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How rich is Danny “The Count” Koker of Counting Cars?

Name: Daniel Nicholas Koker II
Born: April 07, 1964
Occupation: Entrepreneur, mechanic, vehicle restoration artist

Danny Koker, Photo: (extract, fair use)
Danny Koker, Photo: (extract, fair use)

Danny “The Count” Koker from Counting Cars was born and raised in the Detroit area. His family comes from an automotive background. His love for cars started from the time he was a young boy. Most of his relatives worked for Ford. They helped him learn how to work on vehicles and motorcycles, both in terms of mechanics and restoration.

In the late 1980s, he moved to Las Vegas. This is where he opened his popular restoration shop called Count’s Customs. He has been on TV for many years in various reality TV shows. They include Pawn Stars and American Restoration. His own reality TV show is called Counting Cars and it is fairly new, with the first episode airing in August of 2012. It has been very successful and shows the process that The Count and his team go through in order to successfully restore various vehicles.

His own collection of vehicles is at 58, but he continues to add to them all the time. He also owns 78 motorcycles that he has customized over the years and loves so much that he won’t sell them. The vehicle he drives daily is a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood. According to Danny, his most prized vehicle is the 1972 Ford Roaster which is the original Mattel Hot Wheels car.

In addition to restoring vehicles, he is also quite the businessman. He is part owner of a TV station in the Las Vegas area that runs B rate movies. He is also part owner of a restaurant and tattoo shop with rock and roll front man of Motley Crue, Vince Neil. Today, Danny “The Count” Koker is worth $10 million. He donates a great deal of money to various charities, especially those that promote finding good homes for abandoned pets.

So how much is $10 million dollars really?

The Count has a sincere love of cars that look great and are fast. He is often in a push for time and well known for showing up late. With $10 million he can buy 10 of the McLaren F1 models that retail for $1 million each! This is the fastest car out there with a top speed of 240 miles per hour. It gets great reviews for its appearance and speed. But, you can be sure though that Koker will have some ideas for upgrades, modifications, and personalizations to this already unique and rare machine!



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  1. Love the show, cars are the best. No-one does it like the Count. His crew are the best, wish I had my first car; 55 Chevy for them to do.

  2. I thank you personally count. For donating money and time to help find homes for abandoned animals… You are a true real guy that cares, I personally donate money monthly . To ASPCA I can,t do what you can do but I thank you for your part… The!!!

  3. Danny, Love your show. Counting Cars is a blast! But most of all you have a good heart and a kind soul for helping the animals with your donations. I love animals and am always donating and trying to find homes for homeless pets. Thank you for being so kind to our furry friends. Love ya for that!

  4. Pertti Pensiliini

    Mclaren f1 is not the fastest car in the world…


    Danny is a cool guy his passion for classic car is too good.

  6. First of all Danny my family and I love the show . But not only for the fantastic rides you produce but for your great spirit . You definitely have the gift not only to speak to the soul of your automobiles , which is absolutely amazing , but for the way you touch people and to make their dreams come true . The lady that was battling breast cancer , you fixing her and her husbands car and putting that special touch on the glove box door , brought tears to a grown man . The guy in the wheel chair that wanted to ride again , Again you and Shannon worked your magic and made that man and his wife so happy . Danny like I said , you and your team build amazing cars but the love that you show for people and their cars is just absolutly beautiful bro . The interaction you have with people is absolutly heart warming . Your a true gentalman and just pure class . I thank you so much , your truly a one of a kind guy . Take care of yourself and we will continue to enjoy watching the show .

  7. The show is by far the best car show ever .

  8. Love his show
    love his heart
    his passion for life is outrageous. ..

    • Michelle Catharina

      Happy Birthday Hot Wheels!!! Danny you make things happen.
      Enjoy your day on April 07, 2015…

  9. Emily Smith

    Danny, you are not only a Count, you are also a Saint for caring for homeless animals. You Rock in my book?!!

  10. Dear Danny & Team,
    Namaste & greeting from INDIA..!!

    You guys a such a magic man. You know how to play with the cars and how can give a perfect look to vehicle.
    I really like & loves to your works, and in India all people loves you. I wish you a best of luck with lots of Luv, Joy from India.

    I really request you to please come India at least once. It would be our great pleasure to meet & hug you.
    I hopes you will not hurt to us and will come to Incredible India.

    Please make me a call or email, I really would like to meet with you.

    Best Wishes,
    Vicky Kumar

  11. steve corcoran

    A REAL reality show!! Danny and his crew are great!!! Need a maintenance man…..60 yrs old and bored with my life……work for free you provide living quarters……hehehe

  12. Heh,man,anyone that digs zozo, for inspiration
    is cool,I was wondering if you dudes do conversions?
    Ive got an 11 edge i wanna convert into a harley edge.
    I ride a road king CVO,an would like to keep the edge,
    Iam not into been the status-quo, although they where
    a great band in their own right, My cvo has a 250watt
    system on board and zepplin roars out of it constantly.

    p.s. i play alot myself!!

  13. danny u rock.i love u…ur show is osm.all indian love u so much…

  14. firoz ansari

    Dear Danny,
    i am a big fan of yours and really its my dreamz to work with u guys, i m really mad about restoration and modification of old and claasy vehicle, so plz if i get a scope to be a part of your crew.
    eagerly waiting for your reply
    from india

  15. Grt show danny..u have also opened our minds towards creativity by your unique ideas….thanks for that.i also want to start the work like this which will use my creativity too……thanks again..

