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How rich is Will Ferrell?

Name: John William Ferrell
Born: July 16, 1967
Occupation: Actor, comedian, writer, impressionist

Will Ferrell, Photo: Guillermo Quezada
Will Ferrell, Photo: Guillermo Quezada

Fans of Saturday Night Live remember Will Ferrell from the show in the early 1990s. He has starred in numerous movies since then. They include Elf, which did very well at the box office, The Other Guys with Mark Wahlberg, and recently the controversial (but funny) The Campaign. Talladega Nights was also a movie that really did well for him.

Will Farrell was born in Irvine, California. His mother was a school teacher and his father a musician, part of the famous Righteous Brothers. During high school, he was a good student and the kicker for the football team. He was also captain of the soccer team. He performed comedy skits during high school with friends.

After graduation, he enrolled in the University of Southern California where he studied broadcasting. He was well known in college for the various pranks he pulled. By the time he graduated with his degree in 1990 though, he knew that he didn’t want to spend his life in the world of broadcasting. He held basic jobs including banking and hotel work, but wasn’t passionate about any of it. His mother told him life is too short to spending it working a job you hate day after day.

The following year, he moved to Los Angeles where he performed his original material at various improv clubs. He found that he loved what he did and that the response was very inspiring. Will Ferrell has been married to Viveca Paulin since 2000. The couple has three sons. In 2013, he will be in Anchorman: The Legend Continues. He is estimated to be worth $80 million. He spends plenty of time and money on different charities. They include UNICEF and Bid 2 Beat AIDS. He has been known to donate clothing, props, and even the car from Talladega Nights to raise money for various causes.

So how much is $80 million dollars really?

Going to extremes is nothing new when it comes to Will Ferrell. In fact, that shock factor is just what he is looking for most of the time. For something crazy and fun to spend that money on, he could get the Maybach Exelero. They sell for about $8 million but they are very rare and hard to find. The only other celebrity known to have one is rapper Bryan Birdman Williams.

A single exotic car though isn’t going to extremes, but he could buy 35 cars for the remaining $72 million. They were found in an old barn at a farm that was foreclosed on recently in Portugal. A couple from New York bought the property at a fraction of what it was worth – before this amazing find.



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