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How Rich Is Ronaldinho?

Name: Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (aka Ronaldinho)
Born: 21 March, 1980
Occupation: Footballer

Ronaldinho at St. Jakob Stadion. Photo: Reto Stauffer (
Ronaldinho at St. Jakob Stadion. Photo: Reto Stauffer (

Ronaldinho was first noticed by the media after he scored very single goal leading his local team with a 23-0 victory. He was recognized as an up and coming football star during the 1997 U-17 World Championships which were held in Egypt. He scored two penalty kick goals in the game.  His true career actually began when he played on the Gremio Youth Squad. During the 1998 Copa Libertadores, Ronaldinho made his senior debut.

Ronaldinho signed with Paris Saint Germain on a 5 year contract in 1991. The transfer was made for 5 million Euros. After the 2001-2002 break for the winter holidays, he began playing more and spending less time on the bench. However at the end of the 2002 season, Ronaldinho announced that he was unhappy playing for the team.

Next, Ronaldinho signed a 30 million Euro contract with FC Barcelona. In November of 2006, he scored his 50th career goal. He continued to play for Barcelona until the end of the 2007-2008, when he signed with Milan. The contract was for 3 seasons and paid about 5 million Euro annually with bonuses after each season. In January of 2011, Ronaldinho began to play for Flamengo.  He is under contract with the club through 2012.

Ronaldinho’s current salary is 11.4 million USD per year. This includes bonuses. Of course, he earns other income from advertising and endorsements. We estimate his net worth to be 70 million USD. Roughly, Ronaldinho earns about 55 USD per second.

So, how much is 70 million dollars?

With all of Ronaldinho’s wealth he could buy 205,882,353 Red Delicious Apples. Considering the average apple tree produces around 300 usable fruits annually, it would take 686,274 trees to bear this number of apples.  Roughly, 500 apple trees are planted per acre. So, it would take 1,372 acres of land to supply Ronaldinho with enough apples for him to liquidate his fortune.

If Ronaldinho liquidated his assets, he could buy 2,801,120 professional grade soccer balls. He could get braces for his teeth 5,400 times.

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