  16. Vicki Manges

    Good Morning Danny,

    I live in Florida and have a 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS, all original. It has 68,000? miles, original floor mats, owners manual, etc. It was a women driver, non smoker and will not take much to get her up and running.

    I am 63 now, she has been my dream to restore her and enjoy her but now with my age and some health issues it will not be possible for me.

    I wanted to see if you might know anyone who into Monte Carlos that you might hook me up with in order for me to sell her and get a decent price for her.

    I even bought new tires a few years back and put her in our barn, there is not 30 miles on the new tires.

    My husband and I are both retired, he is on disability now so physically we can not do the necessary things to get her on the roads. She is a nice classic, someone could make her theirs for daily driving or a drag race car.

    Thanks for any and all help you might provide to help me sell my baby and use the funds for something we can enjoy these days like doing a short vacation.


    Vicki Manges

  17. I have always thought that Danny Koker seemed like a sincerely nice man, now I’m convinced. Anyone that cares for animals like he does has a great heart! God bless you Danny.
    Real men love animals and are never afraid to show it!

  18. T Fairy Bell

    I love you guys. Some day I will buy a’70 Super Bird Road Runner. It’s my dream. See ya Tink

  19. Gopalakrishnan

    Hi danny
    This is gopal here u r my great inspiration in hot rods and motorcycles
    And u r team spirit is the best may be someday I can meet u with love gopal
    Bye convey my regards to Shannon Kevin Roli

  20. pushpak Kautkar

    Sir danny ur life is based on cars and same with me. I want to be like u. cars cars cars and only cars. I to want a shop and team like u but the problem is from were should I start .plz help me out I need ur advice and suggestion. m waiting

  21. hi Danny me and my husband love u a lot we appreciate u for ur dedicated work u HV gr8 personality u r very ambitious so keep carry on….

  22. Danny do you have get married?

  23. Arthur saladino

    Danny,enjoy your show .You are the greatest humanitairan and gentleman for all times .
    Please keep up the good work .forever fan

  24. does anyone know how to order a counting cars jacket

  25. Hi Danny I am sherry I have a little problem I have a car that need a little help I had now chorus my car i was driving devil 2 door dark blue i got pictures this kid ran the stop sine he toilet it so i had a friend help me get a Nether car it a 1990 Chrysler 300M not the new ones older can you help sherry

  26. hey danny my landlord has a 47 or 48 power wagon something or other I bet you could do wonders for it he has a ton of junk cars and trucks it would make my day if you could come and buy them from him …..

  27. Ed Wilkinson

    Hello Danny… I retired in 2011 from Sikorsky Aircraft after 35 years. I am a Vietnam vet who used to Drag race at Dover Drag Strip in the late 60’s. I raced a 1969 GTX in the Super Stock H bracket. I have been watching your show since I retired and I am a big fan. You have without a doubt the Best reality show on TV. Danny…I am sure you have been told this but you have such a real honest and caring personality (e.g. helping the little critters. My wife and I have done the same.. saving 2 stray cats that were in need of medical help…Patches and Hobo are their names. I currently have a 1968 Chevy Nova that is close to pro street…358 ci with a 100 hp shot of Nitrous. I am an original Mopar man but I had to have this super nice Nova as my retirement gift to myself. I could only imagine what Count Kustoms could do to it. Well, I just wanted to let you and your crew know how totally awesome your creations are (2nd to none). (Keep on Keeping On) ED.

  28. Maggie Nicolas

    Thank you for helping the animals. It is what I would do if I had alot of money!!. I love the show. You are awesome. Good actor. Amusing. Real. Love you and your team.

  29. I love the show, I think Danny is one of the coolest guys on earth, like the way he talks about cars,he’s passion for cool rides, got the best crew,he’s the opposite of guys like Jesse James and senior,keep up the good job Danny

  30. What makes Counting Cars a great TV series in my opinion is Danny Koker personality and it rubs on the people that work with him in good spirits also. What a classy guy and his ability to get the cars done expeditiously.

  31. Billy Branden

    The count is quite possibly the coolest guy on planet earth. He reminds me of The Undertaker from WWF fame except Danny is much cooler. Danny is the most interesting man in the world! The Dos Equis guy can go to hell.

  32. Danny, you have a great personality, and have a outstanding, natural presents on the show, When you couldn’t part with that roadster, because of your father, I know that feeling. I still have an old floor jack my father used, Its not worth anything, but to me it is part of him.

  33. Debbie Ahern

    Dear Danny, thank you so much for your blessings of finding homes for our best friends( all animals). My daughter in law has a rescue named Fur Babies on Long Island, New York ! I am very proud if her for this kind act and now I know that you too are an Angel! Your cars are fantastic , and my husband loves the memories they recall! Love you

  34. Tina puryear

    Hey danny I think ur show and u r so awsome. I have a 1974 Cadillac convertable. It’s in great condition my dream car is a 58 60 impala. Would u b interested

  35. amit singh

    Hey Danny,
    Eagerly waiting for the next session of count koustoms on history tv18 channel. I have never missed your shows used to watch the repeat telecast too.horny mike and roli are the best automobile artists I have ever seen.keep it up guys .
    Best wishes are with you.

