How rich is Vera Farmiga of Bates Motel?

Name: Vera Ann Farmiga
Born: August 06, 1973
Alan Rickman Occupation: Actress

Vera Farmiga, Photo: Michael Conners
Vera Farmiga, Photo: Michael Conners

Many people are just now finding out about the acting abilities of Vera Farmiga. She is the mother of Norman in the thrilling series, Bates Motel. The first acting debut for Farmiga was in 1998 in a thriller called Return to Paradise. She has since been in quite a few films including The Departed with Matt Damon and Orphan with Peter Sarsgaard. She has a new film coming out in 2013 that also stars Andy Garcia.

She was born in Clifton, New Jersey, and loved acting from a young age. Her father was a computer programmer and her mother was a school teacher. She is the second oldest of 7 children, and would often orchestrate plays and skits with herself and her siblings. She is well known for her powerful imagination, her down to Earth attitude, and her amazing attitude.

Her career of choice from an early age wasn’t acting, it was becoming an ophthalmologist. When she was in junior high, she traveled with a folk dancing group and it really inspired her. After graduating from high school she attended the School of Visual and Performing Arts in Syracuse. Her first Broadway play was in 1996 as an understudy.

Her first marriage lasted from 1997 until 2005 with actor Sebastian Roche. She married again in 2008 to Renn Hawkey. The couple has two children together. She is involved with Stars for a Cause and takes on many roles to help raise money and awareness for various charities. She is currently worth approximately $10 million. With many acting roles and offers pouring in, don’t be surprised if that value significantly increases in the next few years!

So how much is $10 million dollars really?

Kids seem to be at the core of all that Farmiga is passionate about, including her own and those she doesn’t even know. She has been involved with various charities to offer kids more to do in their communities. With $10 million, she could develop three grand programs for kids that are regionally set – West Coast, East Coast, and the mid segments as she would never pick one area over the others.

Each of these recreational areas would include swimming, a skating park, basketball courts, books, art areas, computers, and even locations where they could do their homework with tutors to help with any subjects possible. She is a true humanitarian and would love to see her money help the youth of society.

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