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How rich is Piers Morgan

Name: Piers Stefan O’Meara
Born: 30 March, 1965
Occupation: Journalist, Editor, Author, Presenter, Reality Television Judge, Talk Show Host

Piers Morgan.  Photo: Pete Riches.
Piers Morgan on the Mall, 2011. Photo: Pete Riches.

Morgan began his national newspaper career working as the de facto editor on The Sun. He was quickly moved to become the editor of the News of the World paper. When Morgan left his position at the News of the World, he was asked to be editor of the Daily Mirror. He accepted the position and worked there until he was fired in May of 2004. Morgan and a partner owned the Press Gazette until the end of 2006. He then began a weekly paper geared toward 7-14 year old children. The paper is called First News and is still in publication today.

Piers Morgan is also enjoying a successful television career. He was one of the judges of Britain’s Got Talent and even became a judge on the U.S. version of the popular reality show. It is called America’s Got Talent. In 2008, Morgan was a contestant on the series, Celebrity Apprentice which was created, developed and judged by Donald Trump. Morgan won. He had a few of his own series including Piers Morgan On…, The Dark Side of Fame with Piers Morgan and Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. In September of 2010, he was offered a television program on CNN. The Larry King Live time slot opened up upon Mr. King’s retirement and CNN created Piers Morgan Tonight specifically as a replacement for the popular show. Morgan earns 2 million dollars annually from his new show.

Morgan makes his money from his TV shows, newspaper sales as well as from the nine books that he had written. We estimate his net worth to be about 20 million dollars.

So, how much is 20 million dollars?

Morgan could liquidate his assets and buy 10,582,010 packages of Lipton Teabags. Each package has 16 bags in it so that adds up to 169,312,160 teabags. In all reality, Morgan could make every man, woman and child living in Great Britain nearly 3 cups of tea each.

If Morgan suddenly became interested in motorcycles, he could buy 1,081 brand new Harley Davidsons. Or, he could simply go down to the electronics store and purchase 30,816 laptop computers!

Perhaps, though, it is better for Morgan to save for a rainy day.  He is known for having a big mouth and the average defamation settlement in the US is $ 7,000.  For $ 20 million Piers can continue to insult on the air for some time more – his net worth should last him for about 3,000 lost lawsuits.  Or about 750 years if he loses one every three months.

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