  36. The guy from Florida is just another cheese ball fishing to get a hand out with the health problems You write u have a car that needs restored and your sick and ur hoping someone will go ahhh. Let’s help them out and restore the car for them and put it on tv . WTF have you done on society to deserve a restoration??? Loser panhandler

  37. Yes I am talking about you Vicki Manges from Florida. The state that has the most caun artists in the country. My poor sick hubby has a car do you know who can restore it? Your fishing for a handout. You want to get help with the car post it on Craigslist for 100. I will come get it out of your driveway for you and your sick hubby. How’s that for your sympathy crybaby story. Like someone owes your funky ass something . Monte Carlos suck anyway. Junk the thing

  38. Idk why some of you are leaving messages on here like he actually is ever gonna read any of these comments lol let alone respond to the great show but come on people be real. Lady from florida u think hes gonna call around and try to find some one to buy that 1986 piece of junk car he doesnt know u from a stranger on the street . god u guys kill reading some pf this shit

  39. I just LOVE Danny and his show ! His ENTHUSIASM and knowledge is such a privilege to enjoy and watch ! I really can’t say enough great things of what I’ve seen of Danny ! Really appreciate it ! Thanks for all the effort of what you do!

  40. I just LOVE Danny and his show ! His ENTHUSIASM and knowledge is such a privilege to enjoy and watch ! I really can’t say enough great things of what I’ve seen of Danny ! Really appreciate it ! Thanks for all the effort of what you do!

  41. burneggroll

    “1972 Ford Roaster” WTF?

  42. richiemiami

    What’s different about Danny is that inside him you can really see his love for cars the line that dictates profit and doing what’s right is often crossed and ultimately he makes decisions with his heart. People like that for they relate to that and realize that although the financial side of something is important it’s not often the part that makes you have to do something. Danny also is the consummate salesmen watch him as he asks the customer what their vision of the project is for you will notice he doesn’t interject something until he has a clear idea what they really want. All employees are artists too they give you a clear inside look at how working with people that are passionate about their visions work with one another. The show is entertaining and yes one of my favorite “car shows”

  43. Danny, I really like your show and as many have said already on here that “its the best car show there is”. Well I will say as a car enthusiast fo over 50 years that, It is the best car and bike show right now “BUT” if you want to stay on top then please for all of us good guys out here STOP involving the two idiots in the makeup of this show. We’ve all been poisoned by the stupidity of Orange county choppers and their fighting and bullshit. I only watch serious car lover shows and I don’t want to waste my time listening to brainless bullshit. If you value your watchewrs then stop this now before your show becomes another example crappy storylines and retarded behavior. You were doing great until two of the three stooges started mucking things up. You guys really had it goin on and now you are filling in with crap I won’t watch anymore. Comedy is ok once in a while but don’t make it the weekly topic!

  44. I live in ill so you might not be look for something that far away i got 1963 tbird I got most of the part all the emblem new

  45. Ron Franklin

    I just have to tell you if I had a employee like horny mike I would fire him immediately. I now can’t even watch when he is on. He makes me not what to watch the show at all.

  46. vivek thakur

    I really see every show of ck work so hard with good personality and they loved animal

  47. Arnie scott

    Great show.
    Roly is quite the card and boy does horny mike know how to airbrush. I know you like caddys so how about a 64 fleetwood. Mint

  48. tony pittman

    Hey Danny I love your show I’m a 48year old hard working father of three bout to be evicted out of my house you seem to have a good heart can u please help me and my family I live at 11330,hwy 43,north in rocky mount nc27801 please help

  49. Troy McDevitt Sr.

    Love the show. You beautify the world with your artistic style and put smiles on alot of faces. Thank you for the awesome tv show . And if you ever need another detailer to work with Roli, I’m your man.

  50. i think your show is great execpt for your two baboon wifes you have thats always nagging at you i say get rid of them the show will be better.!!!!!!




    FROM , INDIA……….;)

  52. Michael L Hrangchal

    I want one

    • Linda Pardo

      Love your show. We drive a 1954 Pontaic Starchief. Really sharp car. Trying to sell my 64 Corvair conv. Nip

  53. Craig rembold

    Looking forward to your show April 25th in Dubuque Ia.

  54. Love your show ..My husband has a 1954 Pontaic Starcheif. Has a office & our house w/all kinds of trophies for his car. Trying to sell my 64 Corvair convertable. jeep your show going on for ever.

  55. Not much to say that has not already been said. I love you Danny. No offense meant to your significant other…she probably understands by now tho. Ah yes, the men want to be like you and the women want to be with you.

  56. Luv yr show-especially Rolly

  57. BABU Louis

    Hi Danny. I AM NOT a car freak though I own a small French Renault.I was attracted to your show quite recently now it has become an obsession.The energy you put in the show is superb.I am a school teacher from India who own a scholarship to study in USA two years back.If I ever get a chance again to visit USA I will definitely visit your workshop studio.
    Unconditionally alluring.
    Babu Louis

  58. Hi Danny

    U r such a dr. Of cars. . I love u. . In future I definaately purchange a old new car for me. And some time my family.

  59. Hi Danny
    Love the show and the cars you create. The show has only started screening in the UK so didnt get to visit your shop when in Vegas last year which is a big disappointment!
    You dont get cats like your in Ireland lol
    Anyway just wanted to say that one of the main reasons for watching was your sincereity is a welcome addition to the world of reality television and you have just went way up in my estimation on reading of your help for animals.
    They cannot thank you but i can!

  60. gaurang pande

    Hi danny I am big fan of your from India . your love about cars , bikes and also about america is very enchanting . the way you manage all things teach us lots of thing , it will surely help us .

  61. Kim & Jerry Babrociak

    My husband & I love the show & Danny’s vibrant contagious personality & love for cars. We ca dream about owning our own classic car like this!

