts. The album had 5 number one singles, “California Gurls”, Teenage Dream”, “Firework”, “E.T.” and “Last Friday Night”. The only other album to produce that many number one singles was Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album.  The “California Dreams” tour supported the album and grossed 60 million dollars. The album was re-released in March of 2012 under the name of “Teenage Dream: the Complete Confection” and already has a number one single, “Part of Me”.

For 69 continuous weeks, Katy Perry’s music has been on the Top Ten of Billboard’s top 100 lists. She’s sold over 37 million tracks of digital music as well as about 11 million albums all over the world. In 2011 alone, Perry raked in a whopping 44 million dollars with her music. We estimate her net worth to be right around 55 million dollars. However, since her recent split with Russell Brand, Perry might have to lose half of her wealth due to the lack of having a pre-nuptial agreement.

So, how much is 55 million dollars?

If Katy Perry wanted to be generous and give away her fortune, she could give each resident of the U.S. Virgin Islands $516.89. She would still have enough left over to fly there and deliver the cash herself.

Perry could always go out to one of the many Los Angeles nightclubs and buy 10 million Bahama Mamas. In the event that she wanted to listen to some music, she could purchase 2,751,375 CDs.

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