How rich is Suzanne Collins?

Name: Suzanne Collins
Born: August 10, 1962
Occupation: Author, TV writer, screenwriter

Suzanne Collins, Photo: David Shankbone
Suzanne Collins, Photo: David Shankbone

Suzanne Collins is a famous author with many science fiction and fantasy books to her credit. She has reached phenomenal success and recognition for the Hunger Games, which was also a top movie at the box office. The second movie in that trilogy will be out late 2013. She is also well established with her Underland Chronicles series. Amazon Prime Members can even enjoy the Kindle books in her Hunger Games series for free.

Collins found herself growing up in plenty of locations around the world due to her father being in the United States Air Force. She was shy and writing was a way for her to immerse herself into her own world that was always safe and comfortable to her. She attended high school and college in Alabama. She then transferred to Indiana where she graduated with a double major in telecommunications and drama.

In 1991, she started work writing for TV shows aimed at children. She was involved with many of the shows on Nickelodeon. Later, she went on to do work for Warner Brothers and many of their sitcoms aimed at the teen population. The producers there are actually the ones who encouraged her to write movies and novels.

She was named one of the most influential people in 2010 by Time magazine. This was due to her positive influence on teenagers and her work to end both poverty and bullying. She currently lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut with her husband and their two children. Her estimated worth is $12 million.

So how much is $12 million dollars really?

Due to the recent tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook, Collins become a huge advocate for gun control laws and for making policy changes for the employees of schools. She is also behind the plans to build a brand new school with a memorial in place for the students and teachers that lost their lives that day. It is rumored that she has donated $2 million for this project but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Collins is very fond of many of the places where she grew up as a child. She has a quest for traveling but says getting from one location to the next can make her impatient. With $10 million she can travel fast and in comfort with her own jet. A very safe jet from Blue Star Jets holds up to 8 passengers.


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