    I have to say, Horny Mike looks like a problem to me & hope he feels gratitude for the blessings he has.

    Will stay tuned

  62. Kara Burgarella

    Dear Danny: your the real deal – love your show! Very knowledgeable about cars which is not only entertaining but educational. Thank you.

  63. Victor Garcia

    Hi Danny my name is Victor & Im 62 years old, I have been watching your show few months ago & I like the way you talk about the cars, since I was on the car busines ,on USA & now I live on Mexico, but stil buy cars ones in a while & when I seen a antique rememberme your show, if you ever need to localice an old car, please let me know Ill be more than happy to colaborate with you guys.
    I stil have my shop abandoned in Mc. Allen TX. if you have any idea please let me know
    My phone is 341 129 3461,have a good loook & congratulations for your show

    Sincerily Victor Garcia.

  64. hey. I was 4 yrs old at the time, when you were born,

  65. Why does Danny wear that black cloth on his head?

  66. Why does Danny wear that black thing on his head?

  67. tuatara is the fastest car in the world

  68. i love this show and i never forget to watch the show and ilove danny and his crew.
    there is no one in the world who can make car like danny.i am living in india and one day will come in las vegas to meet danny.

  69. Love the Count and his Really friendly De meaner. His show is really good and Love the way he lives his life. Met him in Vegas and you can tell he is mostly the same person we see on TV. You Rock and hope you continue Success.
    Your Fan Patty and Scott

  70. The vehicles are great and it’s top notch fun watching their restoration. Plus Danny’s personality is great, and his crew is great. Then there’s the side show that adds even more interests. Top Notch Show!

  71. What’s up Danny Me And The Wife Really Like
    And In joy watching Your Show.
    Always know this Your The Man That Make,s
    Your Customers always Happy And Never
    Sad Danny Keep Up That And Your Show will
    Last On T.V One Hell of A Long Time

  72. danny ur the best man

  73. Hi danny I was wondering if you were interested in a 1935 four door ford coupe ment Condition. If you are please email me or call me at 210-209-4236. Thank you I love ur shows

  74. tony cuellar

    I love your show…it the best car show that I ever bs! But what kill d me is noin u hav a old 1972 monte Carlo the last year for that body style.n then u sold it !! Not 1 time bcuz u got it back…but u sold it for the 2 nd time..:( I hav a 1970 monte big block 396 .im very disappointed ..bcuz I hav the same car u had..:( anyways thanks for the good times watchin your show…I dont think I can watch your show no more..noin how much it hurts noin u sold your Monte. . At lease I hav mine its not as good as yours is…but some day ill get there..n my car will look beautiful. ..tak care count..

  75. Denise Pistonetti

    I just discovered you and the show and I am hooked. My birthday is the same as yours, I’m from Detroit and I’m into finding homes for animals. I want to marry you. Just kidding keep up the great work you do your a cool guy.

  76. Richard Coleman

    Hi, I just love the show and what you guys can do with a car is just brilliant. I am 56 now and all my life I have wanted a Ford Capri V8 Perrana but cant afford those the are selling in Cape Town. Don’t you want to build one for me and deliver it to Cape Town HAHAHAHAHAHA

  77. Really Beautiful cars i like the 68 charger thats the real beauty

  78. Virginia Cudd

    I love your show, just purchased my first bike and some day I would like for your team to fix it up for me. It’s a dream I know but everyone can dream.

  79. IMDB says Danny Koker was born in Cleveland Ohio on January 5, 1964.

  80. Hey danny i m big big big fane of you.and i have job in your count customs.please contact me.
    You are rock man

  81. i have a 1970 chevelle in pices. its ready to come off theframe.time isnt on my side & i have owned it since 1972. are you intrested in buying it ? long story to it.

  82. Wait, wait, wait….so your saying ten cars, worth a million a piece is worth $10million?
    …..POOF..mind blown. Thanks for the great reporting.

    • Hi Nathan!

      Glad you managed to follow our train of thoughts there. When we saw your personal details we thought “oh fu**, here are the hallmarks of the village idiot”, but you proved us wrong. PS! Don’t forget your license next time you’re out driving.

  83. Counting Idiots

    For those of you who watch the Counting Cars show, this idiot Danny Koker doesn’t know anything about cars. He couldn’t even gap a spark plug if he wanted to. I will give you an example: He had a car in his driveway that wouldn’t start. He starts having a fit and calls up an employee yelling, “My car won’t start and I don’t know what’s wrong. Get over here and fix it!”. It was a really hard fix (well, I guess if you are a phony it was) – the car was out of gas. The reason I know this is because I am a neighbor and know his employees.
    He is so desperate for attention he gave himself the nickname “The Count” and “Count Cool Rider”. His Daddy and Mommy gave him every bit of money he is doing this with. He has never had to earn anything. He tried being a record producer and failed. He tried building custom bikes and failed again. I was dumb enough to buy one. He stalled me for 2 months after I paid in FULL before finally giving me my bike. He kept claiming he was fine tuning the motor and working on the paperwork. Every time I came to his shop to pick it up he claimed it was being inspected by the DMV. I found out later that he was letting his employee ride it everyday because his own bike had broken down. When I finally got it, it had no paperwork, it had never been inspected by the DMV, no title, and it has never run right. I know, my fault.
    Now he is a small restaurant owner with a bar. It is failing and he has lawsuits pending against him from Vince Neil who used to be co-owner. If he can scam you, he will. You are only good to him when he wants your money.
    This lispy, overbite idiot wants to be famous so bad, he will try anything. Same with that big, fat idiot with the big mouth that works for him. I don’t know his name, but he has that dumb East Coast accent. Big fat ass.
    P.S. Stop wearing the bandana. You’re not fooling anyone. Notice how he always calls everyone “brother”? He thinks he’s Hulk Hogan. The only thing he has in common with Hulk Hogan is the receding hairline.
    One last thing, he threw his back out once moving lawn furniture because it was the only work he had ever done by himself. If he ever gets a callous, he would probably go to the emergency room.

