How rich is Tom Kenny, the Voice of Spongebob?

Name: Thomas James Kenny
Born: July 13, 1962
Occupation: Actor, comedian, voice provider, singer

Tom Kenny, Photo: Gage Skidmore
Tom Kenny, Photo: Gage Skidmore

Tom Kenny is no stranger to providing his voice behind the scenes. His list of contributions has more than 100 characters. Yet many people weren’t familiar with his name until the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants came along. When you hear that voice there is no denying who it is! Kenny was born in New York and grew up in the Syracuse area.

In the early part of the 1980s, Kenny was the lead vocalist for a band called the Tear Jerkers. The group is still together today with many changes and additions to the members over time. One of them that you may be familiar with is actor and comedian Bobcat Goldthwait. The two continue to be good friends and to collaborate on a variety of projects that have spanned many decades.

The ability to deliver voices has been something that he loves and has done since the early 1990s. He has been involved with many of the programs that are part of the Cartoon Network lineup, offering an array of voices for them. He is part of the producing team for Spongebob and many on the team felt he was the only candidate to offer the voice for the main character from the very start.

The current value of Tom Kenny is about $14 million. With a voice so unique, there are plenty of great options for him regarding the selection of future work. With the popularity of Spongebob, his voice has been added to the cartoon segments, movies, and video games.

So how much is $14 million dollars really?

Museums of all types are found around the world. With the many voices that Kenny has contributed to, why not make museums out of them where people can come? They could be interactive and have lots of fun exhibits in them. It can be an experience for the entire family to really enjoy. The cost of creating such a museum can be about $5 million but it would be something really remarkable and it would be possible to use the money to make almost 3 of these great museums.

Some of the money would need to be used to buy the rights to have the cartoon characters in place from Cartoon Network. Given his reputation though, and the promotions that those characters would receive, it’s very likely they would approve and even help with backing such a great project.


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  1. What the fuck is the article talking about in the end with the museum’s? How did they switch from Tom Kenny net worth to opening up a museum for $5 did I miss a line or something I’m am truly lost. It seems like it just became total non sense at the end.

  2. I think he is very talented and should keep up his acting career.

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