How rich is Charlaine Harris?

Name: Charlaine Harris
Born: November 25, 1951
Occupation: Author

Charlaine Harris, Photo: OmahaStars
Charlaine Harris, Photo: OmahaStars

 When it comes to writing mysteries, very few can compare to the work of Charlaine Harris. She has written mysteries for over 30 years, and can still draw in an audience like no other. She was born and raised in the Mississippi area and today lives in Arkansas with her husband and their three children.

Harris always had a love and appreciation for books. Her early writing was poetry and short stories. When she was a teenager, she began writing about ghosts and wrote plays while attending college. The Southern Vampire Mystery novels are what she is the most well-known for and her top selling books. If you’re a fan of the popular True Blood TV series on HBO, she is one of the main writers for those episodes. True Blood is based on her popular Sookie Stackhouse series.

Many people don’t know about her other passions and activities. She used to be very involved with weightlifting and karate. Both of these elements have found their way into plenty of her books. She is currently a member of Mystery Writers of America and the American Crime Writers League.

Harris has been honored with many types of awards over the years. She has been recognized as one of the best female authors and an inspiration to other writers. Her worth is approximately $110 million.

 So how much is $110 million dollars really?

 Harris has always been inspired to help other women to become motivated with weightlifting and with karate. Opening up her own locations to offer these services could be a wonderful way to spend her money. Even if she had to invest $8 million per center to get them going, she would be able to create 14 centers that would help to shape and transform the lives of so many women.


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