  84. prakash rajpurohit

    Hi dear Danny I like your show because you guys are awesome.i am confused that how you change the look of cars but really awesome.Good job guys

  85. Hey Danny you are a blast. I enjoy the show so much I watch reruns all the time. Love the way you get excited over car’s and bike’s. Love your passion you share with others over vehicles, music, tattoos, and our nations troops. You are a genuine great guy. I would love to have a vehicle done buy counts guys rock! and yes love count 77 y’all also rock.????????? sin.biggest fan MICHAEL (MIKE )(REDDOG ) COOKE

  86. We share a birthday. Mine 4-7-83

  87. Love the show and your crew.I am also a car lover.I own a 1968 camaro rs ss.We are almost finished with my 1967 nova ss.We live close to Nashville Tn.I was wondering if you ever get down this way?Since you are so into music.Keep up the awesome work and tell the crew Nashville loves you guys.

  88. Dan the man I got a 1965 cadillac hearse all original 42000 miles I want to hook her up need too talk 5614521690 I can send you some pics bro thanks cadillac steve

  89. Karen Hightower

    Danny, My mom watches you all the time loves your show and you. Her dream is someday to meet you.She has had a hard life at 15 was married with her daughter.4 kids by 19 and a husband who was never there moving from place to place do to his gambling and drinking problem.She is now 54 loved riding motorcycles which she done since age of 5.She has had to give that up do to spinal stenosis, degenerative disk, fibromyalgia.curving of her spine and neuropathy. IT REALLY HURTS HER NOT being able to ride any more so I wanna do something special for her she has had a very tuff life she went through men beating her to being raped twice.Just to meet you would be one of her dreams come true her only other one is going to Hawaiian.She has never been any where but from PA to SC and thats it.My name is Donnie. And she does not know I’m doing this God Bless you.Please let me know what we can do I have a family and I’m a firefighter so don’t make alot but she is my Mom and I love her.

  90. Me and my wife and mother luv your show it inspires us to how old cars still around and that like me oh our names Edward seisho Maddox my wife Deborah Louise Maddox a d my mother kazuko itmozuko Maddox of Jackson ga I have been work I g on cars since age of ten and your show I can’t wait to watch but I work on cars all day and watch your show till three am when it’s over but I have many fantasy dreams of building my old wrecker back but cat get ahead to do so. Still have my Holmes 440 boom and everything to make the wrecker back but no truck now cause frame broke and junked the chassis. But still have main part my father always wanted me to own wrecker but passed away before I got one I built it from rust a d trees growing through cab my mom and wife was so proud to see it done but working it hard a d many repairs one after another it just ga e out on us but I still have dream of one day using my set up again but the way the world is and how hard money is to save looks like it’s going to be just a dream but to watch your show keeps my hopes up to doing it again cause I help to many and it’s why my trucks just a dream but just wanted to reply to let you know theirs three who luv to watch your guy work and your the most best restore man on the plantet besides our LORD and saviour Jesus Christ but keep the new episodes coming cause we enjoy as I am written you we’re watching your show peace brother to you and your boys and god bless you all

  91. I love your show. Your team does amazing art on cars. Danny you have a great heart, energy and attitude. I think you should go out on a date with me. 😉

  92. Dave Tuttle, Sr

    Growing up in Indiana, with many relatives that worked for the big 3, I was 13 yrs old when my uncle, who was a foreman for Delco-Remy in Anderson Indiana, drove up in his new 1967 SS-396 Chevelle, the windows was shaking in the house. He had already installed headers, and left them open for a test ride. From that day forward, I saved every dime I could, and ordered a 1969 Chevelle, SS-396, 375hp. I didn’t even have my DL yet, but I had the 3,800.00, and a passion for speed!…Your show goes un-matched by any of the others. Your compassion for what you do is so real, and I plan my Tuesdays around watching, never missing an episode!!..Ryan can lay paint like no one I have ever seen, and painting was my field. You ROCK Danny, as well as your team!!..Keep filming, and I will find a 1969 Chevelle for you to do, with a hefty budget!!..

  93. I have met you a couple of times at your bar Vamps and listened to your band. It is obvious you are a man of gr8 taste and respect for others and animals. I know you are fanatic about drive by buys and I happen to know of one that is definitely worth taking off the sun glasses and looking at. It is a 1964 Chev Malibu that has some upgrades to make it a race car. I wont go into specifics but I believe you would be impressed. It belongs to a good friend of mine that has fallen into some rather very hard life screws. If you would like to see it send me an email and I will get you in. Thank you for your tme.
    P.S. it is very local. close to your bar

  94. Danny, love your show, and watch it all the time…I was wondering, have you ever thought of getting necklaces made of the cross you have everywhere? That would be cool..I would buy one. Think about it, and maybe do it..Let me know if you do..Love your show–Sharon Hecke

  95. aw, Baby… I would really LOVE to be the owner of the 1975 Suburban you are fixin’ to pass on to one of your fellas… I absolutely adore those bad boys… the body style, 1 ton rear end, 454, turbo 400…. Oh, Pleeeze… ? I have worked my little fingers to the bone with hard, crappy jobs all my life… I would baby that baby..! On that note- good show- It’s more than entertaining…..

  96. Mark sologub

    1972 road runner 4 sale 440 on stand,4 speed, rebuilt front end, new head liner $9500 reno, 775-250-6194 plus 1970 cuda & many more MOPARS Text me for pics



  98. Steven Kudelka

    Worst show ever. Danny is a no talent assclown that is way too full of himself. The only guy worse than Danny is that oxygen thief that is always by his side telling him he has too many cars. Cant get it off the air soon enough.

  99. We just came back from an 8 day vacation in Vegas. We visited Count Kustoms 3 times, also went to the Restaurant and ate and met Ryan. Also met Roli at Count Customs. we met Lucas there 3 times and has to be the most personable person at that facility. Everyone was great, brought back T-shirts and memories. Sure was hoping to see the Count but he was not there. Maybe next time. I watch the show on a regular basis. It was the highlight of the vacation to see the place first hand. Guys keep up the great work and show…….

  100. Jerry Kearbey

    I have always loved your show Count. What attracts me, and I’m sure most of your viewers, is your on screen persona of the kind caring person when talking with clients young and old. It is a very rare trait to have, and sincerely mean it, for most people in business today. I love animals and your donations to their charities only reinforces your caring qualities. Keep on rockin

  101. Gary Haines

    I have been watching your show from time it first air, Your show is the best of all vehicle restoration shows running. You and your crew do outstanding work. I have a 1977 chevy stepside 4×4 that i started to work on, but health issues and financial inabuilty has stop any and all work.So with that being said, i would like to donate this truck too you and if you deside to restore it,i would injoy wacthing it on your show. PS you would`nt have to make a special trip, For your anual hill billy car show in Lake Havasu City is where i live. Thank you and crew for a great show Gary.

  102. Danny love your show I have a truck and car u might be interested in 1937 Chevy 4 door suicide doors and an1 1948 ford pick up truck I live in Maryland if interested and a 1977 ford f 100 and a 1978 ford f 350 stake body dump my lets make a deal Danny as Clint Eastwood would say make my day ????

  103. Mary Brumbaugh

    My husband is looking for 1967 Camaro like Guy drives on Diners, DriveIns and Dives. What kind of money are we looking at?

  104. orin prosser

    I like your show and have been to your show room /store bought a t-shirt…. and some other things….spent around 100 dollars… sometimes I wish you would do a 57 ford…. but anyway I traveled over 3000 miles and just to get disapointed that you don’t meet and greet your fans….. I realize your busy ….oooh well when I was there horney mikes bus was behind the fence would of been neat to be able to take pictures of it……… anyway have a good year on tv … lol

  105. He is great man in the world.he has bast parsonality.he is stylist and he has bast behabiyar.i think he happy in har life.i wish all the time he pass har happy life har famely and all the people of count custom.
    I know you not know my country its a smoll and poor country in the world ‘Bangladesh’in asya

  106. Amy Phillips

    I would like to see a Studebaker 49 or 50 like the one in the movie “Mask” or a 1956 Chrylser Saint Regis like my dad had. My husband and l enjoy watching your show. If we had won the lottery we would have brought our 1988 Dodge D 50 pick up and have you make it look like it came off the show room floor. We are selling it for $200 if we can get that much.

  107. Bought a 1967 Chevrolet convertible in 1970 and tried to trade it in on a new 1976 pick-up. No one would take it in as trade due to Ralph Nader’s claim that people were dying in convertible roll-overs.
    So I kept the car and bought a used truck.

    I have owned my red 1967 Chevrolet Impala Supersport convertible since 1970. In 2008 it was
    completely restored to better than new condition. I know what the people on the show feel like with their “new” cars as I get approving looks and waves from people as I drive past. Best time
    of my life is spent in the left lane passing all the Hondas and Toyatos with the dual exhaust
    deep rumble. Car will still pass everything except a gas station. You have to pay the price!

  108. Hi danie this blesson from india in chennai. That we seen u In tv shows and my family loves you program. If I need bike how I need to contact you my bro

  109. Linda Littleton

    My husband and I love your show we watch it all the time thank you so very much for donating money and finding the time to help find homes for abandoned animals you are one very caring awesome guy and I know that all the animals that were helped said thank you for helping me

  110. Danny, I love your show Counting Cars because you and your crew have much respect for your customers and fans as a old school biker and car guy myself I have been around the block a few times but know the real deal between good, bad and evil and you and your crew Horney Mike, Rolie, Shannon, Richard are the best ever on TV, I hope to meet you guys some day in person as we have a lot in common.

    Wally Wolfman Pearson

  111. I love this show and now that I have read this I really love Danny. Thank you for donating money for abandoned pets. There is nothing worse in this world to me then to see someone dump a pet or just leave them behind. Keep up the good work. Its to bad your so far away I have a 95 Z28 convertible that could use your touch.

  112. the count needs to add to his site a way to ask questions about some of his builds.

  113. vado a las vegas settimana prossima come posso trovare i suoi negozi

  114. Eduard Schechter

    To Danny Hello. I am racing car & boat enthusiast many years,In the past I had visit Los vegas, approximately 10 years a go .In my Holly land I watching your show constantly I must say wel dan to you and your teame On 1 november. I am planning to visit SEMA Show & your place.If you not refuse.
    Thankful .Eduard Schechter. My phone# 972-*-****396.

  115. Ciao danny sono un italiano ( napoli ) vorrei sapere se potresti modificare la mia auto mini countryman 1.6 jcw 218 kw sia nel colore che nel motore ! Mi chiamo enzo attendo risposta, scusami per la lingua ma non parlo u.s.a Grazie

  116. Hi Danny, do you answer e-mails? Your a God fearing man that’s what makes you great! Answer some Questions please.

    Love Ya

  117. Hi Danny Look forward to watching your show every week if I ever make it
    To the states I’ll be calling in to say hi
    Keep up the great work
    Tasmania Australia

  118. Danny is awesome! !

  119. Don’t you feel sorry for idiots like Junior (Samples) who is lyrically a nosy neighbor. All of this wonderful comments about the show and Danny and then his crybaby comments. There is always one!

  120. karthik.setti

    we are love to see the counting cars…….Danny(aka count) you are awesome ……I love your cars….and i love team……………..Hope i see you as soon as possible…in las vegas…

  121. Parabéns Danny, admirável sua história, apareça no Brasil, esperamos que você possa fazer uma temporada de restaurações aqui. Deus o abençoe

  122. rohit lukhad

    Danny!bro. You are awesome+cool. I want job in your shop.

  123. Love the show and your smile! man I would do anything to be able to bring my Harley Davidson out to u and your partners to put a little magic on it. Then I would jump your bones. Just saying.

  124. Hi Danny…

    I’ m Rinny from Indonesia. You and your team are owesome.
    I always watching your show every week. Love your cars….

    Love Ya.

  125. I really love this show. Basically I’m from Indian but I fall in love with America. Becouse the only reason this show. Danny sir is my teacher to teach me that what is the value for bikes and cars. Now I really thought why I start customs ride in India. If I really will start, I m sure definitely it not equal to counts kustoms.

  126. Ms. Lesley Nixon

    Danny was in Las Vegas at counts kustoms on June 18 and very impressed with your cars. I have a 4 door 1966 Chev Impala that my grandfather bought brand new but is in dire need of restoration. What do you need to give me a quote or is this something you would be at all interested in doing at all?

  127. raymond keeton

    have no money but would like to have a 1955 chevy had one when I got married In 1967 but had to sell it. wish I had it.

  128. laura carbone

    hi my name is laura carbone my son was a fan of u guys he always said he wanted u to do his car .my son was 30 years old and passed away on me 2 months ago.i have his car .its a firebird formala 1989 .he loved this car.i would love to have u do it for me.i cant aford to get it sick to.but im very heart broken over this.if u can email me [removed for privacy, admin].live in long son would love me for it in heaven.thank you .

  129. laura carbone

    this is first time i sent it

  130. Danny, I Love you man and your show and your crew. I watch all the time. I’m a car guy all my life and still am at 67. When l was in my early 20’s I owned 2 of the original dodge challengers so I’m a mopar guy. In 74 when they stopped making me I was one mad human being. I’m just sorry it took them 35yrs to bring them back. lf I can afford it or live long enough I want You to rebuild me a 70 challenger hands down. THANKS AGAIN. KEEP GOING MAN. MIKE IL

  131. Udrea Maria

    My dears,

    I’m from Romania and I love tour team.
    Sometimes, dreaming that, tour team come in Romania, Bucharest and repari my car
    Renault symbol. Dreams, Dreams!! !
    Maybe you don’t know and hear about this country
    All the best, you are wounderful!

    Maria Udrea

  132. Udrea Maria

    Sorry for writting mistakes, I want to write without to look in dictionary!!!?

    With great admiration!

  133. The funniest thing I’ve heard Danny to say was to Rick on PawnStars. Like this…well here we are at Ricks annual bachelor party!! That’s really funny at Ricks expense, he can afford it.

  134. We love this show ! Danny you and your team are wonderful people ! You are a beautiful person, and have a great heart to care about homeless animals ! You are a special person, for the way you fix those car’s, and you really care about people, and making them happy ! We love watching your show ! Keep up the good work ! God bless you and your team ! Thanks so much for caring about other’s !

  135. Hi danny, I’m Ron krimm from Katy tx I enjoy your shoe so much.
    I had sent you a Ceramic plate of a 63 split Wnow vette,
    I’m fighting the big C right now ,but I’ll make it bud
    thanks for giving me something to look foe ward too.

  136. Hello Danny, My name is Adela. My husband and i really enjoy’s your show. We met you last year at the VA Hospital. It was nice of you to take a picture with my husband. He is a disabled combat veteran. He was also an Army Ranger for 12 years. My daughter and I bought him a 2001 chevy silverado truck. Three years ago. Unfortunately at this time he wish it could be painted. Has been tight living on a Military pension. And what we do have left over here helps out our daughter, and Grandson in Los Angeles. Thank you Adela.

  137. Hello Danny, My name is Adela. My husband and i really enjoy’s your show. We met you last year at the VA Hospital in Las Vegas . It was nice of you to take a picture with my husband. He is a disabled combat veteran. He was also an Army Ranger for 12 years. My daughter and I bought him a 2001 chevy silverado truck. Three years ago. Unfortunately at this time he wish it could be painted. Has been tight living on a Military pension. And what we do have left over here helps out our daughter, and Grandson in Los Angeles. Thank you Adela.

  138. I really enjoyed this show ,there are no. Of cars also it’s details given by Danny


  139. Kathy O'Rourke

    Great show
    ….Love the show with the Guy from Newfoundland,Canada. THE bike restoration….. Made me cry!

    Also, thanks for all you do for the animals. We need more people like you in this world! Nice guys don’t finish last!!!!

  140. randall hogue

    Thanks for the story Amy. Count is a very interesting guy. I always wondered why he was called that and finally found out.

    I would really like to see his collection or at least a list.

    Danny Koker thanks for your charitable contribution to pets. Animals are trusting and innocent and most people really are not. One thing that will make me break my peace with the world is someone abusing a child or a pet. People have to study and animal and really look deep inside themselves before committing to be a pet owner. Not everyone can own a pit bull for instance, but for others it is the best kind of dog. Thanks again

  141. Denice Tiffany

    I love watching your show, I even look at cars when I’m out & about thinking what you may like. I have found a Mustang that needs a lot of TLC. But it is a mustang & know how you like mustang. I love mustangs also. I wish I had a mustang. If interested I live in Idaho. My # is 208-571-[removed by editor] I would love to show you where the mustang is & to meet you in person
    Thanks for your show,
    Denice Tiffany

  142. Hi Danny, A Big Hug from El Paso Tx. I Think you are really an owesome and FarOut guy. Thank You so Much for caring about our animals . Danny I’m also texting you cause my husband had a 1982-88 ? Mercury Caprice, T Top, 302 engine 5.0
    With 4 gears on floor. Original hupcapd
    Has a rear venition curtain. The original theme to this vehicle is that it was called the GREAT WHITE cause only a few were made. If Intrested Danny text me. [removed] Thank you Danny we Love your show .✌️️
    If Intrested I’ll send you pictures. Needs Work?.

  143. Williame.sisson

    Danny was born jan. 5 1964

  144. Danny,
    I love your show, your faith in Jesus…a personal relationship with him is all I need in life…and your community service. A nice ride is a big plus and I have had a couple over the years…nothing like your garage though. Stay safe, ride safe and a few more Blue Ovals in the shop couldn’t hurt!!!

  145. Ron Temple

    Great show love the bike’s you build, had to sell my 1975 Police Special FLH. Would of liked for you to build me a trike with it, I ended up selling it. I’m a disabled Veteran and not able to ride two wheels any more. You have a great show, keep it up Brother.

  146. Max Robinson

    Your show is bad ass.igrew up there till 1997.use to watch your show back in the day horror shows was one of my favorite show also Elvira was cool.i would like to meet you and ryan.i visit family in Vegas all the time

  147. Billy Ray Hughes

    I’m thinking about buying a car that’s in Albuquerque, NM,. It’s a Plymouth Fury lll loaded with all options that was available. The guy that owns it said, it’s a Commando. Could you give me a estimate for a full restoration, I can send u pictures.

  148. dan i have access to 7 vettes that need to be sold…..72 with chrome bumpers 2 63,s and a 64 with big block all numbers matching and a few rats


    Am MONTARIO MBAH from Nigeria i live in Lagos and i love Dan’s shows counting cars don’t miss it if am home love he cars and bikes too it a great show , wish to chat with him.

  150. Conrad LeBlanc

    As you can see we just love what you are all doing Keep up the good work excellent TV viewing

  151. Hi Danny, how are you ? I like watching your show , I live in Albany,Ore ,, So do you every get out this way ? I have a 1996 Chevrolet Van G-1500 it is a 350 an I Would like to sale it for $ 2500 or $3500 ,so could you call me at this number [removed from public site] so please give me call ..

  152. I really enjoy this show. I learn a lot an I enjoy your team. BTW – you should have a talk with the Walking Dead writers. The actor that play Negan absolutely stole your mannerisms for the character, lol

  153. jene jackson

    I am a huge fan of the show and was wondering if Danny keeps the cars he sells while on air ? I have watched this Richard Rowlings guy and from viewing his shows it appears that he sells the cars BUT if you watch closely in episodes I see the same cars in the background leading me to believe half of his show is fake ! I do hope Danny’s show is better than this guy, even if not – I still watch the show every time its on being an older retired mechanic for to many years I totally relate to the show ! Thanks for your reply !

  154. Debra Christian

    To the Man of so many talents!

    Danny, you are truly a man of integrity!!! Which I find to be a dying act. You see the soul of so many different things, people, cars, animals, cars and music!! 🎶

    Ty for the soul you are!
    Debra 😎
    Nashville Tn 🎶🎤🎶

  155. Milas Vedran

    Halo to oll cars lovers.Danny ist one very very inteligent person.Es smol kid he have a vision and he have kowe what he wont to do with his live.He hawe know what he nows tu do wit his hands
    And his Haed and his Hands(left and rights)have make a beutiful magic.
    Evriting after dis ist History a True American History.Something fahlt yeah a Geogers American History.Wen jou see The Danny diese moment you knov dat infront of jou staing ein man who deserve a unbeliwebl respekt.His Brain,hande and vision and moto no surender pusch dis world up.Wen I can diseidet who wil be mein father I wil wil say Denny Koker.No for his mony,garage.tatoo club….. I wil taken him for dis who he ist.One great man with hart and soul.God bles yo Dany Koler,you and your Famili!!!!!A big hart senden wi from Croatia.

  156. Milas Vedran

    Sorry for my bad English 😉

  157. Milas Vedran

    Im Hebreise languig worth TALENT was not worth,dis was a mony.The richiest man in dis Time he have 12 Talent and Danny have 5.And thats make im rich man.He du not nead many.That what he hawe im sein bodi and head make in Rich.Danny you ar our inspiration and our Star to folow!!!



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